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The Beatles - Covers Instrumentales & Vocales

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Listado de temas:

   101 Strings Orch._Yellow submarine.mp3                                                             
   101 Strings Orch_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   101 Strings Orchestra_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                      
   Aaron Neville_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Ace Cannon_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Acker Bilk_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Akimoto Kaoru_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Al Caiola_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Al DeLory_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Al di Meola_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Al Gomez_Yesterday.mp3                                                                             
   Al Hirt_Yesterday.mp3                                                                              
   Al Martino_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Alan Lorber Orchestra_Within you, without you.mp3                                                  
   Aled Jones_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Alfred Hause_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Alien Cowboys_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                     
   Allen Toussaint_We can work it out.mp3                                                             
   Allen Toussaint_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                               
   Allen Williams_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Alma Cogan_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   AM (feat Tina Dico)_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                               
   Amy McConnell_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                     
   André Ceccarelli Trio_Yesterday.mp3                                                                
   André Daniel Meylan_Yesterday.mp3                                                                  
   Andre Kostelanetz_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   André Mehmari_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                 
   Andre Orefjard_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                              
   André Penazzi_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Andre Rieu_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Andy Timmons_When i'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Andy Timmons_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Andy Williams_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Angela Reed_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                     
   Angels of Venice_Within you, without you.mp3                                                       
   Angie Miller_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Anita Bryant_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Anita Harris_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                  
   Anita Kerr Singers_Yesterday.mp3                                                                   
   Anita O'Day_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Antonio Cortazzi_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                           
   Antonio Cortazzi_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                            
   Antonio Cortazzi_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                              
   Antonio Cortazzi_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Antonio de Lucena_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Aranbee Pop Symphony Orch._We can work it out.mp3                                                  
   Archie Fisher & Barbara Dickson_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                            
   Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops_With a little help from my friends.mp3                            
   Arthur Greenslade_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                           
   Arthur Lyman_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Arthur Lyman_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Arthur Prysock_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Babel_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                           
   Badi Assad_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                        
   Band of The Irish Guards_Yesterday.mp3                                                             
   Bar Kays_Yesterday.mp3                                                                             
   Barbara Dickson_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                             
   Barbara Lewis_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Barbra Streisand_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                            
   Barbra Zinger_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Barek Ghali_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Barney Kessel_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Baroque Inevitable_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                            
   Barry Manilow_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Barry McGuire_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Baxter Dury_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Beach Boys_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                  
   Beatlejazz_Within you, without you.mp3                                                             
   Beau Brummels_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Beegie Adair_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Beegie Adair_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Ben Mills_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                   
   Benito Cabrera_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                             
   Benjamin Francis Leftwich_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                   
   Berlin Philharmonic_Yesterday.mp3                                                                  
   Bernd Frank_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Bernie Steinberg_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                           
   Betty Says_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Bettye Lavette_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                              
   Big Daddy_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                  
   Big Daddy_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                   
   Big Head Todd & The Monsters_Within you, without you.mp3                                           
   Big Jim Sullivan_Within you, without you.mp3                                                       
   Bill Henderson_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Bill Mackintosh & Christopher Phillips_Yesterday.mp3                                               
   Bill Medley_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                     
   Billet-Deux_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                       
   Billie Jo Spears_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Billy Vaughn_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Black Dyke Mills Band_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                         
   Bobby Bryant_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Bobby Goldsboro_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Bobo Moreno_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Bootles_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                     
   Boots Randolph_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Boston Pops Orchestra_Yesterday.mp3                                                                
   Boston Pops_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Boyz II Men_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Brass Band Willebroek_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                      
   Brazilian Tropical Orchestra_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                
   Brazilian Tropical Orchestra_Yesterday.mp3                                                         
   Brenda Lee_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Breno Sauer Quarteto_Yesterday.mp3                                                                 
   Brett Wales_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Brian Strong_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Broadway Stage Orch._Yesterday.mp3                                                                 
   Brothers Four_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Bruce Baxter_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Bud Shank_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Buddy Merrill_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   California Poppy Singers_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                      
   Canadian Brass_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                             
   Canadian Brass_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                              
   Canadian Brass_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Caravelli_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                     
   Carl Doy_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                          
   Carla Thomas_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Carmen Cuesta_Loeb_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                
   Carol Kidd_With a little help from my friend.mp3                                                   
