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Listado de temas:

   (By The) Sleepy Lagoon - The Platters.mp3                                      
   (You've Got) The Magic Touch - The Platters.mp3                                
   A Blues Serenade - The Platters.mp3                                            
   A Little White Gardenia - The Platters.mp3                                     
   A Tisket, A Tasket - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Advertise It - The Platters.mp3                                                
   All I Want For Chistmas Is My Two Front Teeth - The Platters.mp3               
   All The Things You Are - The Platters.mp3                                      
   Amor - The Platters.mp3                                                        
   Aquarela Do Brazil - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes) - The Platters.mp3                           
   Are You Sincere - The Platters.mp3                                             
   As Time Goes By - The Platters.mp3                                             
   At Your Beck And Call - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Bark, Battle And Ball - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Besame Mucho - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered - The Platters.mp3                          
   Blue Christmas - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Blues In The Night - The Platters.mp3                                          
   But Beautifull - The Platters.mp3                                              
   But Not For Me - The Platters.mp3                                              
   But Not Like You - The Platters.mp3                                            
   By The River Sainte Marie - The Platters.mp3                                   
   Christmas Time - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Come Home For Christmas - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Crying In the Chapel - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Cuando Caliente El Sol (Love Me With All Your Heart) - The Platters.mp3        
   Darktown Strutter's Ball - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Day-O - The Platters.mp3                                                       
   Don't Be Cruel - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Don't Blame Me - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Don't Forget - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Don't Let Go - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Don't Let Me Fall In Love - The Platters.mp3                                   
   Down The River Of Golden Dreams - The Platters.mp3                             
   Easy Street - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   Ebb Tide - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   Embraceable You - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Enchanted - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Every Little Movement - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Exodus Song - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   False Hearted Lover - The Platters.mp3                                         
   For Auld Land Syne - The Platters.mp3                                          
   For The First Time (Come Prima) - The Platters.mp3                             
   Full Moon And Empty Arms - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Glory Of Love - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Goodnight Sweetheart, It's Time To Go - The Platters.mp3                       
   Harbor Lights - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Harbor Ligths (Short Version) - The Platters.mp3                               
   Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp Of Savannah) - The Platters.mp3                  
   Have Mercy - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Heart Of Stone - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Heartbreak - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Heaven On Earth - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Helpless - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   Here Comes Heaven Again - The Platters.mp3                                     
   He's Mine - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Honeysuckle Rose - The Platters.mp3                                            
   House Of The Rising Sun - The Platters.mp3                                     
   How Will I Know - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Hula Hop - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   I Can't Get Started - The Platters.mp3                                         
   I Don't Know Why - The Platters.mp3                                            
   I Give You My Word - The Platters.mp3                                          
   I Just Got Rid Of A Heartache - The Platters.mp3                               
   I Love You Truly - The Platters.mp3                                            
   I Miss You So - The Platters.mp3                                               
   I Only Have Eyes For You - The Platters.mp3                                    
   I Wanna - The Platters.mp3                                                     
   I Wish - The Platters.mp3                                                      
   I'd Climb The Highest Mountain - The Platters.mp3                              
   If I Didn't Care - The Platters.mp3                                            
   If You Only Kew - The Platters.mp3                                             
   I'll Be Home For Christmas - The Platters.mp3                                  
   I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time - The Platters.mp3                      
   I'll Get By - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   I'll Never Smile Again - The Platters.mp3                                      
   I'll See You In My Dreams - The Platters.mp3                                   
   I'll take you home again kathleen - The Platters.mp3                           
   I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen - The Platters.mp3                          
   I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - The Platters.mp3          
   I'm Just A Dancing Partner - The Platters.mp3                                  
   I'm Sorry - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Immortal Love - The Platters.mp3                                               
   In A Little Spanish Town - The Platters.mp3                                    
   In The Middle Of Nowhere - The Platters.mp3                                    
   In The Still Of The Night - The Platters.mp3                                   
   Indiff'rent - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   It Could Happen To You - The Platters.mp3                                      
   It Isn't Right - The Platters.mp3                                              
   It Might As Well Be Spring - The Platters.mp3                                  
   It's Love, Love, Love - The Platters.mp3                                       
   It's Magic - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   It's Raining Outside - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Java Jive - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time) - The Platters.mp3                            
   Jingle Bell Rock - The Platters.mp3                                            
   Jingle Bells Jingle - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Keep Me In Love - The Platters.mp3                                             
   La Hora Del Crepusculo (Twilight Time) - The Platters.mp3                      
   Lazy River - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Let's Fall In Love - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Let's Start All Over Again - The Platters.mp3                                  
   Lie Low - The Platters.mp3                                                     
   Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries - The Platters.mp3                             
   Little Things Means A Lot - The Platters.mp3                                   
   Love In Bloom - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Love Is - The Platters.mp3                                                     
   Love Is A Many Splendored Thing - The Platters.mp3                             
   Love Is Just Around The Corner - The Platters.mp3                              
   Love Is The Sweetest Thing - The Platters.mp3                                  
   Love Me Or Leave Me - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Love Me Tender - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Love Of A Lifetime - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Love You, Funny Thing - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Love, Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere - The Platters.mp3                        
   Lover - The Platters.mp3                                                       
   Lullaby Of The Leaves - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Mack The Knife - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Malaguena Salerosa - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Maria Elena - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   Mean To Me - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Memories - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   Michael, Row The Boat Ashore - The Platters.mp3                                
   Mississippi Mud - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Moon Over Miami - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Moonlight And Roses - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Moonlight And Shadows - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Moonlight Memories - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Moonlight On The Colorado - The Platters.mp3                                   
