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[GAME] Wind ~ A breath of heart

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  • Publicado hace más de 8 años


-A breath of Heart-

Title: Wind -A Breath of Heart-
Genre: Drama, Romance
Developer: Minori
Type: Visual Novel
Raiting: 15+
Year: April 2002
Hosting: Rapidshare / Mediafire
Weight: 1.73 GB

It is a story about a guy named Makoto Okano, who at the age of sixhad to leave his hometown of Kazune with his mother and sister. Justbefore leaving, he made a promise with his close childhood friendMinamo; first that they would definately meet again, second that untilthey met again they wouldn't get married to anyone else- and third thatif Makoto felt that Minamo had grown into a "good woman", that he wouldmarry her. As a parting gift, Makoto also entrusted Minamo with hisharmonica, telling her that he would be able to hear her play it fromany distance, and that he'd be able to find her again. Several yearslater at around the age of sixteen or so and while living in a newcity, Makoto's mother suddenly disappeared, leaving both him and hissister Hinata with only the money she had in her savings account and noidea where their mother had gone. More than half a year passes with noword from her, so Makoto and Hinata decide to move back to Kazune.

Several months after moving back, Makoto had forgotten his textbookat school and went to retrieve it. While in the classroom, he noticedthat one of the windows were still open and reluctantly walked over toclose it. It was then that he could suddenly hear the beautiful soundof someone playing the harmonica, and filled with a very powerful senseof nostalgia, he ran off to find the source of the music, and thememories he'd nearly forgotten.

(Join parts with Hjsplit, you can download it HERE)

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Just enjoy it!

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