   Carol Williams_We can work it out.mp3                                                              
   Casey Abrams_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Cassandre McKinley_Yesterday.mp3                                                                   
   Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco_Yesterday.mp3                                                  
   Cathy Berberian_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                               
   Cathy Berberian_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Caubi Peixoto_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Cellists Of The Berlin Philharmonic_Yellow submarine.mp3                                           
   Charles Monet Orch._Yesterday.mp3                                                                  
   Charles River Valley Band_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                     
   Charlie Byrd_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Charlie Byrd_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Charlie McCoy_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Charmaine Neville_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                             
   Cheap Trick_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Cheap Trick_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Cheap Trick_Within you, without you.mp3                                                            
   Cheo Feliciano_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Chet Atkins_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Chie Ayado_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                  
   Chie Ayado_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Chihiro Yamanaka_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Chris Clark_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Chris Eckman_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                  
   Chris Farlowe_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Chris Ingham_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Chris Montez_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Chris Potter_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Cilla Black_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ciryl Stapleton_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                             
   Claudine Longet_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                            
   Cliff Richard_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                              
   Clint Ruin & Lydia Lynch_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                        
   Connie Evingson_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                            
   Count Basie_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Craig Duncan_We can work it out.mp3                                                                
   Craig Duncan_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Cyril Stapleton_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                            
   Cyril Stapleton_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Damon & Naomi_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                     
   Dana Fuchs_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                      
   Dandy Livingstone_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Daniel Garcia_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                     
   Daniel Garcia_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                 
   Daniel Garcia_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Daniel O'Donnell_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                            
   Darol Anger_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Dave Grusin_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Dave Specter & Steve Freund_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                       
   Dave Valentin_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   David Essex_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   David 'Fathead' Newman_Yesterday.mp3                                                               
   David Lloyd_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   David McCallum_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   David Qualey_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   David Qualey_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Deborah J. Carter_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                           
   Deborah J. Carter_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Del McCoury_When i'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Derek Dallenger_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Dick Hyman_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Dick Rosmini_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Dino, Desi & Billy_Yesterday.mp3                                                                   
   Dionne Warwick_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Don Costa_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Don Latarski_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Don Latarski_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Don Randi Trio_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                
   Don Schöen_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                 
   Donny Hathaway_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Doodletown Pipers_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Double London Bass Sound_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                   
   Doug Church_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Doug Cox_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                          
   Doyle Dykes_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                       
   Dr. John_Yesterday.mp3                                                                             
   Drowners_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                          
   Dwight Twilley_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                  
   Earl Grant_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Easy Star All Stars ft. Matisyahu_Within you, without you.mp3                                      
   Easy Star All-Astars_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                        
   Eckman_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                            
   Ed Alleyne-Johnson_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                
   Ed Ames_Yesterday.mp3                                                                              
   Elias Barreiro_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                    
   Elias Barreiro_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Ellis Island_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Elvis Presley_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Emmerson Nogueira_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                           
   En Vogue_Yesterday.mp3                                                                             
   Ena Baga_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                    
   Ena Baga_Yesterday.mp3                                                                             
   Enoch Light_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Enoch Light_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Enrique & Anna_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                             
   Eric Clapton & George Harrison_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                    
   Eric Clapton_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Eric Gombart_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Eric Reed_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Eric Roche_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                        
   Eric Steckel_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Erroll Garner_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Etta Cameron_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   European Jazz Trio_Yesterday.mp3                                                                   
   Eva Cassidy_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Fausto Papetti_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Feather Tones_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                 
   Feather Tones_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Felix Slovacek_When I'm sixty four.mp3                                                             
   Felix Slovacek_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Ferrante & Teicher_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                            
   Fine Spirits_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Flaming Lips & Fwends_Within you, without you.mp3                                                  
   Florence Ballard_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Floyd Cramer_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Francis Goya_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Franck Pourcel_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Franco Ambrosetti_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                             
   François Glorieux_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                             
   Frank Chacksfield_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Frank Sinatra_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Frankie Howerd & Sandy Farina_When I'm sixty_four.mp3                                              
   Fred James_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                      
