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70's 3,07 gb   940 temas
Total 6,67 gb 2524 temas

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   Adam Faith - What do you want.mp3                                                                  
   Al Martino - Take my heart.mp3                                                                     
   Al Martino - The story of Tina.mp3                                                                 
   Al Martino - Wanted.mp3                                                                            
   Alma Cogan - Bell bottom blues.mp3                                                                 
   Alma Cogan - Little things mean a lot.mp3                                                          
   Alma Cogan - Waltz of paree.mp3                                                                    
   Alma Cogan & Frankie Vaughan - Do, do, do, do, do, do, do it again.mp3                             
   Ames Brothers - Rag mop.mp3                                                                        
   Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby - Quicksilver.mp3                                                    
   Andy Williams - Baby Doll.mp3                                                                      
   Andy Williams - Butterfly.mp3                                                                      
   Andy Williams - Canadian Sunset.mp3                                                                
   Andy Williams ? Hawaiian Wedding Song.mp3                                                          
   Andy Williams - I like your kind of love.mp3                                                       
   Andy Williams - It's all in the game.mp3                                                           
   Andy Williams - Lonely street.mp3                                                                  
   Andy Williams - Love letters in the sand.mp3                                                       
   Andy Williams - The village of St. Bernadette.mp3                                                  
   Andy Williams - Twilight time.mp3                                                                  
   Arche Bleyer - Hermando's hideaway.mp3                                                             
   Arthur Smith - Guitar Boogie.mp3                                                                   
   Artie Wilson - Jerry Jerry.mp3                                                                     
   Arvee Allens - Fast Freight.mp3                                                                    
   Autry Inman - Dream Boat.mp3                                                                       
   Barbara Evans - Souvenirs.mp3                                                                      
   Barry DeVorzon - Hey Little Darlin'.mp3                                                            
   Bert Weedon - Guitar Boogie Shuffle.mp3                                                            
   Big Bopper - The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor.mp3                                    
   Bill Doggett - Honky tonk (Part. 1).mp3                                                            
   Bill Haley - Rock.mp3                                                                              
   Bill Haley - See you later alligator.mp3                                                           
   Bill Haley & his Comets - Crazy Man Crazy.mp3                                                      
   Bill Haley & his Comets - Mary, Mary-Lou.mp3                                                       
   Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock around the clock.mp3                                                
   Bill Haley & His Comets - Shake, rattle and roll.mp3                                               
   Bill Haley & The Saddlemen - Rock the joint.mp3                                                    
   Bill Hayes - The ballad of Davy Crockett.mp3                                                       
   Billie Anthony - This ole house.mp3                                                                
   Billie Eckstine - I apologize.mp3                                                                  
   Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley.mp3                                                                        
   Bob Manning - The very thought of you.mp3                                                          
   Bob Manning - You made me love you (I didn't want to do it).mp3                                    
   Bobby Comstock - Jealous Fool.mp3                                                                  
   Bobby Comstock - Tennessee Waltz.mp3                                                               
   Bobby Comstock - The Wayward Wind.mp3                                                              
   Bobby Comstock - Zig Zag.mp3                                                                       
   Bobby Darin - Bullmoose.mp3                                                                        
   Bobby Darin - Dream Lover.mp3                                                                      
   Bobby Darin - I Ain't Sharin' Sharon.mp3                                                           
   Bobby Darin - Oo Ee Train.mp3                                                                      
   Bobby Darin - Pity Miss Kitty.mp3                                                                  
   Bobby Darin - Plain Jane.mp3                                                                       
   Bobby Darin - Pretty Betty.mp3                                                                     
   Bobby Darin - Queen Of The Hop.mp3                                                                 
   Bobby Darin - Somebody To Love.mp3                                                                 
   Bobby Darin - Splish Splash.mp3                                                                    
   Bobby Day - Little bitty pretty one.mp3                                                            
   Bobby Day - Over and over.mp3                                                                      
   Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin.mp3                                                                      
   Bobby Day - The bluebird, the buzzard & the oriole.mp3                                             
   Bobby Day - Unchained Melody.mp3                                                                   
   Bobby Freeman - Do you wanna dance.mp3                                                             
