The Forest - Updates (Actualizable)

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The Forest - Updates (Actualizable)

Eres el único sobreviviente de un accidente de avión de pasajeros, te encuentras en un misterioso bosque, tendras que luchar para mantenerte con vida en contra de una sociedad de mutantes caníbales. 

Construir, explorar y sobrevivir serán las claves en este aterrador simulador de survival-horror en primera persona.

As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. 

Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

Key alpha features

Enter a living, breathing world, where every tree and plant can be chopped down. Below ground explore a vast network of caves and underground lakes. 

Chop down trees to build a camp, or start a fire to keep warm. Scavenge food to keep yourself from starving. 
Build a small shelter or a large ocean side fortress. Lay traps and defences to keep a safe perimeter. 
Explore and build during the day. Defend your base at night. Craft weapons and tools. Bunker down during the evening or bring the fight directly to the enemy. 
Defend yourself against a clan of genetic mutant enemies that have beliefs, families, morals and that appear almost human. 
Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly with crude weapons built from sticks and stones.

Development roadmap

The Forest has been in development for a while, but now we need your feedback to make it even better. Our vision for this game is a terrifying open world full of gameplay options and player freedom. We?ve come a long way but still have a lot of features and improvements to make. 

Here?s a small sampling of what we hope to add to the game during alpha: 

Many more animals - fish, snakes, frogs and bird types. We want to really bring the world to life with the variety of fauna. 
More trapping and hunting options. 
Expanded A.I. - We?re trying some really cool stuff for our AI, and plan to keep it evolving and improving over the alpha. 
More areas to explore - over time new areas will be added and unlocked and our cave system will continue to develop downwards. 
More buildable items - More options in what you can construct and what?s available to use. 
More crafting options, more items combinable and more exciting things to create. 
New creatures - as we unlock more and more of the world and caves over the course of the alpha we?ll also be introducing many new terrifying creatures along with a few surprises. 
Visual improvements - we want to keep pushing what?s possible, making the world look, feel and run better. 
Many UI tweaks and polish. 
Additional game modes, including a no-enemies cheat mode for players who want a calmer experience. 
Multiplayer - we find the idea of co-op play in this world really exciting and hope to implement a form of co-op into the experience. 
Full oculus rift compatibility for the most immersive experience possible. * Note, this will not be available in first version of alpha*


OS: Windows 7 
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 
DirectX: Version 9.0 
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space 
Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible 
Additional Notes: 32bit windows users need to ensure they have at least 4gb of ram usable on their system.

OS: Windows 7 
Processor: Quad Core Processor 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 
DirectX: Version 9.0 
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space 
Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible

The Forest Alpha v0.02 Build20140616 Crackeado por 3DM  

Changelog de ésta versión: 

Version 0.02 Changelog (Saved games from 0.01 won?t work with this version) 

New features and gameplay tweaks:
Simple raft now buildable via book (No Sail yet!) 
Walls can now snap to form floors and roofs (experimental, can defy gravity) 
New suprise item added to yacht 
When being knocked out for first time you will now wake up in a random cave 
Lowered fall damage amount 
Birds can be killed with fire 
Stamina recharge now takes longer 
You can now block attacks with the red plane axe by holding down right mouse button 
Timmy taken scene a little more dramatic, better lighting, sparks 
Lowered intensity and range of fire light 
Lowered health on turtle 
Improved fish movement 
Increased range of lighter 
Enemies will drag downed friends out of danger again 
Females will sometimes freak out at dying family members

Improved load times 
Reduced stutter 
Overall performance increases 
Big memory optimizations, should help crashing on some pc?s 
Improved cave wall memory usage 
Dropped sticks and rocks are now pooled and shouldn?t increase memory over time 
Optimized hud rendering (10% faster on cpu)

Improved lake water swim zones 
Ocean swim zones now correctly rise and fall with tide 
Underwater visuals improved 
Improved terrain in some areas, reduced lumpiness in rocky area, fixed issues with caves poking through terrain 
Fixed super deep ponds that could kill players by falling into them 
Small old boat collision added 
Plane exterior collision added 
Improved balance on some grass textures (less bright) 
Lowered top heavy pine tree to be easier to cut 
Lots of small material/texture tweaks 
Sunset/sunrise made brighter 
Beach cave entrances made bigger and easier to enter 
Improved world collision in some areas 
Improved low resolution mountain textures 
Improved terrain rendering and missing specular 
improved cave lighting and details (caves 4,5)

