EllosyEllas-Crooners y Divas-20 Grandes Voces MEGA

Ellos y Ellas - Crooners & Divas - 20 Grandes Voces

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Listado de temas:

   01. When You're Smiling.mp3                                                                        
   02. Begin The Beguine.mp3                                                                          
   03. Nancy.mp3                                                                                      
   04. Night And Day.mp3                                                                              
   05. Lover.mp3                                                                                      
   06. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You).mp3                                                        
   07. April In Paris.mp3                                                                             
   08. Bye Bye Baby.mp3                                                                               
   09. Should I.mp3                                                                                   
   10. If I Could Write A Book.mp3                                                                    
   11. Someone To Watch Over Me.mp3                                                                   
   12. If I Loved You.mp3                                                                             
   13. Day By Day.mp3                                                                                 
   14. Blue Skies.mp3                                                                                 
   15. How Deep Is The Ocean.mp3                                                                      
   16. September Song.mp3                                                                             
   17. All The Things You Are.mp3                                                                     
   18. It All Depends On You.mp3                                                                      
   19. Some Enchanted Evening.mp3                                                                     
   20. We Kiss In A Shadow.mp3                                                                        
   21. The Birth Of The Blues.mp3                                                                     
   22. I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest.mp3                                                        
   23. All Through The Day.mp3                                                                        
   24. She's Funny That Way.mp3                                                                       
   25. You Do Something To Me.mp3                                                                     

02 Dean Martin - I'll Always Love You
   01. I don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine.mp3                                                        
   02. Once In Love With Amy.mp3                                                                      
   03. You Belong To Me.mp3                                                                           
   04. If.mp3                                                                                         
   05. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening.mp3                                                     
   06. That Lucky Old Sun.mp3                                                                         
   07. Kiss.mp3                                                                                       
   08. Vieni Su (Say You Love Me Too).mp3                                                             
   09. My Own, My Only, My All.mp3                                                                    
   10. I'll Always Love you (Day After Day).mp3                                                       
   11. Night Train To Memphis.mp3                                                                     
   12. Be Honest with Me.mp3                                                                          
   13. Walkin' My Baby Back Home.mp3                                                                  
   14. Bye, Bye Blackbird.mp3                                                                         
   15. Just For Fun.mp3                                                                               
   16. Dreamy Old New England Moon.mp3                                                                
   17. Three Wishes.mp3                                                                               
   18. I Still Get A Thrill.mp3                                                                       
   19. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.mp3                                                        
   20. Baby, Obey Me.mp3                                                                              
   21. Who's Sorry Now.mp3                                                                            
   22. I Love The You Say Goodnight.mp3                                                               

03 Sammy Davis Jr. - With a Song in My Heart
   01. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You.mp3                                                      
   02. Chicago.mp3                                                                                    
   03. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road).mp3                                                
   04. What Kind of Fool Am I.mp3                                                                     
   05. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.mp3                                                                
   06. On a Clear Day.mp3                                                                             
   07. I've Gotta Be Me.mp3                                                                           
   08. The Folks Who Live on the Hill.mp3                                                             
   09. Medley The More I See You  The Second Time Around.mp3                                          
   10. If My Friends Could See Me Now.mp3                                                             
   11. I Have Dreamed.mp3                                                                             
   12. As Long as She Needs Me.mp3                                                                    
   13. The Birth of the Blues.mp3                                                                     
   14. With a Song in My Heart.mp3                                                                    
   15. What Now My Love.mp3                                                                           
   16. The Impossible Dream.mp3                                                                       
   17. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.mp3                                                   
   18. Every Time We Say Goodbye.mp3                                                                  

04 Bing Crosby - The Million Sellers
   01. Swinging On A Star.mp3                                                                         
   02. Don't Fence Me In.mp3                                                                          
   03. You Are My Sunshine.mp3                                                                        
   04. Deep In The Heart Of Texas.mp3                                                                 
   05. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Rai (That's An Irish Lullabye).mp3                                           
   06. It's Been A Long, Long Time.mp3                                                                
   07. South America, Take It Away.mp3                                                                
   08. Sunday, Monday or Always.mp3                                                                   
   09. The Road To Morocco.mp3                                                                        
   10. Please.mp3                                                                                     
   11. Pistol Packin' Mama.mp3                                                                        
   12. I'll Be Seeing You.mp3                                                                         
   13. MacNamara's Band.mp3                                                                           
   14. Alexander's Ragtime Band.mp3                                                                   
   15. The Whiffenpoof Song (Baa, Baa, Baa).mp3                                                       
   16. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate-The Positive.mp3                                                              
   17. Moonlight Becomes You.mp3                                                                      
   18. San Fernando Valley.mp3                                                                        
   19. Wrap You Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away).mp3                                 
   20. An Apple For The Teacher.mp3                                                                   
   21. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grand).mp3                                                    
   22. Pennies From Heaven.mp3                                                                        
   23. Walking The Floor Over You.mp3                                                                 
   24. White Christmas.mp3                                                                            
   25. Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold of The Day).mp3                                    

