Compilacion de Blues y R&B (Blues Forever) (+ 850)

Compilacion de Blues y R&B (Blues Forever) (+ 850)

Formato Mp3
Bitrate VBR +- 190 kbps
Tamaño 4,63 gb

Listado de temas

Big Joe Stolle - Mein Bruder Blues
Danny Flowers - What Would The Father Say
Freddie - Raised On The Blues
Scott Ellison - Darker Shade Of Blue
Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors - A Fool Like Me
Jay White & The Blues Commanders - Cut Me To The Bone
King King - You Stopped The Rain
Midnight Club Blues Band - Bad Weather Blues
Siggi Schwarz - Raining In My Heart
The Blues Broers - Over My Head
Snowy White & The White Flame - Falling
Devon Allman's Honeytribe - Could Get Dangerous
Jw Jones - Coming After Me
Bootleggers - Red Nekkid
The Kat - Never Felt No Blues
The Beat Daddys - Rainin' In The Real World
Danny Johnson - Sundance
Merzy - Dead & Gone
Mark Cook - Don't Let Me Hold You Back
Billy Walton Band - Change
Jimmy Nalls - House Of Love
Rick Derringer - Tough On Me Tough
Steve Gannon - Too Through With You
Wallenberg's Whiskey Hell - Darkest Hour Blues
Dirty Dave Osti - Dirtshack
Brendan Croker - This Man
David Shelly & Bluestone - Living With The Blues
Dan Doiron - Stand Back I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets
Al Tomson - Shot Down
Vargas Blues Band - Blue Midnight
Terence Hansen - Some Of My Ghosts
Anthony Gomes - Turn It Up!
D Man - Way To Lay You Down (Feat. Danny Hord)
David Shelley & Bluestone - Blackwater River
Jessy Martens & Band - Forever Mine
Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - Rub My Back
Fred Chapellier - Beyond The Moon
Gary Brooken - Give Me Something To Remember You By
Fred Chapellier - Le Blues
Ervin Charles - Born In Louisiana
Jonny Lang - Theres Gotta Be A Change
Jean Shy & The Shy Guys - Song For You
Christian Collin - Dance The Blues Away
Bas Paardekooper & The Blew Crue - Broken Heart For Sale
Joey Gilmore - Cold, Cold Feeling
Rob Orlemans - When The Haze Is Gone
Kal David - The Visit
Gary Hoey - She's Walking (Feat. Johnny A.)
Dan Doiron - Tango Girl
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Never Mind
Matthew Curry & The Fury - Bad Bad Day
Vargas Blues Band - Buenos Aires Blues
Big Mike & The Booty Papas - Road Back To You
Jonny Lang - The Truth
The Blues Mystery - My Friend's Child
Tony Joe White - I Want My Fleetwood Back
Jeff Fetterman - Paradise
Starlight Brigade - Listen To The Wind
Eric Clapton - One Chance
Omar - Full Moon On Main Street
The Mule Newman Band - Deadly Sins
The Beat Daddys - Woman's Got The Power
Dana Gillespie - Who's Got The Blues To Blame
Albany Down - You Ain't Coming Home
Rick Vito - Desiree
Billy Price & Fred Chapellier - Skunk Shuffle
King King - What Am I Supposed To Do
Van Galen Band - Look Away
Phantom Blues Band - A Very Blue Day
Dave Meniketti - Take It Like A Man
Too Slim & The Taildraggers - When Whisky Was My Friend
Albany Down - Mercy
Taj Mahal - Cheatin' On You
Albert Cummings - Checkered Flag
Meena - This Song Is For You
Eric Burdon - Feeling Blue
Midnight Creepers - Another You
Reverend Rusty's The Case - Statesboro Blues
Scott Holt - Dark Of The Night
Sherman Robertson - Victim Of Circumstances
I'll Play The Blues For You - I'll Play The Blues For You
Rob Tognoni - Someone To Love Me
Fred Chapellier - The Messiah Will Come Again
Vargas Blues Band - Run Away
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Deja Voodoo
Walter Trout - Sweet As A Flower
Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors - Safe In Your Arms Again
Don Dixon - I've Had Enough
Freddy & The Screamers - Full Moon On Main Street
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You
Southern Cross - Don't Care No More
Grady Champion - Who Dat
Snowy White, Rabbit Bundrick - Looking For Somebody
Tinsley Ellis - Dangling By A Thread
Jeff Liberman - Comin' Down On Me
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - Little Big Men
Gregg Allman - Before The Bullets Fly
King King - Heart Without A Soul