   Bobby Louis - Love At First Sight.mp3                                                              
   Bobby Rydell - Kissin' Time.mp3                                                                    
   Bobby Rydell - Sway.mp3                                                                            
   Bobby Rydell - Volare.mp3                                                                          
   Bobby Rydell - We Got Love.mp3                                                                     
   Bobby Rydell - Wild One.mp3                                                                        
   Bobby Vee - Devil Or Angel.mp3                                                                     
   Bobby Vee - Heartbeat.mp3                                                                          
   Bobby Vee - Rubber Ball.mp3                                                                        
   Bonnie Guitar - Love Is Over, Love Is Done.mp3                                                     
   Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's.mp3                                                                    
   Bruce Channel - Hey Baby.mp3                                                                       
   Buddy Knox - Hula Love.mp3                                                                         
   Buddy Knox - Party Doll.mp3                                                                        


   1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says.mp3                                                             
   4 PK - Down And Out.mp3                                                                            
   Aaron Neville - Tell it like it is.mp3                                                             
   ABC - He Pssst.mp3                                                                                 
   Adam Faith - As you like it.mp3                                                                    
   Adam Faith - Poor me.mp3                                                                           
   Adam Faith - Someone else's baby.mp3                                                               
   Adam Faith - The first time.mp3                                                                    
   Admirals - In Promised Land.mp3                                                                    
   Al Saxon - Piper Of Love.mp3                                                                       
   Alan Price - I Put a Spell on You.mp3                                                              
   Alan Price - The House That Jack Built.mp3                                                         
   Alice Babs - After You're Gone.mp3                                                                 
   Alleycats - All The Things.mp3                                                                     
   Alleycats - You Went Away.mp3                                                                      
   Allisons - Are You Sure.mp3                                                                        
   Allisons - From Now On.mp3                                                                         
   Allisons - It Doesn't Matter Anymore.mp3                                                           
   Allisons - Lessons In Love.mp3                                                                     
   Allisons - Oh My Love.mp3                                                                          
   Allisons - Sugar Love.mp3                                                                          
   Allisons - There's One Thing More.mp3                                                              
   Andy Williams - Twilight time.mp3                                                                  
   Angel Pavement - Green Mello Hill .mp3                                                             
   Anglos - Incense.mp3                                                                               
   Anthony & His Skylarks - Lady Of Spain.mp3                                                         
   Attention - Change Your Mind.mp3                                                                   
   Attention - I Can't Help Myself.mp3                                                                
   Attention - I Must Go On Without You.mp3                                                           
   Attention - Picture Me Fool.mp3                                                                    
   B.J. Thomas - Hooked on a Feeling.mp3                                                              
   Barry McGuire - Eve of destruction.mp3                                                             
   Bee Bumble & The Singers - Nut rocker.mp3                                                          
   Bee Gees - Spicks and specks.mp3                                                                   
   Ben E. King - Stand By Me.mp3                                                                      
   Betty Everett - It's in his kiss (The shoop shoop song).mp3                                        
   Big Brother & The Holding Company-Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart.mp3                             
   Billie Jo Spears - Ode to Billy Joe.mp3                                                            
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Bad to Me.mp3                                                      
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Do you want to know a secret.mp3                                   
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - From a window.mp3                                                  
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - I'll Keep You Satisfied.mp3                                        
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Little Children.mp3                                                
   Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Trains and boats and planes.mp3                                    
   Bintangs - Please Do Listen.mp3                                                                    
   Black Knights - Little Girl.mp3                                                                    
   Blood_ Sweat & Tears - And When I Die.mp3                                                          
   Blue Mink - Melting Pot.mp3                                                                        
   Bob & Earl - Harlem shuffle.mp3                                                                    
   Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay.mp3                                                                       
   Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly.mp3                                                                   
   Bob Walker - All the time.mp3                                                                      
   Bob Walker - Artificial jumping spider seller.mp3                                                  
   Bobbie Gentry - I'll never fall in love again.mp3                                                  
   Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe.mp3                                                              
   Bobby Allen - Here Comes Bride.mp3                                                                 
   Bobby Goldsboro - Honey.mp3                                                                        
   Bobby Vee - Robber ball.mp3                                                                        
   Bobby Vee - Run to him.mp3                                                                         
   Bobby Vee - Take good care of my baby.mp3                                                          
   Bobby Vee - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.mp3                                                      
   Bobby Vinton - Sealed With A Kiss.mp3                                                              
   Brad Newman - Someone To Love.mp3                                                                  
   Brad Newman - This Time It's Love.mp3                                                              
   Brenton Wood - Gimme little sign.mp3                                                               
   Brian - And I love her.mp3                                                                         
   Brian - Cara lin.mp3                                                                               
   Brian - Come back girl.mp3                                                                         
   Brian - Do-dum-dum.mp3                                                                             
   Brian - Give and take.mp3                                                                          
   Brian - If I had my way.mp3                                                                        
   Brian - I'm gonna love you.mp3                                                                     
   Brian - Look at me.mp3                                                                             
   Brian - Poinciana.mp3                                                                              
   Brian - Time.mp3                                                                                   
   Brian - Too late for tears.mp3                                                                     
   Brian Diamond & Cutters - Shout Shake & Go.mp3                                                     
   Brigitte &  the Fire Strings - Een droom.mp3                                                       
   Brigitte &  the Fire Strings - O ja, ik wee.mp3                                                    
   Brigitte &  the Fire Strings - Waarom belde je me af.mp3                                           
   Brigitte &  the Fire Strings - Waarom vertrouw je me niet meer.mp3                                 
   Bruce Channel - Hey baby.mp3                                                                       
   Buddies - I Miss You.mp3                                                                           
   Buddy Knox - She's Gone.mp3                                                                        


   10 CC - Donna.mp3                                                                                  
   10 CC - Dreadlock holiday.mp3                                                                      
   10 CC - I'm Mandy fly me.mp3                                                                       
   10 CC - I'm not in love.mp3                                                                        
   10 CC - Rubber bullets.mp3                                                                         
   10 CC - The Wall Street Shuffle.mp3                                                                
   10 CC - Things we do for love.mp3                                                                  
   5000 Volts - I'm on fire.mp3                                                                       
   999 - Homicide.mp3                                                                                 
   A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie.mp3                                                          
   Abba - Mamma Mia.mp3                                                                               
   Al Martino - Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu).mp3                                                   
   Al Stewart - On the border.mp3                                                                     
   Al Stewart - Year of the cat.mp3                                                                   
   Albert Hammond - Down by the river.mp3                                                             
   Albert Hammond - It Never Rains in Southern California.mp3                                         
   Albert Hammond - The free electric band.mp3                                                        
   Alessi Brothers - Oh Lori.mp3                                                                      
   Alice Cooper - Elected.mp3                                                                         
   Alice Cooper - No more Mr. Nice Guy.mp3                                                            
   Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round).mp3                                           
   Alicia Bridges - I love the nightlife.mp3                                                          
   Alligator - Alligator Man.mp3                                                                      
   Allondee - Wait For Summer.mp3                                                                     
   Althea & Donna - Uptown top ranking.mp3                                                            
   Alvin Stardust - Jealous mind.mp3                                                                  
   Alvin Stardust - My coo ca choo.mp3                                                                
   Amanda Lear - Blood and honey.mp3                                                                  
   Amanda Lear - Follow me.mp3                                                                        
