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Feudal Combat : Feudal Combat is a fighting video adapted from Inuyasha legend based on the Inuyasha manga, developed by Android and published by N Games on mobile, Samsung generation and Windows in 2017.
Feudal Combat was presented in the best game of the year by ANDROID -Feudal Combat is a true successor, aided by more than a year of targeted development. Global production values ??and vicious action brings Feudal Combat on par with the 3D console brawlers. The screens do not make Feudal Combat Justice - the fluid action must be seen at 60 frames per second.

Story mode :

In Story Mode, the player must choose to follow first Inuyasha's, then Sango and Miroku, then Sesshomaru's, and finally Shippo's "Chapter". These consist of a series of battles interlaced with cut scenes illustrating a story. If the player is KO'd (knocked out) in one of these battles, a screen with the option to reattempt the last battle is available. If each of these stories is completed without the player getting KO'd even once, then a new character can be selected in "Battle", "Practice", and "Mission" modes as the player/partner. Those characters are:

 Inuyasha's chapter - Naraku
 Sango/Miroku's Chapter - Bankotsu
 Shippo's Chapter - Human Inuyasha
 Sesshomaru's Chapter - Demon Inuyasha

But looks alone will not wear a game - developers have listened to fans' comments and improved the gameplay. With a new virtual d-pad, a dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps and vicious new enemies, Feudal Combat is a new experience for hack 'n' slash players on the go.

Inuyasha sent on a quest for revenge across the campaign burned by the war. From a fishing village to a flying fortress to the legendary island of the dead, Inuyasha will stop at nothing to drive away his arch-enemy Orochimu. Is he going to take revenge?


? Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you to slice badly, do not slide the screen.

? Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping action-oriented.

? Sections gentle, fast and bloody fight!
- Battle hordes of enemies on the screen brandishing new weapons and sporting unique abilities.
- Stay agile and plan your attacks - roll out of danger and eliminate enemies at a distance like the Ninja Archer before they can hit.

? The enhanced game contains new features.
- Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and discover useful things.
- The fight is in motion - not to worry, the fighting never takes a back seat to the platform or fetch-quests.

The elements ? RPG reward skilled players - improve the health of Inuyasha, buy new attack combos and set devastating levels.

? Between the levels, the magnificent anime-style cartoons tell the story of Inuyasha from the original hand-drawn illustration.

? New survival mode puts inuyasha waves of enemies by giving hardcore players a scoring attack mode to refine their skills. Two games in one!

? Soundtrack - soft music built with the heat of battle.

? 60 FPS only on compatible devices.

link descarga: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Android.FeudalCombat&hl=es
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@kiusman es el mismo, solo que lo deben adaptar la historia y los skin
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