Bto - House Of The Rising Sun
Hans Van Lier & The Sidekicks - It's Over
Philip Sayce - Alchemy
Blindside Blues Band - Loving You
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
Full Trunk - Baby Put The Gun Down
Jay Jesse Johnson - Since My Baby's Gone
Loes Swinkels - Love All Around
Joe Valeriano - Frankie & Johnny
Buddaheads - Blue Charade
Bernard Allison - Bottle Of Whiskey
Buddy Guy - Show Me The Money
The Beat Daddys - She Goes Down
Rita Chiarelli - Stone By Stone
Dave Meniketti - It's Over
Grinderswitch - Where'd You Learn To Love Like This
Cantropus Blues Band - When Love Is Over
Mark Cook - Not Forgotten
Joe Cocker - Fever
Billy The Kid & The Regulators - Who (Feat. Jason Ricci)
Leslie West - I'm Ready
The Will Johns Band - Need Your Love So Bad
Hank Davison Band - Gamblers Roll
Jeff Liberman - Born Under A Bad Sign
Kaplan Shaw - Dancin With The Devil
Bey Paule Band - Right In Front Of You
Slam Allen - All Because Of You
Sonny Landreth - Falling For You
Carl Weathersby - It's You That I Want
Dan Huff - Someone
Bad Boyz Boogie - You And I (Feat. Lulu Hughes)
Sena Ehrhardt - Buried Alive
Hypnotics - Blues Patrol
Nine Below Zero - Cold Cruel Heart
Swamp Da Wamp - That Easy
Stoney Curtis Band - When The Sweet Turns To Sour
Dave Steffen Band - Fashing Town
Van Galen Band - The Fool
The Nimmo Brothers - Still Here Strumming
Jp Stingray - Goodby Hurricane
Fred James - Liff Is Hard
Los Lonely Boys - Familia
Rusty Mccarthy - State Of Affairs
Savoy Brown - Sweet Loving Thing
The Beat Daddys - Delta Lady
Albert Cummings - Eye To Eye
Blacktop Deluxe - It Don't Work Like That
Jimmy Thackery - Fender Bender
Walter Trout - The Reason I'm Gone
Roy Roberts - I Ii Chace Yor Blues Away
Val Mcknight - Good Lovin' Daddy
Andy Frasco & The U.N. - Tie You Up
Bernie Saxophone Entertainer - Earth Angel
David Gogo - Time Is Killing Me
Alabama Lovesnakes - Your Little Key
Bernard Allison - Snake Bit Again
B.J.Sharp - Tied Up, Tied Down
The Bluesbones - Voodoo Guitar
Mick Abrahams - I Wonder Who
Coco Montoya - A Bluesman's Christmas
Joe Louis Walker - Black & Blue
Tinsley Ellis - Ten Year Day
Rhythmtown - Jive - Magnatone
The Rocky Athas Group - High Cost Of Loving
Coco Montoya - Can't Look Back
Jeanne Lozier - Your Fool No More
Neal Black - Out Of The Hole
Bernard Allison - I Think I Love You Too Much
D Man - Ain't Enough Whiskey (Feat. Manuel Grimaldi)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Live On
Hank Davison Band - Leather Angel
Roy Buchanan - That Did It
The Bob Lanza Blues Band - Ain't Nobody's Business
Dr.Wu & Friends - Storm Watch Warning
The Alabama Lovesnakes - Searching High And Low
Innes Sibun - So Tired Of Living
Jay Jesse Johnson - Ghosts In Texas
Jeff Liberman - It's A Funk Thing
Rebecca Downes - Sailing On A Pool Of Tears
Michael Burks - Make It Rain
James Solberg - Ever Seen A Rainbow
Bluesdusters - Time Is Right
The Rocky Athas Group - Slow Driver
Gregg Allman - Rendezvous With The Blues
Buck & Evans - Treat Me Right
Jackie Lomax - The Blues Made Me Do It
Blindside Blues Band - Talkin' Bout My Baby
Wendy Rich - Whatever You Make It
Brendan Leggatt - Junk Mail Blues
Supersonic Blues Machine - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Leslie West - Fade Into You
Mighty Mo Rodgers - The Boy Who Stole The Blues
Slim Chance & The Gamblers - Mr. Lucky
Jon Zeeman - Down On My Luck
Root Doctor - Too Late To Try To Do Right
Bob Malone - Rage & Cigarettes
Sir Oliver Mally - Wild Streak
Five Bluesmen - Black & White Blues
Neal Black - I Don't Get The Blues
Zac Harmon - Back Bitin Back Stabbers
Joe Bonamassa - What I've Known For A Very Long Time
Jon Zeeman - All Alone
Lara Price - Happy Blue Year
The Kinsey Report - Full Moon On Main Street
Sena Ehrhardt - Help Me Through The Day
Michael Burks - Got A Way With Women
Los Lonely Boys - Give A Little More
Yungjohnn - Grand Illusion
Three Times Lucky - Lost Your Good Thing
Too Slim & The Taidraggers - Potent 8
