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Two Steps From Hell - Volume One (2006) [3CDs][ZS]

Productora Musical: Two Steps From Hell
  Álbum: Volume One
  Año: 2006
  Género: Trailer Music
  Tamaño: 430 MB
  Calidad: 320 Kbps
 Servidor: Zippyshare
  Uploader: AngeloxGB
  Tracklist [CD1]:
01.Super Strength
02.Super Strength 2
03.Super Strength (Orchestral)
04.Two Steps From Hell
05.Two Steps From Hell (Orchestral)
06.From The Abyss
07.From The Abyss (Orchestral)
08.Bigger than Kong
09.The Legend of Aramis
10.The Summoning
11.The Summoning (Orchestral)
12.Battle Of Dark vs Light
13.Born Of Ash
14.Born Of Ash (Orchestral)
15.Interceptors Duel
16.North Country
17.North Country (Orchestral)
18.Rise Of Evil
19.Rise Of Evil (Orchestral)
21.Bloodlust (Orchestral)
22.Spirit Of Death
23.Spirit Of Death (Orchestral)
24.The Descending Storm
25.The Descending Storm (Orchestral)
27.Souls Feast
28.Over The Pass
29.Over The Pass (Orchestral)
30.City Of Malice
31.Birth Of Power
32.Birth Of Power (Orchestral)
34.Dominius (Orchestral)
35.Dawn Of War

Tracklist [CD2]:
01.Black Winged Messenger
02.Lord Of Chaos
03.Unfolding Armies
04.Unfolding Armies (Orchestral)
05.Extinction Level Event
06.Extinction Level Event (Orchestral)
08.Peacekeepers (Orchestral)
09.Temple Of Damnation
10.Temple Of Damnation (Orchestral)
12.Front Line
13.Front Line (Orchestral)
14.Catch 666
15.Horrors And Enchantments
16.Evil Supremacy
18.Exodus (Orchestral)
19.Crimson Death
20.Fistfulla Drums
21.Fatespinner Drums
22.Tsunamis Risismus
23.Two Steps From Heaven
25.Across Continents
26.Return To Base
27.Captain Universe
28.Protector Of The Skies
29.Battle At Sea
30.Chronicles Of A Hero
31.Adventures Of Enchantment

Tracklist [CD3]:
01.Breath Of Cold Air
02.Life Of A Legend
03.Secrets In Blood
04.Secrets In Blood (Orchestral)
06.Prophecies (Orchestral)
07.Season Of Fate
08.Undying Faith
09.Straw Man
10.Guns And Oil
12.Trafficking (Orchestral)
13.Eternal Conflict
14.Eternal Conflict 2
15.Eternal Conflict (Orchestral)
16.Vast Conspiracy
17.Wind Queen
18.Child's Play
19.Department Of Deception
20.Path Less Travelled
21.Path Less Travelled (Orchestral)
22.The Truth Unravels
23.Serbian Suns
24.Famous Year
25.Lost In Asia
26.Heavenly Lights
28.Aftershock (Orchestral)
29.Playing With Fire
30.Black Flowers
31.Black Flowers (Orchestral)
32.Dire Crisis
33.Eternal Love

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