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Magicite - Updates (Actualizable)

Magicite es un juego épico de rol en 2D que puedes jugar solo o con tus amigos. Tendrás que aventurarte en mazmorras aleatorias y consigue materiales para fabricarte nuevas armaduras y armas, pero ten cuidado, la muerte será permanente y te acechará durante todo el juego. Lanzado en la plataforma Kickstarter el pasado Noviembre de 2013.
Los jugadores se podrán crear personajes con estadísticas, características y apariencia generadas al azar. Estos personajes comenzarán a explorar mazmorras aleatorias para conseguir recursos, combatir con enemigos y subir de nivel para adquirir nuevas habilidades. Tras cada mazmorra, los personajes y sus compañeros aparecerán en poblados aleatorios repletos de varios NPCs que te ofrecerán únicos y beneficiosos servicios. Podrás vender tu botín, fabricarte equipo y prepararte para tu próxima aventura peligrosa.

Magicite is a 2D Multiplayer RPG Platformer that focuses on Survival, Exploration, Crafting, Epic Loot, and Permanent Death. 

- Procedurally Generated World 
Players will generate their characters stats, traits, and appearance before embarking on an adventure by themselves or with a party.Once inside the world of Deephaven, you and your party will uncover the secrets of this massive underground world. Biomes include underground forests, icy caverns, dangerous dungeons, and much more! 

- Get Loot & Craft 
Tools such as an Axe and a Pick are vital for getting the most out of the trees and veins of ore that you and your party come across. Make sure you hunt monsters for their raw meat so you can cook up some healthy dishes and keep your party from starving. Crafting the most powerful gear and weapons aren't easy. You can't just go pick up a Dire Bear's Claw or a Crushworm Core on the ground. You've gotta carefully prepare then go out and hunt mighty enemies that have a chance at dropping rare crafting materials. 

- Permanent Death 
A typical character's life span will range anywhere from 15 minutes(if you're a noob) to about 2 hours(if you're a pro). When your character's HP drops to 0 the game lists all of you accomplishments and statistics during that play through. The game also keeps track of everything you do making way for achievements and unlockables the more you play. When in a party, Permanent death ONLY OCCURS when the ENTIRE party has been downed. Characters can go over to a fallen ally and help them get back into the fight for survival. 

-Skill System 
Every 10 levels up to level 30 you can talk to a Skill Master NPC to purchase and equip new skills. These abilities are bound to the 1, 2, and 3 keys for quick and easy access. These skills include ATK Boost, Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, Triple Jumps, Upgraded Dash, Werewolf Form, Temporary Invulnerability, and much more! I will have them organized into 4 sections: Offensive, Defensive, Magical, and Agility so players can basically create their own archetype. 


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 
Processor: 1.6Ghz 
Memory: 512 MB RAM 
Hard Drive: 450 MB available space 
Sound Card: Any


OS: Windows 8.1 
Processor: 2.4 Ghz 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Network: Broadband Internet connection 
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Magicite v0.7.4 Early Access 

Changelog de ésta versión:

Fixed Black Screen Bug 

Gameplay Changes 
New REWARD SYSTEM upon dying or winning 
1,2,3,4,5 keys default to Action Bar slots 
Z,X,C, keys default to Skills 
Gameplay Timer added 
Eating Cooked Food has a 50% chance to increase HP 
Cannot eat food if hunger is at max 

New Races 
Added Noble Race 
Added Orclops Race 
Added Dwelf Race 
Added Crusader Race 
Added Remnant Race 
Added Trogon Race 
Added Earthkin Race 
Added Pigfolk Race 

New Hats 
Added Gatherer Headband 
Added Miner Cap 
Added Berserker Scarf 
Added Archer Hat 
Added Magician Hat 
Added Bunny Ears 
Added Bat Wing 
Added Tyrannox Hat 
Added Wasp Goggles 
Added Tiki Mask 
Added Wizard Beard 
Added Hero Crown 
Added Shroom Hat 
Added Spider Egg 
Added Skeleton Mask 
Added Dragon Mask 
Added Scourge Mask 

 252.5 MB


Magicite v0.7.5 Early Access 

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hey all! This patch has big changes for multiplayer, as well as some minor bug fixes and some general cleaning up with the networking.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Hero's Crown 
Fixed Wizard Beard 
Fixed Wasp, Bat, and other flying enemy fluctuating speeds
Re-wrote multiplayer code, should be smoother!

Gameplay Changes
No Friendly Fire
Shared Ores, Ingredients, EXP, and Gold in Multiplayer
Enemy HP and ATK scales up with the amount of players connected
Revamped Ice Biome, new Background + Effects
Added Ice Knight Enemy
Added Ice Jellyfish Enemy
Added Giant Yeti Boss
Removed Yeti Enemy
Updated Shroom Enemy AI

 224.3 MB


Magicite v0.7.9 Early Access 23/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hey all! For the sake of bug fixes, I wanted to push this update out as soon as possible. Here?s a list of all the cool stuff I?ve done with this update. 0.8 should be out in a bit with even more kickstarter enemies and items.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Multiplayer ?Can?t Hit Enemy? Bug
Fixed Multiplayer Music Bug
Players other than Host can now catch Fire/Thunder/Ice Bugs
Weird temporary Fix for Black Screen Bug:
Quit any programs that are utliizing internet. For example: Skype

