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Sahara Hotnights - Albums

Sahara Hotnights es una banda femenina de Rock originaria de Suecia. Su estilo incorpora elementos de Garage Rock, Power Pop Y Punk. Mientras que en Australia, Josephine Forsman apuesta a una Yegua De Carreras Llamada Sahara Hotnights y llevó ese nombre a su banda.
Miembros de La Banda
Maria Andersson (nacida el 4 De Diciembre De 1981) – Voz, guitarra.
Jennie Asplund (nacida el 24 De Noviembre de 1979) – Guitarra.
Johanna Asplund (nacida el 21 de Septiembre De 1981) – Bajo.
Josephine Forsman (nacida el 20 de Mayo De 1981) – Batería.

C'mon Let's Pretend (1999)

01. Push On Some More
02. Quite A Feeling
03. Drive Dead Slow
04. Oh Darling
05. Wake Up
06. Thats What They Do
07. Impressed By Me
08. Kicks
09. Too Cold For You
10. I Know Exactly What To Do
11. Our Very Own


Jennie Bomb (2001)

01. Alright, Alright
02. Keep Up The Speed
03. On Top Of Your World
04. Fire Alarm
05. No Big Deal
06. With Or Without Control
07. Down And Out
08. Only The Fakes Survive
09. Fall Into Line
10. We're Not Going Down my Hit
11. Out Of The System


Kiss & Tell (2004)

01. Who Do You Dance For
02. Hot Night Crash
03. Emphty Heart
04. Walk On The Wire
05. Mind Over Matter
06. Stupid Tricks
07. Nerves
08. Stay Stay Away
09. Keep Calling My Baby
10. The Difference Between Love And Hell
11. Hangin


What If Leaving Is a Loving Thing (2007)

01. Visit To Vienna
02. The Loneliest City Of All
03. Salty Lips
04. Neon Lights
05. No For An Answer
06. Cheek To Cheek
07. Getting Away With Murder
08. Puppy
09. Static
10. If Anyone Matters It's You


Sparks (2009)

01. Wide River
02. In Private
03. Big Me
04. Mess Around
05. Japanese Boy
06. City Of Brotherly Love
07. Calm Down
08. Love Will Never Do Without You
09. If You Can't Give Me Love
10. Be Forewarned



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