Video2Brain: Getting Started with SpeedGrade CS6

Video2Brain: Getting Started with SpeedGrade CS6 (2012)
DVD | ISO | 2.14 GB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Project Files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: Chad Perkins | Duration: 2 hrs 10 min
Publication date: Jun 21, 2012
Dive into Adobe?s Powerful New Color Grading Tool
SpeedGrade is a color grading and finishing tool that lets video editors control color and light for any type of content, and it is now part of the Adobe Creative Suite. In this workshop filmmaker and author Chad Perkins teaches you the basics of this powerful software. You?ll learn how to perform a basic color grade, create looks, mask footage, apply grades to multiple clips, and much more. You?ll also see how SpeedGrade fits into your overall post-production workflow.

In this workshop you?ll be introduced to color grading in general, and in particular to the powerful capabilities of Adobe SpeedGrade. The contents of this course include:

Introduction to SpeedGrade
In this chapter you?ll be introduced to color correction in general and SpeedGrade in particular as we lay the groundwork for this course.

Exploring the Basics
In this chapter you?ll learn about the SpeedGrade interface and workflow. You?ll see how to import footage, play back assets, save and render projects, and more.

Working with Footage
In SpeedGrade your content comes in the form of footage, and in this chapter you?ll learn a variety oftechniques for working with it.

Grading Basics
Color grading is the essence of what SpeedGrade is all about. In this chapter you?ll learn how to perform a basic overall grade as well as how to make more precise adjustments.

Going Deeper
In this chapter we?ll get into some of the finer points of color grading with SpeedGrade, from blending grades and applying grades to multiple clips to isolating colors and managing multiple playheads.

Using Looks
This chapter explores color correction presets, or ?looks.? You?ll see how to apply them, customize them, and add your own.

Masking Footage
In this chapter we?ll look at using masks and vignettes to apply adjustments to just part of an image or to emphasize certain areas while de-emphasizing others.

SpeedGrade in Action
In this chapter you?ll get some practical examples of what SpeedGrade can do. We?ll fix a problem shot, apply a creative grade, and explore a couple of sample projects: a Hollywood blockbuster and a horror movie.

In this chapter you?ll get some final thoughts from the author.

The lessons are wrapped in a feature-rich interface that lets you jump to any topic and bookmark individual sections for later review. Full-Screen mode provides a hi-def, immersive experience, and Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window so you can play the videos alongside your application. Also included are exercise files that give you an easy way to try out the techniques you learn and a 48-page guide containing supplemental material.
System Requirements

Broadband internet connection
Up-to-date browser with Flash plug-in
Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
Sound card with speakers or headphones attached
Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5
512 MB RAM

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