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Streetlight Manifesto - Discografía FLAC [MG]

Streetlight Manifesto
Discografía (FLAC)

    Streetlight Manifesto es una banda estadounidense de música ska del estilo conocido como ska californiano, proveniente de East Brunswick Nueva Jersey. El principal de la banda es Tomas Kalnoky. Sacaron su primer disco, Everything Goes Numb, el 26 de agosto de 2003 con la productora Victory Records. Llenaron su primer concierto el 9 de diciembre del mismo año en la Universidad Rutgers en Nueva Jersey. Varios de los miembros de la banda son muy conocidos en Nueva Jersey en la third wave ska, por sus canciones.
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Watch it Crash
They Provide the Paint

Demo 2002
01. Everything Went Numb
02. Point Counterpoint
03. The Saddest Song
04. We Are the Few

Everything Goes Numb 2003
01. Everything Went Numb
02. That'll Be the Day
03. Point Counterpoint
04. If and When We Rise Again
05. A Better Place, a Better Time
06. We Are the Few
07. Failing, Flailing
08. Here's to Life

09. A Moment of Silence
10. A Moment of Violence
11. The Saddest Song
12. The Big Sleep

Keasbey Nights 2006
01. Dear Sergio
02. Sick and Sad
03. Keasbey Nights
04. Day in, Day Out
05. Walking Away
06. Giving Up, Giving In
07. On & On & On
08. Riding the Fourth Wave
09. This One Goes Out To...
10. Supernothing
11. 9mm and a Three Piece Suit
12. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist
13. As the Footsteps Die Out Forever
14. 1234, 1234

Somewhere in the Between 2007
01. We Will Fall Together
02. Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe
03. Would You Be Impressed
04. One Foot on the Gas, One Foot in the Grave
05. Watch It Crash
06. Somewhere in the Between
07. Forty Days
08. The Blonde Lead the Blind
09. The Receiving End of It All
10. What a Wicked Gang Are We

99 Songs of Revolution Vol. 1 2010
01. Birds Flying Away
02. Hell
03. Just
04. Skyscraper
05. Punk Rock Girl
06. Linoleum
07. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
08. They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids
09. Red Rubber Ball
10. The Troubador
11. Such Great Heights

The Hands That Thieve 2013
01. The Three Of Us
02. Ungrateful
03. The Littlest Things
04. The Hands That Thieve
05. With Any Sort Of Certainty
06. If Only For Memories
07. They Broke Him Down
08. Toe To Toe
09. Oh Me, Oh My
10. Your Day Will Come

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