   Amanda Lear - Queen of Chinatown.mp3                                                               
   Amanda Lear - Sphinx.mp3                                                                           
   America - A horse with no name.mp3                                                                 
   America - Sister golden hair.mp3                                                                   
   America - Ventura highway.mp3                                                                      
   Amii Stewart - Knock on wood (Maxi Version).mp3                                                    
   Amii Stewart - Knock on wood.mp3                                                                   
   Andrea True Connection - More, More, More.mp3                                                      
   Andrew Gold - Lonely boy.mp3                                                                       
   Andy Gibb - Shadow dancing.mp3                                                                     
   Andy Kim - Rock me gently .mp3                                                                     
   Andy Williams - Can't help falling in love.mp3                                                     
   Andy Williams - Speak softly love (Love Theme from ''The godfather'').mp3                          
   Andy Williams - Where Do I Begin (Theme From 'Love Story').mp3                                     
   Angel Pavement - Tell Me What I've Got To Do .mp3                                                  
   Anita Ward - Ring my bell (Maxi Version).mp3                                                       
   Anita Ward - Ring my bell .mp3                                                                     
   Archies - Sugar, sugar.mp3                                                                         
   Aretha Franklin - Spanish harlem.mp3                                                               
   Argent - God gave Rock and Roll to you.mp3                                                         
   Argent - Hold Your Head Up.mp3                                                                     
   Armand - Ben ik te min.mp3                                                                         
   Armand - Dat is juist de pest.mp3                                                                  
   Armand - Een van hen ben ik.mp3                                                                    
   Armand - Het woord Jenny.mp3                                                                       
   Armand - Ik krijg er een punthoofd van.mp3                                                         
   Armand - Want er is niemand.mp3                                                                    
   Arrows - I love Rock 'n' Roll.mp3                                                                  
   Art Garfunkel - I Only Have Eyes for You.mp3                                                       
   Atomic Rooster - Devil's answer.mp3                                                                
   Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night.mp3                                                                
   B.A. Robertson - Bang, bang.mp3                                                                    
   B.J. Thomas - Raindrops keep falling on my head.mp3                                                
   Babe Ruth - The mexican.mp3                                                                        
   Baccara - Darling.mp3                                                                              
   Baccara - Sorry I'm a lady.mp3                                                                     
   Baccara - The devil sent you to Laredo.mp3                                                         
   Baccara - Yes sir, I can boogie.mp3                                                                
   Bachman-Turner-Overdrive - Roll on down the highway.mp3                                            
   Bachman-Turner-Overdrive - You ain't seen nothin' yet.mp3                                          
   Badfinger - Come and get it.mp3                                                                    
   Barry Biggs - Sideshow.mp3                                                                         
   Barry Blue - Dancing on a saturday night.mp3                                                       
   Barry Manilow - Mandy.mp3                                                                          
   Barry White - Honey please, can't you see.mp3                                                      
   Barry White - Let The Music Play.mp3                                                               
   Barry White - What I'm gonna do with you.mp3                                                       
   Barry White - You're the first, the last, my everything.mp3                                        
   Bata Illic - Michaela.mp3                                                                          
   Bay City Rollers - Bye bye baby.mp3                                                                
   Bay City Rollers - I only wanna be with you.mp3                                                    
   Bay City Rollers - It's a game.mp3                                                                 
   Bay City Rollers - Keep on dancing.mp3                                                             
   Bay City Rollers - Money honey.mp3                                                                 
   Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night.mp3                                                              
   Bay City Rollers - Shang-a-lang.mp3                                                                
   Bay City Rollers - Summer love sensation.mp3                                                       
   Bellamy Brothers - If I said you had a beautiful body.mp3                                          
   Bellamy Brothers - Let your love flow.mp3                                                          
   Bernd Cluever - Der Junge mit der Mundharmonika.mp3                                                
   Bernd Cluever - Der kleine Prinz (Ein Engel, der Sehnsucht heisst).mp3                             
   Betty Wright - Shoonah shoonah.mp3                                                                 
   Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky).mp3                                                  
   Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine.mp3                                                               
   Bill Withers - Lean on me.mp3                                                                      