Fixed countdown timer not taking different time zones into account 
Fixed some spelling mistakes in tutorials and in survival book 
Fixed shelter on fire spawning infinite logs 
Fixed bug where day count was 1 more than it should be 
Fixed issue where sticks,rocks and logs needed could go to -1 
Fixed not switching back to default weapon after holding lizard, rabbit or fish 
Fixed player not colliding with things tagged ?Prop? 
Fixed light leaking into parts of some caves 
Fixed bug where you couldn?t cook multiple times on same campfire 
Fixed spear being able to cut down trees 
Fixed ponds flickering at certain distances 
Fixed some items not being saved in inventory when game is loaded (some might still vanish, expect more saving fixes/improvements soon) 
Fixed log holder not saving logs on load/save 
Fixed twinberries not having eat icon and having wrong leaf texture 
Fixed bloody tables in cave not being cut out of nav mesh 
Fixed lizard and rabbit skin triggers not being connected to ragdoll body 
Removed extra set of teeth and eyes appearing behind Timmy 
Chopping dead bodies no longer results in player flying into the air 
Animals no longer spawn multiple copies if on fire 
Cannibals shouldn?t run underwater or follow player out to the boat (they might run a little bit into water however) 
Fixed some bushes missing vertex colors when cut 
Fixed birds landing in sky, improved bird a.i. and performance

500.1 MB


The Forest Alpha v0.03 Build20140701 Crackeado por 3DM  

Changelog de ésta versión: 

No enemies mode! Type ?veganmode? on title screen to activate (without the ??)
Player head added! And held items now correctly cast shadows
New suprise item added to plane
Yacht location is now random
Bats now correctly fly out of cave entrances
Partially built structures are now saved
Fixed water not accumulating on terrain when raining
Cassette player can now be turned off by clicking it a second time if it?s already playing
Log Cabin now has a floor, a door with hinge and a sleeping/saving spot
Birds will now land on window ledge of your built log cabin
Molotov will extinguish if in contact with water
Improved sunset/sunrise lighting
Two new effigies buildable, simple head on stick and arms pointing to sky
House boat buildable (Warning : buggy!! ? especially with sharks. Also, may sink)
Stick marker added to custom building, quickly build yourself waypoints
Coral and seaweed added under water (rough)
New buildable item : Stick holder
Inventory can now carry 1 additional stick (to make shelter construction easier)
Small texture tweaks/improvements
Shadow distance increased for High and mid settings
Improved motion blur on held items
Hanging rope pick ups added to deep in caves
New cave lighting prop: Laptop
11 new filmic inspired grade options added to graphic options menu
Bench now buildable via book section ?Furniture?
Single bat prefab added to parts of caves
Improved lilypad pop-in
Med pickups now go direct to inventory instead of being eaten on pickup

Improved cannibal village track implementation
?Lake? track added to Geese Lake
Bash pass at all ambient sound implementation, better transitions, better positioning, fall off and ranges
Thunder and rain sounds randomized
Cave audio pass, adding reverb and echo, better balancing
Underwater sound filter added
Water footsteps sounds now play when you walk into water

More memory optimizations should improve stability
Lowered memory usage further if 32bit windows is detected, should fix crash on opening if less than 4gbs of usable memory is available (note: 4gb usable is still recommended)

Head no longer pokes through collision!
Fixed some items missing from inventory when game was loaded
Fixed collision where you could wall walk out of plane
Fixed can?t carry more raw fish message that would appear when you had too many rocks.
Fixed pond covered in logs
Fixed left hand held conflicts between lighter, torch walkman etc
Removed gleam on inventory coins and flares
Fixed floating garden
Fixed leaf vertex colors on small leaf hut
Fixed flare gun falling through yacht
Fixed log going to -1 if you died whilst holding a log
Fixed small effigy construction shader being too faint
Removed grass cutting from opening inventory (was causing crashes on some pc?s)