Henrik Freischlader - When I First Saw You
Angel Forrest - Let Me Go
Tom Principato - (It Must Have Been Some Kinda) Voodoo Thing
Dana Gillespie - I Sigh For You
Don Ray Band - My Rush
Albert Castiglia - Drowning At The Bottom
Voodoo Blue - When Is It Time
Mike Gallemore - Living With The Blues
Michael Burks - Don't Let It Be A Dream
Mighty Sam Mcclain - New Man In Town
The Bluebirds - Don't Take My Place
Walter Trout - Go The Distance
Lefthand Freddy & The Aces - Keep My Cool
Tab Benoit - I Put A Spell On You
Jeff Liberman - Blue Sky Blues
Michael Coleman - Call My Job
Coco Montoya - Hiding Place
Kal David & Lauri Bono - I Can't Take It No More
Bernard Allison - Standing On The Edge Of Love
Tino Gonzales - For You
Keith Thompson - Crash & Burn
Kris Pohlman - Got To Let You Go
Red Rooster - Married To The Blues
Adrian Galysh - Messin' With The Kid
Cold Truth - Whisper To Me
Bernard Allison - Chills & Thrills
Eddy Wilson's Blues Band - Big Log
Jeff Healey - I Think I Love You Too Much
Mic Gillette Band - I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart
Tas Cru - You Keep The Money
The Blues Rebels - Burning Deep
Big James & The Chicago Playboys - I'll Never Be The Same
Dudley Taft - Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Scott Ellison - Where You Stand With Me
Walter Trout - Got To Kill The Monkey
Tinsley Ellis - Estero Noche
Bouty Hunters - Too Loud Too Rough' Too Bad!
B.J.Sharp - Keep On Cookin'
Adrian Galysh - Why Am I Singing The Blues
Chicago Bob Nelson - Been Down So Long
Christian Collin - Blues For You
Dave Steffen Band - Rock River
Bluebirds - Outta Control
Kari Hongisto Band - Virus Stole My Baby
Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers - Playing With Fire
Liz Melendez Band - Keep My Head On
Cherie Currie - Dark World
The Charles Hyde Band - That's For Sure
The Mighty Org - Possum Song
The Warrior Kings - Always On The Run
Red Rooster - Running Around
Kris Pohlman Band - One For Sorrow
Little Boys Blue - Do You No Wrong
Adrian Galysh - Nobody Knows You (When You're Down & Out)
Buddy Guy - I Go By Feel
Red Rooster - Strange Kind Of Feeling
Martin J. Andersen - Funky State Of Mind
Midnight Club Blues Band - Misery Loves Company
Joey Gilmore - Still Called The Blues
Keith Thompson - Independence
Jimmy Lafave - The Night Tribe
Shaun Murphy - Running Out Of Time
Dave Meniketti - Angel On My Shoulder
Jeff Liberman - Fantasy
Bluebone - The Day You Turned Away
Bob Gardner - Part Time Lover Man
Michael Burks - One More Chance
Craig Chaquico - Born Under A Bad Sign
Walter Trout - Motivation Of Love
Dave Day - Lay It Down
Keith Thompson & Strange Brew - Blues Don't Love You
Shaun Murphy - Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
Red Rooster - I Want You To Know
Scott Ellison - These Blues Gotta Hold On Me
Bluebone - When Blue Was Just A Color
Walter Trout - Walkin' In The Rain
Anna Rudolph - You Never Know
Bernard Allison - Take It Slow
Bluebirds - Can't Live Without U
Kenny Wayne Shepher - Oh, Pretty Woman
Marcia Ball - The Party's Still Going On
Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades Of Blue
Blindside Blues Band - Truth Never Lies
Bob Gardner - Not Gonna Let You Go
Dark Horse Flyer - Breezin'
Hornbuckle - Slave To The Benjamins
Tutu Jones - Chronic Late Arriver
Siggi Schwarz - When A Man Loves A Woman
Grady Champion - Dreamin'
Jeff Liberman - These Blues
Bernard Allison - Stakes Have Gone Up
Gerry Lane - Meloneras Blues
Vargas Blues Band - Blues Pilgrimage
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - True Lies
The Stumble - Heat Of The Night
Tino Gonzales - How Do You Play The Blues
Keith Thompson - Under Your Shadow
Don Ray Band - Ball & Chain
Alden Nash - Fallen From Grace
Billy Walton Band - Distorted Views
Kal David & Lauri Bono - Sweet Feelings
Rick Tobey - Love, Life & Money
John Ginty - Mirrors
Oscar Benton - The Day I Got Rid Of The Blues
Dirk Hamilton & The Bluesmen - The Collector
Coen Wolters Band - Blues On A Rainy Day
