Compilado Stoner Motorwolf Records

               1. The X-Ray Men: The Black Widow
               2. Toner Low: Fuel
   3. Samuel Power Explosion: Ape Shall Kill Ape
 4. Taildragger: Walk On The Sun
 5. Partners In Crime: Under My Wheels
 6. Top Gear: Boothill Express
 7. White Trash Minstrels: Slower Than This Shadow
 8. The Napoleons: Wig Out
 9. The Raving Bonkers: Caballo
10. De Tits: Underware
11. Johnny Cohen And The New Age Nazis: Hitler Was A Speedfreak
12. S.T.H.: One Voice
13. Spider Rico: Yes You Are My Baby
14. Sonic Litter: Ungrateful Peg
15. Twin Earth: Trancers
16. Short Time: World's Cause
17. Panty Boy: Starfighter
18. Orange Sunshine: Balls Knockin'
19. The Ace-Tones: No Silver Bird
20. Ward 69: Attack Of The High Aces
21. Apollo 13: Schollendans
22. Duitse Herder: Hot Rod Outlaws
23. Dr. Reverb: Spiderporn
24. Luger '39: I Need My Fix
25. The Boys From Brazil: Shakin' Doll

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