Video2Brain: Professional C#, Volume 2

Video2Brain: Professional C#, Volume 2

Video2Brain: Professional C#, Volume 2 (2011)
DVD | 217 MB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Database files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: Edward Tanguay | Duration: 2 hrs

Object-Oriented Programming & C# 4.0 New Features

Learning object-oriented programming is an obstacle that many beginning developers struggle with, and for good reason: It involves getting your head around a whole new approach to solving problems. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay teaches you object-oriented programming in a unique way. He introduces a real-world problem and shows two approaches to it, one object-oriented and one not. The non-object-oriented approach works at the beginning, but then you see as you progress along this path that adding features becomes increasingly difficult. Then he shows you the object-oriented approach, and you see how the structure of the code is different and how this allows you to add new features with ease. You?ll also learn about new features of C# 4.0 such as the very welcome named and optional parameters as well as the fabulously simple new COM Interop feature to help you read and write Excel files from C#.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is both a necessary tool and a difficult hurdle for new programmers. One reason it is difficult is that you have to learn why to use it before you learn how. So in this video training, professional developer Edward Tanguay takes a real-world programming problem and shows you how to tackle it without using object-oriented programming. You?ll quickly see where this approach breaks down and how the code becomes unmanageable. He then demonstrates an object-oriented approach to the same problem. Along the way you?ll learn key OOP concepts such as: 

- Constructors
- Properties, methods, and fields 
- Access and method modifiers
- Abstract classes and interfaces
- In the second part of the course, Edward brings you up to date on the new and enhanced features of C#, including the improved COM Interop, named and optional parameters, and tuples. At every step along the way you?ll reap the benefits of his many years of experience developing .NET applications and rich Internet applications.

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