The Apocalypse Blues Revue - Whiskey In My Coffee
Dr. Hector & The Groove Injector - A Fool Like Me
Griff Hamlin Band - Where Would I Begin
Lew Jetton & 61 South - I Been Cheated
Laurence Jones - Got No Place To Go
Siggi Schwarz - People Get Ready
Guy Tortora - Super Blue
Bernard Allison - Woman Named Trouble
James Solberg Band - Everyday
Scott Ellison - Who Will Be The Fool
Zed Mitchell - Lonely Man
Drew Sterchi - Free
Martin J.  Andersen - Stranger
Legally Blue - Still Got The Blues
Joe Cocker - I Put A Spell On You
Cathy Jean - Ripe Garden Little Sick Twist
Buddy Guy - Lyin' Like A Dog
Alabama Searching - Searching High And Low
Lew Jetton & 61 South - Nighttime Into Day
Shaun Murphy - Love To Burn
Robert Cray Band - Won't Be Coming Home
The Kinsey Report - Code Of The Street
Marcia Ball - Hot Springs
Albert Cummings - Glass House
Paul Warren - High Price To Pay
Walter Trout - Don't Worry About It
Peer Gynt - I Can't Go On
Kenny Neal - Keep On Moving
Scott Ellison - The Ghost Of You
Vargas Blues Band - Avenida De Mayo
Zed Mitchell - Don't Lie To Me
Sari Schorr - Letting Go
Dr.Wu' & Friends - Come Back Baby
Shemekia Copeland - The Other Woman
Vaneese Thomas - Mystified
Coco Montoya - Too Much Water
The Kinsey Report - Must Be Love
Tutu Jones - Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Bowes  & Morley - Desire
Little Boys Blue - If Id'a Known
Fred Chapellier & Billy Price - Que Du Blues
Sloe Gin Gypsies - The Thrill Is Gone
The Rides - I've Got To Use My Imagination
Micha Schellhaas - Ford F - 150
Walter Trout - Prisoner Of A Dream
Deb Ryder - Get A Little Steam Up
Dave Steffen Band - Long As I Can See The Light
Kingdom Brothers - It Won't Be Me
Steve Roux - Woman Like You
Hornbuckle - Knife In Your Hand
Toni Lynn Washington - You Better Leave My Man Alone
Tino Gonzales - No More Misery
Sari Schorr - Ain't Got No Money
The Batlin Sings Mcmoore Blues Experience - Reggae Man Sings The Blues
Bluebone - Big Love
David Gogo - Something Ain't Right
Scott Ellison - Let's Think Twice
Anni Piper - Cold Pizza And Warm Beer
Dave Day - Sound The Bell
Tinsley Ellis - All I Can Do
Dr.Wu' & Friends - Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Al Jones & His Band - People
Glenn Kaiser - Where Would I Be
Sari Schorr - Demolition Man
Popa Chubby - Dirty Diesel
Dark Horse Flyer - Since You've Been Gone
Jeff Liberman - That Special Someone
Steve Roux - Can't Change The Time
The Kentucky Headhunters - Dizzie Miss Daisy
Larry Miller - The Girl That Got Away
Bounty Hunters - Hot On Ya Heels Revisited
Bob Gardner - Shotgun Shack
Dave Day - Simple Man
Jon Zeeman - Waitin For The Storm
Dan Doiron - Dance Naked
Scott Ellison - One Step From The Blues
The Joey Gilmore Band - Night Time Is The Right Time
Vargas Blues Band - Blues Latino
Karise Eden - Back To Black
Rossington - Shame On Me
Patric Williams - Little Wing
Bob Gardner - What's Your Name
Beth Hart - Love Is A Lie
Mick Abrahams - Used To Being Down
Buddy Guy - What's Up With That Woman
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns - Somethin' In The Water
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - The House Is Rockin'
Sari Schorr - Damn The Reason
Larry Miller - Failed Again
Dana Gillespie - Still In Your Arms
The Alabama Lovesnakes - Your Little Key
The Juke Joints - Louella
Greg Poulos - Midnight Sun
The Rippingtons - Gypsy Eyes (Feat.Russ Freeman)
The Rusty Wright Band - Man On Fire
Michael Burks - Beggin' Business
Out Of The Blue - The Jungle Walk
Cliff Stevens - Running
John Doe Trio - Teasing Woman Blues
Angie Fisher - I.R.S
Melvin Taylor - Help The Poor
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband - Heartbreaker
Mark May - I'm A Gambler
David Shelley & Bluestone - That's My Train
Elliot & The Untouchables - Home To You
Rossington - Two Very Different Things
Henrik Freischlader - No Questions
Jimi Barbiani Band - Superstition
Colin James - Freedom
Katja Rieckermann - Buckaroo
Uni Debess - Lovely Lady