05 Nat King Cole - The Best
   01. Unforgettable.mp3                                                                              
   02. Mona Lisa.mp3                                                                                  
   03. Too Young.mp3                                                                                  
   04. Orange Coloured Sky.mp3                                                                        
   05. Nature Boy.mp3                                                                                 
   06. I've Got the World on a String.mp3                                                             
   07. (What Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry.mp3                                                     
   08. What'll I Do.mp3                                                                               
   09. My Baby Just Cares for Me.mp3                                                                  
   10. If I Had You.mp3                                                                               
   11. Baby Won't You Please Come Home.mp3                                                            
   12. Don't Blame Me.mp3                                                                             
   13. Makin' Whoopee.mp3                                                                             
   14. 'Tis Autumn.mp3                                                                                
   15. There's a Train Out for Dreamland.mp3                                                          
   16. Ke Mo, Ky Mo (The Magic Song).mp3                                                              
   17. I'll String Along With You.mp3                                                                 
   18. You're the Cream in My Coffee.mp3                                                              
   19. The Trouble With Me Is You.mp3                                                                 
   20. That's What.mp3                                                                                
   21. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me.mp3                                                           
   22. For You, My Love.mp3                                                                           
   23. Little Girl.mp3                                                                                
   24. Blue and Sentimental.mp3                                                                       
   25. For All We Know.mp3                                                                            

06 Tony Bennett - The Incomparable With the Count Basie Orchestra
   01. Chicago (That Toddling Town).mp3                                                               
   02. Anything Goes.mp3                                                                              
   03. I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans.mp3                                                       
   04. Are You Havin' Any Fun.mp3                                                                     
   05. Growing Pains.mp3                                                                              
   06. Jeepers Creepers.mp3                                                                           
   07. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face.mp3                                                          
   08. With Plenty Of Money & You.mp3                                                                 
   09. Poor Little Rich Girl.mp3                                                                      
   10. Life Is A Song.mp3                                                                             

07 Frankie Laine - I Believe
   01. Rawhide.mp3                                                                                    
   02. Jealousy.mp3                                                                                   
   03. Moonlight Gambler.mp3                                                                          
   04. I Believe.mp3                                                                                  
   05. Hummingbird.mp3                                                                                
   06. Don't Fence Me In.mp3                                                                          
   07. Strange Lady in Town.mp3                                                                       
   08. Rose, Rose, I Love You.mp3                                                                     
   09. There Must Be a Reason.mp3                                                                     
   10. Answer Me.mp3                                                                                  
   11. Jezebel.mp3                                                                                    
   12. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me).mp3                                                              
   13. Mule Train.mp3                                                                                 
   14. Sixteen Tons.mp3                                                                               
   15. Cool Water.mp3                                                                                 
   16. Wheel of Fortune.mp3                                                                           
   17. Rain, Rain, Rain.mp3                                                                           
   18. A Woman in Love.mp3                                                                            
   19. Granada.mp3                                                                                    
   20. Cry of the Wild Goose.mp3                                                                      

08 Engelbert Humperdinck - The Best of Live at the Royal Albert Hall
   1.A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING.mp3                                                             
   10.HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT.mp3                                                           
   11.COME A LITTLE CLOSER.mp3                                                                        
   12.RELEASE ME.mp3                                                                                  
   2.I'M SO EXCITED.mp3                                                                               
   4.AFTER THE LOVING.mp3                                                                             
   5.MONA LISA.mp3                                                                                    
   8.I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE LOVE YOU.mp3                                                         
   9.I'LL WALK ALONE.mp3                                                                              