546.0 MB


The Forest Alpha v0.04 Build20140722 Crackeado por 3DM  

Changelog de ésta versión: 

Features and changes:
New A.I. behaviour, mutants will sometimes go home to sleep during day along with other new routines. 
Distorted mutants can now be killed with regular weapons. 
Distorted mutants more aggressive and deadly in combat and have expanded actions. 
Better ambient lighting. Trees and large objects diffusely occlude skylight. (experimental) 
Pause menu now actually pauses game. 
Enemies use rocks more often to jump attack at player. 
New female enemy type added. 
Better distribution of enemies throughout the world. 
Constructed bench now works and players can sit to regain energy or watch sunset. 
Increased axe damage against enemies. 
More variation to female cannibal models, added procedural breasts size system. 
Improved Rabbit/Lizard distribution and optimized CPU usage. 
Improved sky and sun look. 
Improved dead cave lighting and cave 2 lighting. 
Better cave textures and rock look. 
Dead cave prop fixes, fixed some incorrect rock placements. 
Improved load times and added loading percentage amount. 
Re-balanced hunger drain. 
Better cave ground with flowing water and more detailed textures. 
Enemies will now push small items out of the way instead of getting stuck on them. 
Dead sharks now ragdoll.

Fixed rain sound never going away even after rain stops. 
Fixed bug where some partially built structures couldn?t be completed after loading a saved game. 
Fixed animals sometimes disappearing in regular and vegan mode. 
Fixed issue where you could still shoot flare gun or use other weapons when pause menu was open. 
Yacht random position won't change now or get lost when saved game is loaded 
Fixed all effigies turning into arm effigy on load 
Fixed E to add icon showing up if holding a rock or stick even if items not needed in building 
Fixed cave drips continuing to play even when not in cave 
Fixed fish swimming outside of pond near cliff section 
Fixed fullness always starting at half when loading a saved game 
Fixed moonlight sometimes missing completely 
Fixed stick marker vanishing on loading saved game 
Fixed missing collision roof of cabin 
Fixed player flying in air after chopping dead bodies 
Rain effigy effect should now work and will wear off after time 
Cannibals spawning in villages no longer ?pop? when waking up 
Fixed creepy female model attacks sometimes not hitting player 
Fixed bug where bird landing on hand would sometimes stop axe from working 
Fixed enemy head and leg pickups sometimes appearing as arm pickups

598.5 MB


NUEVO! The Forest Alpha v0.04b Build20140727 Crackeado por 3DM  

Changelog de ésta versión: 

Mini-Patch 0.04B ? Performance optimizations and some small bugs

Added graphics options for ambient Skylighting (will be off by default)
Terrain settings added to graphics options (Parallax, Relief, Simple, Classic)
Fixed grass distance not changing correctly for different quality levels
Optimized greeble physics use
Optimized sound detect system on player weapons (less colliders)
Fixed issue with shadows light leaking
Fixed plant rendering glitches
Fixed missing small rock pickup
Fixed issue where plant triggers would sometimes make book items impossible to click
Fixed bug where houseboat blueprint wouldn?t appear or couldn?t be placed in world
Fixed held arms/heads registering attack even if not swinging
Held arms/legs behave like axes not sticks
Tennis balls no longer infinitely bounce
Fixed Player sometimes being killed in one hit by enemies
More Accurate player fall damage
Hidden new features:
You can remove placed blueprints by pressing C
You can press space to skip opening plane crash

579 MB



Los saves los pueden encontrar en ésta ruta:


Fix para arreglar y corregir el problema de cuando se sale el juego en la pantalla de loading:

1-. Abrir y ejecutar regedit

2-. Una vez abierto.. van a esta ruta:

3-. Dentro de la misma van a la llave que dice Windows y hacen doble click en ella

4-. Se les va a abrir una mini ventana donde van a visualizar el nombre y la información de valor como ven en la imágen de abajo.

Este información de valor viene ya con el número cifra 12288, ustedes van a cambiar ésta cifra por 4096, les tendria que quedar de ésta manera como en la imágen de abajo.

Aceptan y cierran el Regedit para guardar.