Big Blues & Boogie - Any Fool Will Do (Kenny Neal Cover)
Anysley Listr - Everything I Have To Give
Gravity 180 - California Blues
Mike Zito - Route 90
Buddy Guy - Evil Twin
Derrick Procell - Sorry
Jeff Liberman - Situation
Mike Welch - Changing Of The Guard
Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band - Chill Out - The Healer (A Tribute To John Lee Hooker)
Blues Train - Eyesight To The Blind
Michael Burks - Take A Chance On Me, Baby
Kenny Neal - Bad Memory
Melvin Taylor - A Quitter Never Wins
Out Of The Blue - In The Cold Light Of Day
Bobby Mack & Night Train - I Want To Be Your Driver
Nils - Alley Cat
Keith Patterson - Lost Her Number
Luther Allison - Cherry Red Wine
Marshall X - Southern Rain
Aynsley Lister - Won't Be Taken Down
The Soul Of John Black - East La Lady
Zed Mitchell - I'm In Vegas Tonight
James Solberg Band - Ringin' In My Head
Carl Weathersby - Come To Papa
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Night Bird
Deb Ryder - Bad Bad Dream
Revis Johnson - Drinkin' And Smokin' In Bed
Dudley Taft - Pack It Up
Fred Chapellier - Changed Minds
Beth Hart - Fire On The Floor
Toronzo Cannon - Not Gonna Worry
Kenny Neal - I Can Read Between The Lies
Mississippi Heat - Blues For George Baze
Delta Twins - It Won't Be Long
Larry Miller - Road Runner
Kal David & Lauri Bono - Help The Poor
Derrick Procell - Who Will Tell Lucille
James Solberg Band - Too Damn Much Lovin'
Jimmy Barnes - Stone Cold (Feat. Joe Bonamassa)
Carl Weathersby - A Real Mutha Fuh Ya
Jimmy Dillon - Sea Of Blues
Zed Mitchell - Fool Forever
Coco Montoya - Talkin' Woman Blues
Walter Trout Band - Surround By Eden
Lost In 1paris Blues Band - I Don't Need No Doctor
Kenny Neal - Another Man's Cologne
The Joey Gilmore Band - This Time I'm Gone For Good
Jeff Fetterman - Angel Blue
The Rippingtons - Eternity
Kenny Neal - Blues Falling Down Like Rain
Joey Gilmore - Brandon's Blues
E.C.Scott - Funkafied Blues
Slackjaw Blues Band - Tried It Your Way
Rob Tognoni - Comin' Home At Last
Walter Trot & The Radicals - Doin' Just Fine
David Gogo - So Into You
Jimmy Dillon - Undervover Man
Bobby Rush - Another Murder In New Orleans
Joey Gilmore - You Just Can't Take My Blues
Albert Cummings - Where Did I Go Wrong
Bowes & Morley - On A Day Like Today
Dan Patlansky - Loosen Up The Grip
Rockocola - Dear Girl
Dave Fields - Don't Look At Me That Way
Anysley Lister - Dishevelled
Corey Stevens - Ronda Vista Shuffle
Coco Montoya - Truth Be Told
Nanna Baudelaire - I Will Pretend
James Solberg - Bad Love
Gene Deer & The Blues Band - I Want Out
Walter Trout & The Radicals - I Don't Want My Mtv
Jim Allchin - Willow Tree
Dogleg Steve - Peace Of Mind
Grady Champion - When I'm Gone
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - My Heart's In Texas
Hank Shreve Band - Bad News
Dan Doiron - Misunderstood
Marcus Malone - One More Time
Buddy Guy - Smell The Funk
Oberg - Blues As Blues Can Get
The Kate Lush Band - Somebody Like Me
Tommy Castro - Like An Angel
Jeff Golub - On The Beach
Steve Summers Band - Pretzel Logic
Alberta Hunter - Downhearted Blues
Alex Lopez - Morning Blues
Amos Milburn - One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
Amos Milburn - Trouble In Mind
Arthur Gunter - Baby Lets Play House
Arthur Gunter - Blues After Hours
Arthur Gunter - Little Blue Jeans Woman
B B King - My Baby Is Gone
B B King - Miss Martha King
B B King - She Dont Move Me No More
B B King - The Other Night Blues
B B King - Three Oclock Blues
Barbara Blue - Coat & Hat
Barbara Blue - Rollin' Up On Me
Barbecue Bob - Barbecue Blues
Barbecue Bob - Chocolate To The Bone
Barbecue Bob - Ease It To Me Blues
Barbecue Bob - Yo Yo Blues
Bessie Smith - Baby Wont You Please Come Home
Bessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues
Bessie Smith - Gulf Coast Blues
Big Bill Broonzy - Long Tall Mama
Big Bill Broonzy - Mississippi River Blues
Big Bill Broonzy - Worrying You Off My Mind
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits - Evil Twist