09 Harry Belafonte - Favourite Love Ballads
   01. Lean on Me.mp3                                                                                 
   02. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.mp3                                                                    
   03. How Green Was My Valley.mp3                                                                    
   04. Recognition.mp3                                                                                
   05. Deep as the River.mp3                                                                          
   06. They Didn't Believe Me.mp3                                                                     
   07. Close Your Eyes.mp3                                                                            
   08. Whispering.mp3                                                                                 
   09. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.mp3                                                   
   10. I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You).mp3                                                     
   11. Farewell to Arms.mp3                                                                           
   12. Annabelle Lee.mp3                                                                              
   13. Venezuela.mp3                                                                                  
   14. Simple, Simple, Simple.mp3                                                                     
   15. Only One Like Me.mp3                                                                           
   16. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.mp3                                                              

10 Perry Como - Till The End Of Time
   01. If.mp3                                                                                         
   02. Till The End Of Time.mp3                                                                       
   03. Prisoner Of Love.mp3                                                                           
   04. Hoop-Dee-Doo.mp3                                                                               
   05. 'A' You're Adorable.mp3                                                                        
   06. Some Enchanted Evening.mp3                                                                     
   07. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart).mp3                                          
   08. Far Away Places.mp3                                                                            
   09. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.mp3                                                                
   10. I Wanna Go Home (With You).mp3                                                                 
   11. Here Comes Heaven Again.mp3                                                                    
   12. All Through The Day.mp3                                                                        
   13. Temptation.mp3                                                                                 
   14. A Dreamer's Holiday.mp3                                                                        
   15. Because.mp3                                                                                    
   16. Bali Ha'i.mp3                                                                                  
   17. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.mp3                                                                        
   18. Blue Room.mp3                                                                                  
   19. Forever And Ever.mp3                                                                           
   20. So Far.mp3                                                                                     
   21. Long Ago (And Far Away).mp3                                                                    
   22. Just One Way To Say I Love You.mp3                                                             
   23. Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk.mp3                                                           

11 Nina Simone - The Late Great Legendary Concert Recordings
   01. Don't let me be misunderstood.mp3                                                              
   02. I want a little sugar in my bowl.mp3                                                           
   03. Missisippi Gooddam.mp3                                                                         
   04. Backlash Blues.mp3                                                                             
   05. Do what you gotta do.mp3                                                                       
   06. The Other Woman.mp3                                                                            
   07. You took my teeth.mp3                                                                          
   08. To be young, gifted, and black.mp3                                                             
   09. Ain't got noI got life.mp3                                                                     
   10. For a while.mp3                                                                                
   11. Four women.mp3                                                                                 
   12. I loves you Porgy.mp3                                                                          
   13. Pirate Jenny.mp3                                                                               
   14. See-line woman.mp3                                                                             
   15. The House of the Rising Sun.mp3                                                                
   16. I sing just to know that I am alive.mp3                                                        
   17. My baby just cares for me.mp3                                                                  

12 Ella Fitzgerald - Lady Ella
   01. Smooth Sailing.mp3                                                                             
   02. Mixed Emotions.mp3                                                                             
   03. Happy Talk.mp3                                                                                 
   04. I've Got The World On A String.mp3                                                             
   05. Don'cha Go 'Way Mad.mp3                                                                        
   06. Soon.mp3                                                                                       
   07. Maybe.mp3                                                                                      
   08. Dream A Little Dream Of Me.mp3                                                                 
   09. Black Coffee.mp3                                                                               
   10. Lover's Gold.mp3                                                                               
   11. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.mp3                                                 
   12. Crying.mp3                                                                                     
   13. Looking For A Boy.mp3                                                                          
   14. I've Got A Crush On You.mp3                                                                    
   15. Someone To Watch Over Me.mp3                                                                   
   16. But Not For Me.mp3                                                                             
   17. Can Anyone Explain.mp3                                                                         
   18. I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You.mp3                                                                   
   19. A Man Wrote A Song.mp3                                                                         
   20. Solid As A Rock.mp3                                                                            
   21. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own.mp3                                                         
   22. Basin Street Blues.mp3                                                                         
   23. How Long Has This Been Going On.mp3                                                            
   24. My One and Only.mp3                                                                            
   25. Would You Like To Take A Walk (Sump'n Good'll Come From That).mp3                              

