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Satanic Warmaster - Strengh and Honour 2014 (Flac)

Satanic Warmaster
Pais de Origen: Finlandia
Activo desde: 1998
Genero: Black Metal
Tematica: Satanismo, Ocultismo, Guerra
Disquera Actual: Werewolf Records

Satanic Warmaster - Strengh and Honour
(LP Vinil Reedicion 2014)
Grabado en el invierno de 2000 - 2001
Werewolf / Voices, Bass, Keys
Torech / Guitar

1 Raging Winter
2 A New Black Order
3 The Burning Eyes of the Werewolf
4 Strength and Honour
5 Wolves of Blood and Iron
6 Der schwarze Orden
7 Night of Retribution
8 Legion Werwolf

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Full-lenght 2014

1 Fimbulwinter's Spell
2 Funeral Wolves
3 Korppi (Vornat cover)
4 When Thunders Hail
5 Dragon's Egg
6 Nuin-Gaer-Faun
7 Winter's Hunger
8 Silent Call of Moon's Temples

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Como Extra les dejo algo de los proyectos de Werewolf
The True Werewolf
Pais de Origen: Finlandia
Genero: Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Activo desde: 2002
Disquera: Astral Temple
Alineacion: Graf Werwolf / todo
Winternight Demo 2014

1 Entrance into Winternight's Kingdom
2 Sad Eyes of the Dead Raven
3 When Horns of the Goat Lacerate Christian Flesh
4 The Inverted Crucifixion
5 When Only Darkness Remains
6 Buried, Scourged and Forever Convulsed


Pais de Origen: Finlandia
Genero: Black Metal
Activo desde: 2014
werwolf / Drums, Synth
Vritrahn / Vocal, Guitars

Demo 1 2014
1 Blasphemies
2 Burning Strife
3 Darkness Inside
4 Crux Satanae



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