Big Boy Bloater And The Limits - Fumble Fisted Fool
Big Boy Bloater And The Limits - Ugly Way Of Thinking
Big Joe Turner - Blues In The Night
Big Joe Turner - Its The Same Old Story
Big Joe Turner - S K Blues Pt 1
Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Dont Go
Big Joe Williams - Drop Down Blues
Big Joe Williams - King Biscuit Stomp
Big Maceo - County Jail Blues
Big Maceo - I Got The Blues
Big Maceo - Worried Life Blues
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog
Big Mama Thornton - Ive Searched The World Over
Big Mama Thornton - Nightmare
Big Maybelle - Rain Down Rain
Big Maybelle - Way Back Home
Big Monti Amundson - Dirt Brown Duplex
Billy Boy Arnold - I Aint Got You
Big Monti Amundson - Plain As Day
Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would
Blind Blake - Skeedle Loo Doo Blues
Blind Blake - Southern Rag
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground
Blind Blake - Too Tight Blues No 2
Blind Willie Johnson - Its Nobodys Fault But Mine
Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed
Blind Willie Mctell - Low Riders Blues
Blind Willie Mctell - Mama Let Me Scoop For You
Blind Willie Mctell - Searching The Desert For The Blues
Blue Lu Barker - A Little Bird Told Me
Blue Lu Barker - Bow Legged Daddy
Blues Company - Crippled Mind
Blues Company - My Littles Angel
Blues Company - Kids
Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
Blues Underground - I'll Play The Blues For You
Bo Diddley - Crackin Up
Bo Diddley - Pretty Thing
Bo Diddley - Road Runner
Bo Diddley - Say Man
Bobby Blue Bland - I Dont Believe
Bobby Blue Bland - Its My Life Baby
Bobby Blue Bland - Youve Got Bad Intentions
Bukka White - Fixin To Die Blues
Buddy Whittington - Minor Blues
Bukka White - Shake Em On Down
Champion Jack Dupree - Cant Kick The Habit
Champion Jack Dupree - Junkers Blues
Charles Brown - Black Night
Champion Jack Dupree - Stack - O - Lee
Charles Brown - Driftin Blues
Charles Brown - Get Yourself Another Fool
Charles Brown - Hard Times
Charles Brown - Please Come Home For Christmas
Charles Brown - Trouble Blues
Charley Patton - Dark Road Blues
Charley Patton - Watch And Pray
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Dirty Work At The Crossroads
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Gates Salty Blues
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Okie Dokie Stomp
Cody Dickinson - Boomers Story (Feat. Luther Di
Cousin Joe - Box Car Shorty And Peter Blue
Cousin Joe - Fly Hen Blues
David Gogo - For You
Davy Knowles - What Doesn't Kill You
Dirty Dave Osti - Bastard
Drew Sterchi - Peggy's Song
Easy Way Out - Jay Hooks
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson - Oil Man Blues
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson - Too Many Women Blues
Eddie Taylor - Bad Boy
Eddie Taylor - Big Town Playboy
Elmore James - Done Somebody Wrong
Eliza Neals - Misery
Elmore James - Dust My Broom
Elmore James - I Believe
Elmore James - I Cant Hold Out
Elmore James - Rollin And Tumblin
Elmore James - Standing At The Crossroads
Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying
Floyd Dixon - Dallas Blues
Floyd Dixon - Moonshine
Floyd Dixon - Shuffle Blues
Floyd Dixon - Telephone Blues
Frankie Lee Sims - Frankies Blues
Furry Lewis - Billy Lyons And Stack - O - Lee
Furry Lewis - Judge Harsh Blues
Gaslight Street - I'll Be Ok
Gregor Hilden & Johnny Rogers - I Wonna Get Into You
Gt's Boos Band - Lonely Roads
Howlin Wolf - I Got A Woman
Howlin Wolf - Moanin At Midnight
Howlin Wolf - Mr Highway Man
Huey Piano Smith - Hush Your Mouth
Huey Piano Smith - Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
Ice Cream Men - Born To Follow
Ian Parker - The Love I Have
Ice Cream Men - Sunrise
Innes Sibun - Obsession
Irish Coffee - Guitars And Beer
Ivory Joe Hunter - I Need You So
Irish Coffee - I'm Alive
Ivory Joe Hunter - Yes I Want You
J B Lenoir - Lets Roll
J B Lenoir - Livin In The White House
J B Lenoir - The Mojo