   More Than You Know - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Movin' In - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   My Blue Heaven - The Platters.mp3                                              
   My Dream - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   My Heart Belongs To Daddy - The Platters.mp3                                   
   My Old Flame - The Platters.mp3                                                
   My Prayer - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   My Reverie - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   My Romance - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   My Secret - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   My Serenade - The Platters (2).mp3                                             
   My Serenade - The Platters.mp3                                                 
   No Matter What You Are - The Platters.mp3                                      
   No Power On Earth - The Platters.mp3                                           
   Oh Promise Me - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Oh, How I Miss You Tonight - The Platters.mp3                                  
   On A Slowboat To China - The Platters.mp3                                      
   On My Word Of Honor - The Platters.mp3                                         
   On The Top Of My Mind - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Once In A While - The Platters.mp3                                             
   One In A Million - The Platters.mp3                                            
   One Love - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   Only Because - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Only You (And You Alone) - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Orchids In The Moonlight - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Out Of My Mind - The Platters.mp3                                              
   P.S. I Love You - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Pennies From Heaven - The Platters.mp3                                         
   People Will Say We're In Love - The Platters.mp3                               
   Platterrama Medley - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Poor Butterfly - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Prisoner Of Love - The Platters.mp3                                            
   Rainbow On The River - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Reaching For A Star - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Rear-View Mirror - The Platters.mp3                                            
   Red Sails In The Sunset - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Reflections In The Water - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Remember When - The Platters (2).mp3                                           
   Remember When - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Roack Around The Clock - The Platters.mp3                                      
   Roses Of Picardy - The Platters.mp3                                            
   Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer - The Platters.mp3                             
   Sad River - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - The Platters.mp3                               
   Say A Prayer - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Sentimental Journey - The Platters.mp3                                         
   September In The Rain - The Platters.mp3                                       
   September Song - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Shine On Harvest Moon - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Siboney - The Platters.mp3                                                     
   Silent Night - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Sincerly - The Platters.mp3                                                    
   Singin' In  The Rain - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Singin' In The Rain - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Sixteen Tons - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Sleepy Time Gal - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Solamente Tu (Only You) - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Somebody Loves Me - The Platters.mp3                                           
   Someone To Watch Over Me - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Sometimes I'm Happy - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Somewhere Along The Way - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Song For The Lonely - The Platters.mp3                                         
   Song From Moulin Rouge - The Platters.mp3                                      
   Soothe Me - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Stay As Sweet As You Are - The Platters.mp3                                    
   Stormy Weather - The Platters.mp3                                              
   Strangers - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Summertime - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Sweet Leilani - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Sweet Sixteen - The Platters.mp3                                               
   Take Me In Your Arms - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Tammy - The Platters.mp3                                                       
   Temptation - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Thanks For The Memory - The Platters.mp3                                       
   That Old Black Magic - The Platters.mp3                                        
   That Old Feeling - The Platters.mp3                                            
   The Anniversary Song - The Platters.mp3                                        
   The Big Forget - The Platters.mp3                                              
   The Great Pretender - The Platters.mp3                                         
   The Great Pretender (New Recording) - The Platters.mp3                         
   The Gypsy - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   The Hut Sut Song - The Platters.mp3                                            
   The Masquerade Is Over - The Platters.mp3                                      
   The Mystery Of You - The Platters.mp3                                          
   The Nearness Of You - The Platters.mp3                                         
   The Sound And The Fury - The Platters.mp3                                      
   The Three Bells - The Platters.mp3                                             
   The Twist - The Platters.mp3                                                   
   Theme From ''A Summer Place'' - The Platters.mp3                               
   Theme From A Summer Place - The Platters.mp3                                   
   These Foolish Things - The Platters.mp3                                        
   Three Coins In The Fountain - The Platters.mp3                                 
   Thumbling Thumbleweeds - The Platters.mp3                                      
   Time And Tide - The Platters.mp3                                               
   To Each His Own - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Trees - The Platters.mp3                                                       
   True Lover - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Try A Little Tenderness - The Platters.mp3                                     
   Tu Dolce Voz (Tender Words) - The Platters.mp3                                 
   Twilight Time (45 Version) - The Platters.mp3                                  
   Twilight Time (LP Version) - The Platters.mp3                                  
   Until The Real Thing Comes Along - The Platters.mp3                            
   Viva Jujuy - The Platters.mp3                                                  
   Volare - The Platters.mp3                                                      
   Wagon Wheels - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - The Platters.mp3                              
   What Does It Matter - The Platters.mp3                                         
   When I Fall In Love - The Platters.mp3                                         
   When You Return - The Platters.mp3                                             
   When You Wore A Tulip - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Where - The Platters.mp3                                                       
   Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees) - The Platters.mp3                     
   Whispering Wind - The Platters.mp3                                             
   White Christmas - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Who Wouldn't Love You - The Platters.mp3                                       
   Why Should I - The Platters.mp3                                                
   Winner Take All - The Platters.mp3                                             
   Winter Wonderworld - The Platters.mp3                                          
   Wish It Where Me - The Platters.mp3                                            
   Wish Me Love - The Platters.mp3                                                
   You Are Too Beautiful - The Platters.mp3                                       
   You Can Depend On Me - The Platters.mp3                                        
   You Don't Say - The Platters.mp3                                               
   you ll never never know - The Platters.mp3                                     
   You'll Never Know - The Platters.mp3                                           
   You'll Never, Never Know - The Platters.mp3                                    
   You're Making A Mistake - The Platters.mp3                                     
   You've Changed - The Platters.mp3
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