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Criss Angel MasterMind Vol1 & 2

  • Categoría: Reciclaje
  • Publicado hace más de 8 años

Criss Angel-Mastermind DVD Series Vol.1&2

Mastermind DVD Series Vol.1&2 | 1.0 GB

Considered to be the most influential name in magic today, CrissAngel built his career by having a visionary approach andgroundbreaking material. Now for the first time ever, it's available toyou, in this exclusive Criss Angel Mastermind DVD series (volume two).The explanation of his most talked about demonstration -- SelfLevitation -- as created by Criss Angel (inspired by a Jacob Spinneyconcept) and performed by Criss Angel on his critically acclaimed A& E television series MINDFREAK. Criss teaches everything you needto know.

Criss teaches everything you need to know about this modern daymiracle; step-by-step instructions on the method, how to construct it(gimmick materials needed can be purchased for approximately $125)(these materials are not available through the Criss Angel web store)and how to perform it. Levitate up to a chair, on an escalator, in thestreet, anywhere! This demonstration can be performed in closeproximity to a single spectator or to an audience on stage. Levitationscan cost thousands, now you can create Criss Angel's version for lessthan $300. Also included: bonus material, an exclusive interview withCriss sharing his inner thoughts on magic, his career and number one TVseries. Delve inside Masterminds ... Get your MINDFREAK on!

"One of the most amazing self-levitations I have ever seen."

- Richard Kaufman, Editor of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

"Criss Angel's levitation is the perfect illusion. It is simple,practical, and very magical. This one fooled me!" - Lance Burton

"The simplistic nature of this stunning demonstration allows thisanywhere levitation to rise above all predecessors." - Banachek

"Beware of imitations. Criss Angel's levitation is the original and best!" - Johnny Thompson


Mastermind DVD Series Vol. 1 - Criss Angel: Quarter thru Soda Can

Criss Angel Mastermind DVD Series Vol. 2 - Self Levitation

Ak Los LInks


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