Jay Gordon Band - Karma
Jeff Jensen - Ash And Bone (Feat. Anne Harri
Jeff Plankenhorn - Headstrong
Jeff Jensen - Can't Believe We're Through (L
Jeff Plankenhorn - Trouble Find Me
Jeff Plankenhorn - Vagabond Moonlight (Feat. The
Jerimiah Marques - Fire Down Below
Jerimiah Marques - Heavy Load
Jim Allchin - Healing Ground
Jim Perry - And Then You Walked In
Jim Perry - I Think About You
Jimmy Mccracklin - Deceivin Blues
Jimmy Mccracklin - Love When It Rains
Jimmy Mccracklin - True Love Blues
Jimmy Reed - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man
Jimmy Reed - Found Love
Jimmy Rushing - Good Morning Blues
Jimmy Rushing - My Friend Mr Blues
Jimmy Witherspoon - Slow Your Speed
Jimmy Yancey - 35th And Dearborn
Jimmy Yancey - How Long Blues
John Campbelljohn - Fantastico Supremo
John Campbelljohn - Meet My Maker
John Hiatt - Master Of Disaster
John Hiatt - Thunderbird
John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen
John Lee Hooker - Crawlin King Snake
John Lee Hooker - Hobo Blues
John Lee Hooker - Im In The Mood
John Lee Hooker - Weeping Willow Boogie
Johnny Guitar Watson - Gangster Of Love
John Weeks Band - You Never Say What You Mean
Johnny Guitar Watson - Love Bandit
Johnny Guitar Watson - Too Tired
Johnny Moores Three Blazers - Dragnet Blues
Johnny Moores Three Blazers - Playing Numbers
Johnny Otis - Going To See My Baby
Johnny Otis - Hangover Blues
Johnny Shines - Evening Shuffle
Johnny Shines - No Name Blues
Johnny Shines - Hoodoo Man
Josh White - Hard Time Blues (1)
Josh White - One Meat Ball
Josh White - Uncle Sam Says
Junior Parker - Feelin Good
Junior Parker - Mystery Train
Jukehouse Bombers - Winding Our Way Back Home
Junior Parker - Sittin Drinkin And Thinkin
Junior Wells - So All Alone
Justin Johnson - Rollin’
Jvt Band - Angel On The Loose
Jvt Band - Lucy
Jvt Band - Old Love
Kokomo Arnold - Red Beans And Rice
Kokomo Arnold - Sister Jane Cross The Hall
Kokomo Arnold - Wild Water Blues
Lazy 50 - Catch My Train
Lazy 50 - Hell Freezes Over
Lead Belly - Alabama Bound
Lead Belly - Bourgeois Blues
Lead Belly - Midnight Special
Leroy Carr Scrapper Blackwell - Blue With The Blues
Leroy Carr Scrapper Blackwell - Wrong Man Blues
Lightnin Hopkins - Baby Please Dont Go
Lightnin Hopkins - Katie Mae Blues
Lightnin Hopkins - T Model Blues
Lightnin Slim - Bad Luck
Lightnin Slim - New Orleans Bound
Lightnin Slim - Nothing But The Devil
Little Walter - Juke
Little Walter - My Babe
Little Walter - Sad Hours
Little Willie John - All Around The World
Little Willie John - Need Your Love So Bad
Lonnie Johnson - Have To Change Keys (To Play These Blues)
Lonnie Johnson - I Got The Blues For Murder Only
Lonnie Johnson - Mr Johnsons Blues
Lowell Fulson - It Took A Long Time
Lowell Fulson - Rollin Blues
Luther Grosvenor - Evesham Boy
Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates
Marcus Malone - Shine A Light
Mark May - Ganster Blues
Mark Selby - Trouble Wants
Mark May - Ohio
Mcintosh, Robbie - Scarecrow
Memphis Minnie - Bumble Bee
Memphis Minnie - Me And My Chauffeur Blues
Memphis Slim - Havin Fun
Memphis Slim - Really Got The Blues
Memphis Slim - Slims Blues
Mic Gillette Band - Unchain My Heart
Miss Tess - Do You Want My Love
Mississippi Fred Mcdowell - Shake Em On Down
Mississippi John Hurt - Avalon Blues
Mississippi Fred Mcdowell - Whats The Matter Now
Mississippi John Hurt - Candy Man Blues
Mississippi John Hurt - Spike Driver Blues
Muddy Waters - Burr Clover Blues
Mojo Monkeys - Beating Dead Horses
Muddy Waters - Gypsy Woman
Muddy Waters - I Feel Like Going Home
Naked Blue - Fall From Grace
Nobby Reed Project - Common Ground
Otis Rush - All Your Love
Otis Rush - Three Times A Fool
Out Of Favor Boys - Dark Clouds
Out Of Favor Boys - Minutes
Out Of Favor Boys - You're The One
Paul Black - Fly
Paul Black - Much 2 Much
Paul Black - Sister Sadness
Pee Wee Crayton - The Telephone Is Ringing
Peetie Wheatstraw - Come Over And See Me
Peetie Wheatstraw - Devils Son - In - Law
