Megadeth - Discograf?a completa .mp3 320 Kbps

Hola.. acá les dejo la discografía de Megadeth en .mp3 a 320 Kbps subido por mí para Uds.

1º Disco: Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good - 1985


01: Last Rites - Loved To Deth(4:41)
02: Killing Is My Business...And Business is Good(3:07)
03: The Skull Beneath The Skin(3:48)
04: Rattlehead(3:43)
05: Chosen Ones(2:55)
06: Looking Down The Cross(5:02)
07: Mechanix(4:25)
08: These Boots(4:39)
09: Last Rites - Loved To Deth (demo)(4:16)
10: Mechanix (demo)(3:59)
11: The Skull Beneath The Skin (demo)(3:11)
12: These Boots (uncensored)(3:44)

2º Disco: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying - 1986

01: Wake Up Dead(3:37)
02: The Conjuring(5:02)
03: Peace Sells(4:02)
04: Devils Island(5:05)
05: Good Mourning-Black Friday(6:39)
06: Bad Omen(4:03)
07: I Ain-t Superstitious(2:45)
08: My Last Words(4:55)
09: Wake Up Dead(Randy Burns Mix)(3:40)
10: The Conjuring(Randy Burns Mix)(5:01)
11: Peace Sells(Randy Burns Mix)(4:00)
12: Good Mourning-Black Friday(Randy Burns Mix)(6:39)

3º Disco: So Far, So Good... So What! - 1988


01: Into The Lungs Of Hell(3:22)
02: Set The World Afire(5:48)
03: Anarchy In The U.K.(3:01)
04: Mary Jane(4:24)
05: 502(3:28)
06: In My Darkest Hour(6:26)
07: Liar(3:20)
08: Hook In Mouth(4:48)
09: Into The Lungs Of Hell(Paul Lani Mix)(3:31)
10: Set The World Afire(Paul Lani Mix)(5:52)
11: Mary Jane(Paul Lani Mix)(4:08)
12: In My Darkest Hour(Paul Lani Mix)(6:11)

4º Disco: Rust In Peace - 1990


01: Holy Wars... The Punishment Due(6:35)
02: Hangar 18(5:13)
03: Take No Prisoners(3:28)
04: Five Magics(5:41)
05: Poison Was The Cure(2:57)
06: Lucretia(3:57)
07: Tornado Of Souls(5:21)
08: Dawn Patrol(1:50)
09: Rust In Peace... Polaris(5:36)

5º Disco: Countdown To Extinction - 1992


01: Skin O' My Teeth(3:15)
02: Symphony Of Destruction(4:06)
03: Architecture Of Aggression(3:39)
04: Foreclosure Of A Dream(4:22)
05: Sweating Bullets(5:27)
06: This Was My Life(3:43)
07: Countdown To Extinction(4:19)
08: High Speed Dirt(4:21)
09: Psychotron(4:41)
10: Captive Honour(4:14)
11: Ashes In Your Mouth(6:14)
12: Crown Of Worms(3:17)
13: Countdown To Extinction(Demo)(3:55)
14: Symphony Of Destruction(Demo)(5:29)
15: Psychotron(Demo)(5:28)

6º Disco: Youthanasia - 1994


01: Reckoning Day(4:34)
02: Train Of Consequences(3:31)
03: Addicted To Chaos(5:27)
04: A Tout Le Monde(4:22)
05: Elysian Fields(4:02)
06: The Killing Road(3:51)
07: Blood Of Heroes(3:49)
08: Family Tree(4:11)
09: Youthanasia(4:07)
10: I Thought I Knew It All(3:42)
11: Black Curtains(3:37)
12: Victory(4:29)
13: Millennium Of The Blind(Bonus)(2:15)
14: New World Order(Demo)(3:45)
15: Absolution(Instrumental)(3:27)
16: A Tout Le Monde(Demo)(6:20)

7º Disco: Hidden Treasures - 1995


01: A Tout Le Monde(4:29)
02: Symphony Of Destruction(Demo)(5:28)
03: Architecture Of Aggression(Demo)(2:49)
04: New World Order(Demo)(3:47)
05: No More Mr. Nice Guy(3:01)
06: Breakpoint(3:28)
07: Go To Hell(4:35)
08: Angry Again(3:46)
09: 99 Ways To Die(3:58)
10: Paranoid(2:31)
11: Diadems(3:53)
12: Problems(3:57)

