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Vintage Café 2008 (4 Cds de Jazz) [MP3]

Vintage Café 2008 (4 Cds de Jazz) [MP3]

Lista de temas:

CD 1:
01.Dual Sessions – Black Coffee
02.Karen Souza – Creep
03.Urselle – Purple Rain
04.Eve St. John – Space Cowboy
05.Sarah Menescal – Don’t Speak
06.Urban Love + Aneka – Beast Of Burden
07.Jamie Lancaster – Boys Don’t Cry
08.Michelle Simonal – With Or Without You
09.James Farrelli – In The Air Tonight
10.Stereo Dub – Luna De Alegrias
11.Ituana – Waiting In Vain
12.Tango Tripping Project – El Exilio Del Tango
13.Urselle – I Will Try
14.George White Group – Gypsy Woman (She Is Homeless)

CD 2:
01.The Cooltrane Quartet – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
02.48Th St. Collective – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
03.Corcovado Frequency – Connect
04.Ituana – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
05.Dinah Eastwood – Hungry Like The Wolf
06.Sao Vicente – Ishtar
07.Karen Souza – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
08.The Cooltrane Quartet – Like A Virgin
09.Groove Da Praia – Is This Love
10.Jazzystics feat. Karen Souza – Personal Jesus
11.The Cooltrane Quartet – Wonderwall
12.Stella Starlight Trio – Don’t You (Forget About Me)
13.Anakelly – November Rain
14.Oman Chali – Andalusi Mood

01.Vanillonge- There’s Nothing Like This
02.Cecile Bredie-Don’t Know Why
03.Ritmo Del Mundo Ft.Rea-What’s Love Got to do With it
04.K&D Vs Vanity – Enjoy The Silence
05.Erotica ft. Jaimee – Come into My Life
06.Nashira -Clouds Across The Moon
07.Natalie Marchenko- Lily Was Here
08.David Furtado- Broken Wings
09.Hotel De Paris -Missing
10.No Horizon Pres. Sheema – through the barricades
11.Goa Foundation – Lounging de Janeiro
12.Lazylection – Ain’ No Sunshine
13.Sunset Dud ft. Jade- Forever Young
14.Tina Harris – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
15.Ultra Lounge — Time After Time (5:10)
16.Solaris -Ine Children
18.Eternal Flane -Chane Chariots Of Fire

CD 4:
01.Siter Kat- I Will Survive
02.Marg Nelson – Lady Marmalade
03.Stina Forster – Cant Take my Eyes Off You
04.Liza Everson fear . Alvin’s – Le Freak
05.Veronica M- That’s The Way i Like It
06.Lparaiso – Upside Down
07.Gwada Soul Orchestra -Love To Love You Baby
08.Brenda Wilson -What a Difference A Day Makes
09.Love Emotion – Funky Town
10.Al Blamo & Miley – Schmit Just An Illusion
11.Veronica M – I Can’t Stand The Rain
12.Kas feat. Fatt -Bros I Feel Love
13.Angela Bresh -I Love To Love
14.Border Sound- Hot Stuff
15.Mary Nelson- Never Cant Say Goodbye
16.Marvin Scott& Mondo- Wells Ladies Nignt

Parte 1 de 2

Parte 2 de 2

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@RagnarokX aca tenes una coleccion de Jazz
Gracias por el aporte, los viciosos del Jazz te lo agradecemos  ....
Muchas gracias  
muchas [email protected] .... Descargando..... d(ò_ó)b
La parte 01 me marca error...
@mateomax fijate que agregué un link de mega que estan los 4 Cds juntos
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