Video2Brain: Introducing PHP

Video2Brain: Introducing PHP

Video2Brain: Introducing PHP (2012)
DVD | ISO | 485 MB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Database files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: David Powers | Duration: 4 hrs 52 min

Learn the Most Popular Server-Side Language

PHP is the most popular server-side language used to build dynamic websites, and though it is not especially difficult to use, non-programmers often find it intimidating. This workshop from author and trainer David Powers is designed to change that by teaching you PHP through a series of clear, focused, easy-to-follow lessons. After briefly explaining what PHP is and how it integrates with HTML, David will guide you through the setup and configuration of a PHP development environment on both Windows and Mac OS X. Then you?ll learn the features of the PHP language through a series of hands-on exercises before embarking on a larger project that involves building a script to validate and email user input from an online form. Through this project you?ll come to understand the value of creating reusable code, the importance of PHP security, and how to deal with multiple-choice form fields.

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Muchas Gracias.  
muy bueno como habia dicho antes si puedes conseguir esos tutos o otros que abarquen el mismo tema en espa?
@Geo_Jervin gracias a por pasar chicos y @wicked apenas salga en espa?
ok lo esperera @marcerios  gracias...
Hoye men los link estan desactivados necesito este curso porfa.
la parte 4 se detiene a los 80 megas, lo prodrias arreglar amigo?
Estos curso son geniales.!!!!
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