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Atrophy - Violent By Nature (1990)

Artist: Atrophy
Album: Violent By Nature
Year: 1990
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01.Puppies And Friends
02.Violent By Nature
03.In Their Eyes
04.Too Late For Change
05.Slipped Through The Cracks
06.Forgotten But Not Gone
07.Process Of Elimination
08.Right To Die
09.Things Change

Lost Century - Complex Microcosm (1994)

Band - Lost Century
Album - Complex Microcosm
Year - 1994
Genre - Progressive Thrash Metal
Country - Germany
Quality - MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps


1. Descending
2. Silent Inside
3. Like The One Above
4. Fallen Star
5. Second Coming
6. Wind In The Willows
7. Life Itself
8. Traverse The Veil
9. Complex Microcosm

Hate Squad - I.Q. Zero (1995)

Artist: Hate Squad
Album: I.Q. Zero
Year: 1995
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


1. Not My God
2. B.D.D.
3. My Truth
4. I.Q. Zero
5. Dishonesty
6. Crucified
7. Different From You
8. Terror
9. Respect

Stone - Stone (1988)

Artist: Stone
Album: Stone
Year: 1988
Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal
Country: Finland
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


1. Get Stoned
2. No Commands
3. Eat Your Pride
4. The Day Of Death
5. Reached Out
6. Real Delusion
7. Brain Damage
8. Escape
9. Final Cuntdown
10. Overtake

Stone - Emotional Playground (1991)

Artist: Stone
Album: Emotional Playground
Genre/Speed/Thrash Metal

Country: FinlandQuality: Kbps: 320


1.Small Tales
2.Home Base
3.Last Chance
4.Above The Grey Sky
5.Mad Hatter's Den
6.Dead End
9.Years After
10.Time Dive
11.Missionary Of Charity
12.Emotional Playground

Darkest Hour - The Mark of The Judas - 2000

Artist- Darkest Hour
Origin- United States
Album- The Mark of The Judas
Genre- Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Year- 2000
Format- MP3 320kbps

1 For The Soul Of The Savior
2 A Blessing In Tragedy
3 The Legacy
4 Part II
5 Eclipse
6 The Mark Of Judas
7 Escape Artist
8 Messiah Complex
9 How The Beautiful Decay

Metallica - Until the Studioshit Load - 2000

Artist: Metallica
Album: Until the Studioshit Load
Year: 2000
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


1. Foad
2. Breadfan
3. Motorbreath
4. Ride The Lightning
5. No Remorse
6. Nothing Else Matters
7. Back In Black
8. In The Time Of Dying
9. Three Horse In The Ground
10. Youthanasia
11. Dont Forch Me There
12. Mama Said
13. Unknown (She Sells Sanctuary)
14. Aint No Fun
15. Nons Have No Fun
16. Doomed By The Living Dead
17. Black Knight
18. Into The Covern
19. At The Sound Of A Demon Bell
20. A Corpse Without Soul
21. Devil Eyes
22. Hey Jude
23. Until It Sleeps
24. Wonderwall
25. Just A Jam
26. Jazz Jam
27. Riff
28. Another Jam
29. Better Than Thou
30. Mouldy
31. Memory


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excelente amigo, gracias  
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muy bueno amigo, como siempre
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