Angvik - Updates (Actualizable)


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Angvik - Updates (Actualizable)

 Angvik, un juego de plataformas indie con toques old school. Muy dificil, sin posibilidad de salvar partida, sin barra de salud, sin vidas extra y muy original.

Angvik is a platform action game set in a joyful but unforgiving land. Take up your father?s gear and save a castle from a barbarian with the assistance of many items and birds!


Angvik v1.4

Changelog de ésta versión y de las anteriores:

? Changed the input system, you can now customize controller/gamepad buttons. 
? Fixed some issues with delivering items to the owl.
? Fixed the boss sometimes being unkillable
? Fixed too many eggs spawning when killing multiple enemies.
? Fixed arm animations getting stuck, preventing the player from using weapons.
? Fixed Hydra spawn bug.
? Added "Crisper" option, increases performance fullscreen but less sharp graphics.
? Added "Great Guy" father. Bit more random. Starts easier and gets harder each win/rank.
? Added time limit to stages, shown through your hair going white.
? Added text to explain items while browsing items in your bag/menu.
? Changed the Peasant loadout to include black oil bottle instead of the wooden sword.
? Heaps of minor changes/fixes
? Added bones and graves to signify previous death and furthest distance.
? Added sound effects for Library enemies.
? Changed Peasant to never see armour items (basically it's 1 hit mode).
v1.1 fixed:
? Memory leak fixed.
? Added red themed item set (obtained from chests/oils).
? Added a new level (near the end).
? Added Mac support for OSX 10.7 or newer (linux will come later). 
? Changed and Fixed lots of little things (I forgot to note them all, sorry).

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