Gameplay Changes

New Leatherworker NPC!!!
New Tailor NPC!!!
New Hoarder NPC!!!
New Enemy Ore Spider
Added Full Leather Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Full Cloth Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Monster Pelt
Added Refined Cloth
Added Monster Hide
Added Refined Leather
Added Tribal Drum (Wood Plank + Refined Leather)
Added ATK Drum (Tribal Drum + Fire Bug)
Added MAG Drum (Tribal Drum + Ice Bug)
Added DEX Drum(Tribal Drum + Thunder Bug)
Added New Magic Spell: Frostshard
Added Unique Weapon: The Philibuster
Armor now boosts HP and ATK
Leather Armor boosts HP and DEX
Cloth Armor boosts HP and MAG
Final Boss base HP is increased to 4500
Lava Bison HP increased to 150
Lava Biome has lots of Ores & Chests but also more enemies now
Goldium & Diamonite Ores more common in higher level biomes
Stamina is decided by player level, not DEX
Slowed down flying mobs a bit

 252.2 MB


Magicite v1.0 09/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

We?ve finally made it, folks! Magicite 1.0 is here and is out of Early Access!

BUT Magicite isn?t ?done? yet, because I?ll be updating the game periodically like I have been the past few months. There are a few more things I would like to add to the game, along with more of your guys? suggestions.

I just want to say thanks again so much for all of the support you have given Magicite. I look forward to adding content and refining the game as well as exploring some new ideas for new games!

Magicite 1.0

Bug Fixes
Throwing Axe skill properly scales with ATK
Knight Blade skill properly scales with ATK
Dragon Hat only hits for MAG rather than MAGx2
Fixed Jelly Sword Bug
Fixed Wall Clip Bug
Fixed Scourge Boss Bug
Fixed Multiplayer Door Bug
Gameplay Changes

New Hat!
Added Overworld Helm Hat

New Weapons!
Added Emerald Katana
Added Emerald Combat Axe
Added Obsidian Sword

New Greatswords!
Added Zweihander
Added Firebrand
Added Icebrand
Added Thunderbrand

 253.8 MB


Magicite v1.1 18/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Bug Fixes
Fixed Race/Hat/Companion Unlock bug for 100% Unlock chances.
Fixed hunger loss in towns during multiplayer
Fixed Arrow Duplication
Fixed Swift trait not applying DEX bonus
Fixed Pink Square bug with rings
Fixed Infinite HP Bug
Fixed Bat movements in multiplayer
Fixed Negative HP Bug
Fixed Invisible Viking Axe in Multiplayer
Fixed Invisible Frostshard in Multiplayer
Potentially Fixed Doors not working in Multiplayer(it works for me 100% of the time but I will wait and see if other people still experience it.)

Gameplay Changes
Multiplayer Enemies HP & ATK scaled down a bit
Overworld Helm has a new effect!
NEW Companions!
Added Regen Fairy
Added Ancient Bat
Added Haste Bug
Added Gadget Guard

 253.8 MB


Magicite v1.1.1 26/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hey everyone. I tampered with some of the net code so hopefully that one black screen bug is fixed permanently. There are also numerous smaller bug fixes, along with two new companions to unlock! 

Bug Fixes 
L key is now re-bindable 
Haste Beetle unlock requirements reduced to level 40 
Fixed access NPC from anywhere bug 
Wood, Planks, and Sticks only sell for 1 gold now 
Fixed Skeleton King Hood Hat description 
Potion Brewer now has a 50% chance to craft big potions instead of 100% 
Fixed Haste Beetle not working upon level up 

Added Gorgon Eye 
Added Floaty Slime

 253.8 MB


Magicite v1.2 08/07/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Added CRATER BIOME (If you want to live, don?t go there)
Added Space Butterfly
Added Cosmic Skeleton
Added Space Commander Boss
Added Laser Sword
Added Laser Crossbow
Added Total Biscuit of Knowledge
Increased vision for all enemies
If Arrows equipped, picking up same type will go straight into Arrow Slot
Slightly reduced spikey chain ball spawn in Dungeon

Bug Fixes
Fixed Drum Deleting Item bug
Fixed Broodmother pushing into walls bug
Fixed Arrow crafting wrong quantity bug
Fixed Wizard Beard not working
Fixed Gatherer Trait not working (It is now 50% chance to activate)
Fixed Spawning in Town bug
Fixed Defensive Trait ? it is now +4HP -1ATK
Fixed Not Recording Boss kills

 226.4 MB


NUEVO! Magicite v1.2.5 24/07/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


The first person to enter a door in multiplayer will now trigger the level transition, instead of the entire party having to be in one door. All players who were dead are revived with 1 HP in the town but will lose all of their gold
Crater biome can now be seen as early as District 15
Laser Gun now costs 5 mana per shot
Bug Fixes

Fixed Floaty Slime + Levitate Bug
Fixed Mystery Key Biscuit Icon
Fixed Items Bought not being counted
Fixed Invisible Crystalline Ore Bug in Multiplayer

 254.1 MB





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gracias! tus aportes son los mejores!  
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Hola de nuevo, eh visto ah un youtuber que lo juega y tiene buena pinta el juego, me lo descargo a ver que tal esta xD saludos.
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Como estas @Juanca90 , si, es bastante entretenido, a veces los juegos mas simples son los mas divertidos, un saludo  
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