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Nintendocore(también llamado nescore) es un género de fusión musical, que incorporaelementos del metalcore y en menor medida el post-hardcore, con losinstrumentos que acompañan a la musica de fondo de los videos juegos de8-bits, mejor explicado en Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Secaracteriza por poseer un sonido similar a la música de los videojuegos de 8-bit y chiptunes, casi siempre combinados con otros génerosmusicales, o mezclados con viejos temas de juegos de NES.

El término fue tomado en primera instancia por Nathan Winneke,vocalista de Horse The Band, banda que ha sido etiquetada comonintendocore.

~ ~ ~

Amy Can Flyy

Dinosaurs Go Rawr!

Dinosaurs Go Rawr
Doctor Doctor
Go Go Gadget Happy Heart
I Like My Girlfriend
Love, Lust And Pixie Dust


Techno Beats and Body Heats
It's Love Jim, but Not as We Know It (Demo)
_I Miss You

The Happy Heart Beatz

Me + You + Mario
We're Not Superheroes, Just Sellouts
Go, Go, Gadget Happy Heart
It's Love Jim, but Not as We Know It
Techno Beats Meets Body Heat (Live Acoustic)

As The World Fades

2 Track Demo


2008 Demo

The Cool Song With the Cool Intro
I Made a Mess on Your Dress
I'm a Sprinter, I Don't do Marathons
When 1+2=3

As The World Fades

Press Start to Play
Here Comes a New Challenger
One More Games, Please Mom!
I've Got a Top Score You Can't Beat
A Practical Guide for Imaginery Friends
World 6 With No Warp Flute
Loss of Time Notion
Do Not Harm Yourself After the Tone (+ Bonus Track)

Cloud Strife

Back Alley Abotion Clinic

Cry Baby Emo Kids
Mortal KKKombat
Butterfly DDR
Captain Planet's Disco Dance
Tried to Catch 'Em All, but I Only Caught VD
Sailor Moon


My Tea Morphine Pow Err Angers
FR35H PR1NC3 0F B3L 41R
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dungeon Elite


Ready, Set, Go! (Tokio Hotel Cover)
Adrenalina (Finley Cover)
Stay (Elisa Cover)

Make Love, Not Warcraft (Re-issue)

Insert Coin
I´ve To Do Lvl 23 Before Server Crush Down
Stay Together For The Pics
This Is A Cover Of The Darkest Night
Continue... 10 9 8 7
Put Your Hands Up For Yourself
I Dunno If This Song Will Be Called PvP Or TvB
Terren Mill Is Under Attack
Elite N.10
Game Over
Mission Complete (Outro)

One Life Left (Dungeon Elite_Helia Split)

Stay Together for the Pics
Memory Flash

GO! With Fourteen O

Soon I'll Feed You The World EP

Bladebraham Lincoln
Snake Designed
Strange Things Happen At Sea

The End Is Close. Almost No Need For Money

Hej Då, Nu Dör Jag!
Civil Eyes
Made A Gun With My Fingers And Shot At My Friends (I)
Four More Years
If Nature Was A Bus You?d Be Caught In The Headlights
George Orwell?s Collection Of Hidden Cameras


Herzschlag (2005)

in der schwebe
totala bieta
dess mettel
im kreis gehen und vorwärts laufen
da jingle boy
hat man dir gesagt


6 Rendered
The Leprechaun's Flute_ Hymn 1

Wir Sind Glücklich_

warum ?
i love gangstarap
immer weiter weg
ignoranz part I
dein warten...
ju kikk jorr ass
ignoranz part II

Robot Goes Here

Mechanical Advantage

The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
Die for the Government (Anti-Flag Cover)
D.I.Y. (Nancy Cover)
Back in Black (AC_DC Cover)
Live in the Van (Sesame Street Cover)

The Byte is in My Blood

When the Well Runs Dry
What All the Screaming's About
Seeing Green
The Minivan Diaries
Zen and the Science of Nihilism
Back in Black (AC_DC Cover)
01001010 Failing the Turing Test
Wake Up
Better Living Through Nanotechnology
I'm Holding a Burning Match

Stoopid Ugly Stik

The Key to Unpause (Unreleased)

Shadow Doom Blaze
Episode HXC

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start

Press Start
Shurikanz Level 2-1
AD 2636
BoreWorm (2nd Floor)
Fanny and Faggot
Atma Weapon

Sworn to Secrecy

Go Chase Your Ghosts (Working Title)

Sex and Electricity
Half Truths are Whole Lies
Of What's to Come

I Am the Axis

We Swore an Oath
Gears Vs. Machinist
The City is Dead
It's All Fun and Games 'Til Somebody Loses Their Soul
The Ocean Abyss
I Am the Axis
Conceptualism in Drop-D
The Vendetta
These Ideas are Bulletproof
Falling Asleep in the Getaway Car
Southern Thunder
A Closed Casket Funeral
I'll be Waiting
The Element of Time
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