13 Rosemary Clooney - Come on-a my house
   01. Come On-a My House.mp3                                                                         
   02. Tenderly.mp3                                                                                   
   03. Blues In The Night.mp3                                                                         
   04. Beautiful Brown Eyes.mp3                                                                       
   05. Rosemary Clooney Duet with Marlene Dietrich  Too Old To Cut The Mustard.mp3                    
   06. The Continental.mp3                                                                            
   07. You'll Never Know.mp3                                                                          
   08. Half As Much.mp3                                                                               
   09. Mixed Emotions.mp3                                                                             
   10. I Only Saw Him Once.mp3                                                                        
   11. I'm Waiting Just For You.mp3                                                                   
   12. Stick With Me.mp3                                                                              
   13. Why Dont You Love Me.mp3                                                                       
   14. You're After My Own Heart.mp3                                                                  
   15. Find Me.mp3                                                                                    
   16. Over The Rainbow.mp3                                                                           
   17. Be My Life's Companion.mp3                                                                     
   18. Willie The Whistling Giraffe.mp3                                                               
   19. Sisters (Duet With Betty Clooney).mp3                                                          
   20. Why Dont You Haul Off And Love Me.mp3                                                          
   21. Rose Of The Mountain.mp3                                                                       
   22. Good For Nothin' (Duet With Marlene Dietrich).mp3                                              
   23. I Wish I Wuz.mp3                                                                               
   24. Botch-a-me (Ba-ba-baclami-piccina).mp3                                                         
   25. Alice in Wonderland.mp3                                                                        
   26. The Unbirthday Song.mp3                                                                        
   27. I'm Late.mp3                                                                                   
   28. All In A Golden Afternoon.mp3                                                                  

14 Shirley Bassey - The Power Of Love
   01. How Do You Keep The Music Playing.mp3                                                          
   02. He Was Beautiful.mp3                                                                           
   03. The Power Of Love.mp3                                                                          
   04. Still.mp3                                                                                      
   05. All I Ask Of You.mp3                                                                           
   06. I Want To Know What Love Is.mp3                                                                
   07. Wind Beneath My Wings.mp3                                                                      
   08. Yesterday.mp3                                                                                  
   09. That's What Friends Are For.mp3                                                                
   10. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.mp3                                                         
   11. The Greatest Love Of All.mp3                                                                   
   12. Dio Come Ti-Amo (Oh God How Much I Love You).mp3                                               

15 Doris Day - With A Song In My Heart
   01. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time.mp3                                                  
   02. Till The End of Time.mp3                                                                       
   03. Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk.mp3                                                           
   04. It's Magic.mp3                                                                                 
   05. Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered.mp3                                                          
   06. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart).mp3                                          
   07. Love Somebody.mp3                                                                              
   08. Again.mp3                                                                                      
   09. Everywhere You Go.mp3                                                                          
   10. My Darling My Darling.mp3                                                                      
   11. Put 'em In A Box Tie 'em With A Ribbon.mp3                                                     
   12. With A Song In My Heart.mp3                                                                    
   13. Cuttin' Capers.mp3                                                                             
   14. Confess.mp3                                                                                    
   15. The Very Thought of You.mp3                                                                    
   16. I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful).mp3                                              
   17. Quicksilver.mp3                                                                                
   18. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You).mp3                                                           
   19. Powder Your Face With Sunshine.mp3                                                             
   20. Too Marvellous For Words.mp3                                                                   
   21. (Where Are You) Now That I Need You.mp3                                                        
   22. There's A Bluebird On Your Windowsill.mp3                                                      
   23. I'll Sring Along With You.mp3                                                                  
   24. The Christmas Song.mp3                                                                         

16 Peggy Lee - Fever
   01. Fever.mp3                                                                                      
   02. Manana.mp3                                                                                     
   03. Lets Do It (Lets Fall In Love).mp3                                                             
   04. Stormy Weather.mp3                                                                             
   05. Summertime.mp3                                                                                 
   06. Them There Eyes.mp3                                                                            
   07. That Old Feeling.mp3                                                                           
   08. Golden Earrings.mp3                                                                            
   09. There'll Be Some Changes Made.mp3                                                              
   10. Somebody Loves Me.mp3                                                                          
   11. If I Could be with you one hour tonight.mp3                                                    
   12. Where Or When.mp3                                                                              
   13. On The Sunny Side Of The Street.mp3                                                            
   14. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe.mp3                                                            
   15. 'Deed I Do.mp3                                                                                 
   16. The Way You Look Tonight.mp3                                                                   
   17. Why Don't You Do Right.mp3                                                                     
   18. My Old Flame.mp3                                                                               
   19. It's All Over Now.mp3                                                                          
   20. You Can Depend On Me.mp3                                                                       
   21. You Was.mp3                                                                                    
   22. Everything I Love.mp3
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