Peetie Wheatstraw - Gangsters Blues
Percy Mayfield - Lost Love (Baby Please)
Percy Mayfield - Please Send Me Someone To Love
Percy Mayfield - What A Fool I Was
Professor Longhair - Go To The Mardi Gras
Professor Longhair - Professor Longhair Blues
Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel
Richard Berry - Louie Louie
Richard Berry - Mess Around
Richard Berry - Walk Right In
Robert Johnson - Cross Road Blues
Rob Tognoni - Time Changes
Robert Johnson - Hellhound On My Trail
Robert Johnson - Love In Vain Blues
Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues
Robert Johnson - Stop Breakin Down Blues
Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago
Robert Johnson - Terraplane Blues
Robert Johnson - Walkin Blues
Robert Nighthawk - Feel So Bad
Robert Nighthawk - You Missed A Good Man
Robert Stanley - I Heard
Roland Johnson - Your's And Mine (Feat. Renee S
Roosevelt Sykes - Trouble And Whiskey
Roosevelt Sykes - 44 Blues
Roy Milton - Waking Up Blues
Sandi Thom - Gold Dust
Sandi Thom - Maggie Mccall
Scotty Bratcher - Livin For The Moment
Scotty Bratcher - Missing You Again
Scotty Bratcher - Ready For Rain
Scotty Meyer Band - Let It Go
Scotty Meyer Band - Treat Me Right
Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You
Screamin Jay Hawkins - Not Anymore
Screamin Jay Hawkins - Yellow Coat
Sippie Wallace - Im A Mighty Tight Woman
Sippie Wallace - Dead Drunk Blues
Sippie Wallace - Special Delivery Blues
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Let That Liar Alone
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Nobodys Fault But Mine
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Singin In My Soul
Sleepy John Estes - Brownsville Blues
Sleepy John Estes - Floating Bridge
Sleepy John Estes - Liquor Store Blues
Sleepy John Estes - Poor Mans Friend
Smiley Lewis - Goin To Jump And Shout
Smiley Lewis - How Long
Snooks Eaglin - Let Me Go Home Whiskey
Snooks Eaglin - One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
Snooks Eaglin - Sophisticated Blues
Snooky Pryor - Stop The Train Conductor
Snooky Pryor - Telephone Blues
Son House - The Jinx Blues
Son House - Walkin Blues
Sonny Boy Williamson I - Better Cut That Out
Sonny Boy Williamson I - Stop Breaking Down
Sonny Boy Williamson Ii - Fattening Frogs For Snakes
Sonny Boy Williamson Ii - Dont Start Me To Talkin
Sonny Boy Williamson Ii - Your Funeral And My Trial
Sonny Terry - Blowing The Blues
Sonny Terry - Somebodys Been Talkin
Stoney Curtis Band - Colors
Stoney Curtis Band - Blues Without You
Stoney Curtis Band - Infatuation Blues
Stoney Curtis Band - Last Train To Chicago
Stoney Curtis Band - Soul Love
Stoney Curtis Band - Soul Flower
Sunnyland Slim - Mud Kickin Woman
Sunnyland Slim - Sunnyland Special
T - Bone Walker - Bobby Sox Blues
T - Bone Walker - Long Skirt Baby Blues
T - Bone Walker - They Call It Stormy Monday
Tampa Red - Big Stars Falling Blues
Tampa Red - Hard Road Blues
Tampa Red - Let Me Play With Your Poodle
Tandem Unicycle - Red Feather
The Black Sorrows - Roaring Town
The Black Sorrows - Save Me
The Black Sorrows - The Gates Of Hell
The Four Blazes - Drunken Blues
The Four Blazes - Night Train
The Buzzard Blue Band - Addicted To The Blues
The Four Blazes - Stop Boogie Woogie
Tommy Mcclennan - Bottle It Up And Go
The Steepwater Band - Shake Your Faith
Tommy Mcclennan - Highway 51
Tommy Mcclennan - My Babys Gone
Tony Rondini - Cloudy Haze
Tony Spinner - World Full Of Women
Tony Spinner - Ballad Of T.S
Walter Trout And The Radicals - Doin' Just Fine
Walter Trout And The Radicals - Faithful
Walter Trout And The Radicals - Gotta Leave This Town
Warren Haynes - Patchwork Quilt
Willie Dixon - Come Here Baby
Warren Haynes - Cortez The Killer
Willie Dixon - Got You On My Mind
Willie Dixon - If The Sea Was Whiskey
Willie Dixon - Money Tree Blues
Willie Dixon - Tell That Woman
Wynonie Harris - Dont Take My Whiskey
Wynonie Harris - Time To Change Your Town
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