8º Disco: Cryptic Writings - 1997

01: Trust(5:11)
02: Almost Honest(4:08)
03: Use The Man(4:03)
04: Mastermind(3:48)
05: The Disintegrators(3:04)
06: I'll Get Even(4:19)
07: Sin(3:05)
08: A Secret Place(5:24)
09: Have Cool, Will Travel(3:40)
10: She-Wolf(3:37)
11: Vortex(3:23)
12: FFF [Fight For Freedom](2:37)
13: Trust (Spanish Version)(5:12)
14: Evil That's Within [Sin Alternate Lyrics](3:22)
15: Vortex(Alternate Version)(3:30)
16: Bullprick [FFF Alternate Lyrics](2:47)

9º Disco: Risk - 1999

01: Insomnia(4:15)
02: Prince Of Darkness(6:26)
03: Enter The Arena(0:43)
04: Crush 'Em(4:54)
05: Breadline(4:32)
06: The Doctor Is Calling(5:44)
07: I'll Be There(5:13)
08: Wanderlust(5:48)
09: Ecstasy(4:31)
10: Seven(4:46)
11: Time: The Beginning(3:10)
12: Time: The End(2:41)
13: Insomnia(Jeff Balding Mix)(4:19)
14: Breadline(Jack Joseph Puig Mix)(4:28)
15: Crush 'Em(Jock Mix)(5:10)

10º Disco: The World Needs A Hero - 2001


01: Disconnect(5:20)
02: The World Needs A Hero(3:51)
03: Moto Psycho(3:06)
04: 1000 Times Goodbye(6:25)
05: Burning Bridges(5:20)
06: Promises(4:28)
07: Recipe For Hate... Warhorse(5:18)
08: Losing My Senses(4:40)
09: Dread And The Fugitive Mind(4:25)
10: Silent Scorn(1:42)
11: Return To Hangar(3:59)
12: When(9:14)

11º Disco: The System Has Failed - 2004


01: Blackmail The Universe(4:33)
02: Die Dead Enough(4:18)
03: Kick The Chair(3:57)
04: The Scorpion(5:59)
05: Tears In A Vial(5:21)
06: I Know Jack(0:40)
07: Back In The Day(3:27)
08: Something That I'm Not(5:06)
09: Truth Be Told(5:39)
10: Of Mice And Men(4:04)
11: Shadow Of Deth(2:15)
12: My Kingdom(3:03)

12º Disco: United Abominations - 2007


01: Sleep Walker(5:52)
02: Washington Is Next!(5:17)
03: Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms(3:54)
04: United Abominations(5:33)
05: Gears of War(4:26)
06: Blessed Are the Dead(4:02)
07: Play For Blood(3:47)
08: A Tout le Monde(Set Me Free)(4:08)
09: Amerikhastan(3:43)
10: You're Dead(3:18)
11: Burnt Ice(3:47)
12: Out on the Tiles(4:02)

13º Disco: Endgame - 2009

01: Dialectic Chaos(2:25)
02: This Day We Fight!(3:26)
03: 44 Minutes(4:37)
04: 1,320(3:48)
05: Bite the Hand(4:01)
06: Bodies(3:33)
07: Endgame(5:55)
08: The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed With a Kiss(4:41)
09: Head Crusher(3:26)
10: How the Story Ends(4:27)
11: The Right to Go Insane(4:18)

14º Disco: Th1rt3en - 2011

01: Sudden Death(5:07)
02: Public Enemy No. 1(4:15)
03: Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)(3:50)
04: We The People(4:33)
05: Guns, Drugs & Money(4:20)
06: Never Dead(4:33)
07: New World Order(3:57)
08: Fast Lane(4:04)
09: Black Swan(4:10)
10: Wrecker(3:52)
11: Millennium Of The Blind(4:15)
12: Deadly Nightshade(4:56)
13: 13(5:50)

Yapa: Megadeth: Behind the Music


Tamaño: 733 Mb en 4 Partes   
Año: 2001   
Duracion: 01:16:23   
Subtitulos: Español   

Enlaces De Descarga
1º Disco: Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good - 1985(109 Mb):

2º Disco: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying - 1986(127 Mb):

3º Disco: So Far, So Good... So What! - 1988(122 Mb):

4º Disco: Rust In Peace - 1990(92 Mb):

5º Disco: Countdown To Extinction - 1992(152 Mb):

6º Disco: Youthanasia - 1994(150 Mb):

7º Disco: Hidden Treasures - 1995(104 Mb):

8º Disco: Cryptic Writings - 1997(140 Mb):

9º Disco: Risk - 1999(152 Mb):

10º Disco: The World Needs A Hero - 2001(132 Mb):

11º Disco: The System Has Failed - 2004(111 Mb):

12º Disco: United Abominations - 2007(118Mb):

13º Disco: Endgame - 2009(102,36 Mb):

14º Disco: Th1rt3en - 2011(132 Mb):

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Megadeth: Behind the Music[Pass: "ByGon47" (Sin Comillas)]:
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