5-. Hecho lo anterior.. ahora van a ir a abrir un CMD Símbolo de sistema, ejecutándolo como administrador.

Dentro del mismo van a escribir el código de abajo.

Una vez escrito.. aceptan y les vá a confirmar que la operación se realizó con éxito, cierran el CMD y reinician.

Al volver y cargar de nuevo el juego van a ver que tarda unos segundos mas pero que va a abrir y van a poder jugar sin ningun tipo de problemas.

Siempre asegurate de que tus drivers estén al día para evitar cualquier problema.

ATI Drivers:

NVIDIA Drivers:

DirectX End-User Runtime:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

Creative Labs Drivers:

Intel Drivers: 

AMD Drivers:

Saitek Drivers:


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Como espero que salga la BETA por lo menos, ayer lo estaba jugando (bajado de identi obvio, por lo tanto trucho) y mato un chaboncito, cuando lo voy a desmembrar en el piso ?
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eres el amo espero que me funcione muchas gracias
Oye una pregunta el juego da miedo de verdad o de mentira? XDDD me refiero a que si es uno de estos juegos que te hacen levantarte de la silla del susto o solo da "miedo"
Nooooo el crack Que te pregunte Ayer No era Para online :-( el de cami?
Quehacestino... El mejor uploader de identi en serio. @Quehacesti  
Gran post, actualizable perfecto.. esperando alpha 0.03    
+10 como siempre .
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Yo tambi?
Una pregunta quedan guardadas las partidas?
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Como va @voodoo2o si, quedan guardadas
Hola!! Antes que nada muchas gracias por este aporte.
Tengo un problema.. quiz?
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Cita thesid: Mostrar

La verdad que no se que decirte, podria ser por el windows x64, aunque no se.., yo tengo x86 y windows 8.1, te voy a averiguar y si encuentro la soluci?
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Cita thesid: Mostrar
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Agregado NUEVO! The Forest Alpha v0.03 Build20140701 Crackeado por 3DM
Cita gonbrit: Mostrar

Muchas gracias @gonbrit  
Gracias por el Update 0.3 , el juego promete bastante.
Cita sebamania: Mostrar

De nada seba!!  y si, la verdad que por ahora parece muy bueno, vamos a ver mas adelante si lo hacen mucho mejor
Gracias por la actualizacion!!!
Cita Parrot777: Mostrar

De nada @Parrot777 , gracias a vos
por cierto hermano e tenido problemas para descargar de tus enlaces con el jddownloader no sabras por que   por si acaso no me quejo solo pregunto, por que ahorra tengo que usar el idm   y GRacias de nuevo Por este grandioso juego y todos los otros este juego me encanta tiene potencial   jajajaj
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Como est?
Antes de nada quiero decirte que no te lo estoy pidiendo solo es un consejo
E estado buscando el dayz en su ultima version y es casi imposible de encontrar, te recomiendo que lo busques y lo subas porque asi yo creo que arias feliz a mucha gente que no es capaz de encontrarlo
Te mando por aqui los mensajes porque no tengo rango para mandarte mp  
aqui te dejo un link bueno para la re subida claro esta que si no quieres simplemente borres los mensajes no tengo ningun incombeniente  
Planeas subir la version 0.04b? Esta arregla algunos bugs como por ejemplo el de poder colocar la casa en el agua! Yo me baje una por torrent pero es horrible porq esta casi todo en ruso xD Te agradeceria si pudieras subirla  
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Lo voy a tener en cuenta @Parrot777  

Cita Jaeluffo: Mostrar

Muy completo el post, , una pregunta sabe alguien alguna manera para que el juego no tenga tanto Lag, es que en ocaciones se pone como muy pesado y corre con lag. Gracias.  
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Como est?
@Quehacesti otra consulta... ya descargu?
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Cita ericprydz: Mostrar
Hola, maestro. Vas a subir la V0.05? Gracias por tu aporte, es genial!
Men, identi estaria en ruina de no ser por tus aportes!!    
Debes ser una excelente persona para darte el tiempo de subir todos los updates de cada juego   .......
O simplemente tienes un internet de PUTA MADRE xD
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