"La nostalgia ya no es lo que era..."

Pet Shop Boys: Videografía [MP4][HQ]

1984. West End girls

1985. Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)

1986. Love comes quickly

1986. Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)

1986. Paninaro

1986. Suburbia

1987. Always on my mind

1987. It's a sin

1987. Rent

1987. What have i done to deserve this?

1988. Domino dancing

1988. Heart

1988. Left to my own devices

1989. It's alright

1990. Being boring

1990. So hard

1991. DJ Culture

1991. How can you expect to be taken seriously?

1991. Jealousy

1991. Was it worth it?

1991. Where the streets have no name

1993. Can you forgive her?

1993. Go west

1993. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

1994. Absolutely fabulous

1994. Liberation

1994. Yesterday, when i was mad

1995. Paninaro '95

1996. Before

1996. Se a vida e

1996. Single, bilingual

1997. A red letter day

1997. Somewhere

1999. I don't know what you want but i can't give it anymore

1999. New York City boy

2000. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk

2002. Home and dry

2002. I get along

2003. London

2003. Miracles

2004. Flamboyant!

2006. I'm with stupid

2006. Minimal

2006. Numb

2009. All over the world

2009. Did you see me coming

2009. Love etc.

2010. Together

2012. Invisible

2012. Leaving

2012. Winner

2013. Axis

2013. Thursday (feat. Example)

2013. Vocal

Domino dancing (Ext. version)

So hard (Ext. version)

Go west (Ext. version)

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9 Comentarios Pet Shop Boys: Videografía [MP4][HQ]
que trabajito armar el post!!!! te quedo barbaro, van mis 10 amigo, tango los videos pero el post merece puntos
Wao Wao... muchisimas gracias amigo.......... y tus merecidos 10 claro est?
Gran laburo de esta gran banda, te reco y de dejo mis 8 p, tambien te sigo, un abrazo.
la cagaste tremendo aporte me encanto compadre excelente  
Muchas gracias a todos, espero que descarguen todo.  
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