   Bill Withers - Lovely day.mp3                                                                      
   Billie Jo Spears - Blanket on the ground.mp3                                                       
   Billy Joel - My Life.mp3                                                                           
   Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You.mp3                                                    
   Billy Ocean - Red light spells danger.mp3                                                          
   Billy Paul - Me & Mrs. Jones.mp3                                                                   
   Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles.mp3                                                    
   Billy Swan - Don't be cruel.mp3                                                                    
   Billy Swan - I can help .mp3                                                                       
   Bimbo Jet - El bimbo.mp3                                                                           
   Blackfoot Sue - Standing in the road.mp3                                                           
   Blaise (Haarlem) - Come back.mp3                                                                   
   Blaise (Haarlem) - When I grew up.mp3                                                              
   Blondie - Atomic.mp3                                                                               
   Blondie - Denis.mp3                                                                                
   Blondie - Hanging on the telephone.mp3                                                             
   Blondie - Heart of glass (Maxi Version).mp3                                                        
   Blondie - Heart of glass.mp3                                                                       
   Blondie - Sunday girl.mp3                                                                          
   Blondie - The Tide Is High.mp3                                                                     
   Blood & Sweat & Thears - Hi-de-ho.mp3                                                              
   Blue Haze - Smoke gets in your eyes.mp3                                                            
   Blue Mink - Banner man.mp3                                                                         
   Blue Mink - Good morning freedom.mp3                                                               
   Blue Mink - The bannerman.mp3                                                                      
   Blue Oeyster Cult - (Don't fear) The reaper.mp3                                                    
   Bob Dylan - Billy 4.mp3                                                                            
   Bob Dylan - If not for you.mp3                                                                     
   Bob Dylan - Knockin' on a Heaven's Door.mp3                                                        
   Bob Marley - Exodus.mp3                                                                            
   Bob Marley - Is this love.mp3                                                                      
   Bob Marley - Kaya.mp3                                                                              
   Bob Marley - No woman no cry.mp3                                                                   
   Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady.mp3                                                                   
   Bobbie Gentry - Raindrops keep falling on my head.mp3                                              
   Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell - All I have to do is dream.mp3                                      
   Bobby Goldsboro - Hello summertime.mp3                                                             
   Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (The first time).mp3                                                      
   Bobby Womack - It's all over now.mp3                                                               
   Boney M. - Daddy cool.mp3                                                                          
   Boney M. - Hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday.mp3                                                 
   Boney M. - Ma baker.mp3                                                                            
   Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon.mp3                                                                   
   Boney M. - The rivers of Babylon.mp3                                                               
   Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache .mp3                                                               
   Bonnie Tyler - Lost in France.mp3                                                                  
   Boomtown Rats - I don't like mondays.mp3                                                           
   Booston - More Than a Feeling.mp3                                                                  
   Boston - Don't look back.mp3                                                                       
   Boston - More Than A Feeling.mp3                                                                   
   Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle.mp3                                                                      
   Brass Construction - Movin'.mp3                                                                    
   Brewer & Shipley - One Toke Over The Line.mp3                                                      
   Brian - Half hearted.mp3                                                                           
   Brian - I will stay.mp3                                                                            
   Brian - The girl who plays the bass guitar.mp3                                                     
   Brick - Dazz.mp3                                                                                   
   Brotherhood of Man - Angelo.mp3                                                                    
   Brotherhood of Man - Figaro.mp3                                                                    
   Brotherhood of Man - My sweet Rosalie.mp3                                                          
   Brotherhood of Man - Save your kisses for me.mp3                                                   
   Buggles - Video killed the radio star.mp3                                                          
   Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've).mp3   

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