   Freddie Scott_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Gabor Szabo_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Gaby Zevallos_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Gary Marcus_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Geoff Love_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   George Davidson_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   George Harrison_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                   
   George Martin_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                 
   George Martin_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   George Shearing_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   George Van Eps_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Georges Arvanitas_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Georgie Fame_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Georgio Gaslini_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Gerald Wilson_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Gerry Marsden_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                 
   Gerry Moore_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ghosts_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                      
   Giacomo Biondi_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                    
   Girl In A Coma_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                    
   Giuseppe Milici & Mario Schiavonne_We can work it out.mp3                                          
   Giuseppe Milici & Mario Schiavonne_Yesterday.mp3                                                   
   Gladys Knight & The Pips_Yesterday.mp3                                                             
   Gloria Lynne_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Goran Sollscher_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                               
   Goran Sollscher_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Graham Wardrop_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Grateful Dead_Why don't we do it in the road.mp3                                                   
   Grazyna Auguscik & Paulinho Garcia_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                         
   Green Day_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                     
   Greg Hawkes_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Gunter Noris_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Günter Noris_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                
   Rachael Leahcar_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Raffi_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                         
   Rainer_Within you, without you.mp3                                                                 
   Ray Anthony_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ray Bryant_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Ray Charles_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ray Conniff_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ray Hamilton Ballroom Orchestra_Yesterday.mp3                                                      
   Ray Martin_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Ray Price_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Raymond Lefèvre_Yesterday.mp3                                                                      
   Revelation_ Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Richard Anthony_We can work it out (Tout peux s'arranger).mp3                                      
   Richard Clayderman_Yesterday.mp3                                                                   
   Richard Saint Claire_Yesterday.mp3                                                                 
   Richie Havens_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Rick Wakeman_We can work it out.mp3                                                                
   Rick Wakeman_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Ricky King_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Ringo Starr_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                 
   Ringo Starr_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Rip Crystal_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Rita Lee_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                    
   Rita Reys_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Robert Farnon & Tony Coe_Yesterday.mp3                                                             
   Robert Jones_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Roberta Flack_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Rod Hunter_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                    
   Rodrigo Alencar_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                             
   Roger Nichols_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Roger Sorbo_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Roger Williams_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Roland Shaw_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ron Eschete_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Ron Eschete_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ron Murray_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                        
   Ronnie Aldrich_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Rosie Gaines_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Roupa Nova_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Roy Drusky_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Russ Freeman_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                      
   Russ Sainty_We can work it out.mp3                                                                 
   Russ Sainty_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Ruth Brown_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   Sacha Distel_We can work it out.mp3                                                                
   Sally Harmon_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                               
   Sam & Mark_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                  
   Santana_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                           
   Santana_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                     
   Sarah Vaughan_Yesterday.mp3                                                                        
   Schenker & Pattison Summit_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                        
   Sergio Franchi_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                   
   Session Men_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                                
   Session Men_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Session Men_Yesterday.mp3                                                                          
   Sham 69_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                     
   Sharon Cuneta_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Sharp Five_We can work it out.mp3                                                                  
   Sharp Five_Yesterday.mp3                                                                           
   She Trinity_Yellow submarine.mp3                                                                   
   Shegundo Galarza_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Shelby Flint_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Shelter_We can work it out.mp3                                                                     
   Shirley Bassey_Yesterday.mp3                                                                       
   Shirley Horn_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Shirley Watts_When I'm sixty-four.mp3                                                              
   Sid Phillips_Yesterday.mp3                                                                         
   Siggi Schwarz_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Simon James_Within you, without you.mp3                                                            
   Singers Unlimited_Yesterday.mp3                                                                    
   Sisters of Charm_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Slackers_We can work it out.mp3                                                                    
   Smithereens_Why don?t we do it in the road.mp3                                                     
   Smokey Robinson & The Miracles_Yesterday.mp3                                                       
   Smother Brothers_Yesterday.mp3                                                                     
   Soldiers_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                    
   Sonic Youth_Within you, without you.mp3                                                            
   Soulful Strings_Within you, without you.mp3                                                        
   Soulive_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                           
   Sounds Incorporated_Yesterday.mp3                                                                  
   Spiders_We can work it out.mp3                                                                     
   Spineshank_While my guitar gently weeps.mp3                                                        
   Steel Pulse_We can work it out.mp3                                                                 
   Steve Cropper_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                               
   Stevie Wonder_We can work it out (2).mp3                                                           
   Stevie Wonder_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Sue Raney_With a little help from my friends.mp3                                                   
   Sue Raney_Yesterday.mp3                                                                            
   Sugar M
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