El Show Debe Continuar 26 de Junio 2016

This is the courtain I use for my 5 years old program. 2012-7th January. I never stolen material, I bought everything. I have books and magazines, also the radio where I work on, has Internet and it equipament are a radio Console also 3 Computers. I own rights to use the material uploaded shown no matter Short time or Longer time. The show must go on came in 2004 as a single column on Press and Fm Simple 97.3Mhz. Is the translated documentary along with many other sources such as Wikipedia, Billboard, BBC and Rolling Stone, it has also Soundtracks osts and also Biographical content. The thumnail photo icon is my permission on Double citizen italian paper for a passport. Herencies we're members of Golden Eagle Phoenix Shield Ardito Surnames. From 50's to 90's decade. I work inside Radio Link from Argentina.
Podcast would be linked with MegaSync and MediaFire.
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holy shit wtf
You like it? is radio press by biographical content on Documentaries inside Argentina. Now it's free.
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