Zombie Hunter inc - Updates (Actualizable)

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Zombie Hunter inc - Updates (Actualizable)

Zombie Hunter inc is a top-down shooter with elements of tower defense packed with action. You play as a hunter hired to protect your client from zombies. You are being paid for each walker you shoot and can spend your cash to purchase better guns. You loose if any zombie passes your line of defense. 

The game was largely inspired by a legendary Swedish jewel ?Seal Hunter? and a unique zombie-rpg ?Dead Pixels?. Thus, our game would feature two modes "Survival" and "Campaign". 

There is some subtle magic in each of those games. When I first played Seal Hunter I was amazed by the way it hooked you with its simple and accessible gameplay while still remaining a very deep and challenging game. Any friend I showed Seal Hunter to, was late to school the other day having red eyes and shaking hands. Despite its pixel graphics (which was not yet considered ?stylish? back in 2007 ? ) and arcade nature, the game grabbed your full attention and you could not resist but playing it even though you were losing constantly. Razor-sharp balance and well thought-out features left you no chances. The game is still being actively played until this day after its on-line remake that allowed up to 4 players to join into an endless seal rampage. It currently has over 55 thousand registered players. Do check it out, it?s free! 

I played Seal Hunter all these years, being a pro and a dedicated fan and I saw how badly players wanted the sequel. But unfortunately for us all it never happened and never will, because the authors of the game have other work now and are not planning to create it. So one day I assembled a crack squad of two artists and a coder and now we are set to give the glorious game a worthy sequel. 

We spent a lot of time thinking how we can push the game forward, while maintaining its core features. Seal Hunter was beautiful because it has everything that a great game must have and NOTHING EXTRA. It is a tiny game where every feature and every monster has endless hidden properties and immense potential. That is why when adding new functionality we tried our best not to overwhelm the game. You will not find waste in Zombie Hunter inc, it will be cleaned and polished, meaning that even when playing with the very same gun you will constantly catch yourself on a thought that you don't know all the ways to use it. 

Another area of improvement was graphics. I was poised to push its video quality to the limits and precisely for this purpose we created a powerful 3d engine, featuring skeletal and rigged animation, deferred rendering with unlimited dynamic lights, HDR bloom, highly detailed models with normal, specular and gloss maps, volumetric particles and FXAA smoothing. But in order for the game mechanics to work, it had to retain it?s 2d look, that is enemies had to move with the same speed and have the same size no matter where they were located on the screen. We solved it adopting an orthographic projection and now Zombie Hunter inc has a stylish 2d look, while having access to all the cool features of the 3d graphics. 

Finally we are going to add another game mode "Campaign". Here, you and your friends will help Bob from Texas to save the President of the USA from zombies. When zombie apocalypse happened, Bob created a gang that helps survivors to fend-off zombies for a fee. He saves your team the other day and as a return favor, you join his gang. The other day you caught a radio sos-signal, where the President of the USA asked to rescue him out of the surrounded by zombies White House. Bob, being the patriot that he is, left everything, grabbed every single gang member and went into the dead city to save the president. 

We are now working to bring you the free playable alpha, so stay tuned! 

We will be posting a series of blogs about our game development on our indieDB page, visit us there (link in the links section)! 

Please feel free to post comments and propositions, we will try our best to answer them all. 

Más info importante: http://www.z-h-i.com/


Zombie Hunter inc Alpha

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no funca el juego  
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hay queinstalar el XNA Framework Redist 4.0 ,asi funciono ..
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Como est?
luce genial, gracias  
Cita Jadensumer: Mostrar

Mil gracias a vos @Jadensumer  
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
Gracias por el juego.
A mi tampoco me funciono, pero instale este programa y me funciono:

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No hace falta que lo descargues de ningun lado, una vez instalado el juego ya viene dentro de la carpeta de instalaci?
No se la verdad que pasa con esta bajada en concreto pero van dos veces que lo descargo y ninguna de las dos veces me deja descomprimirlo y ya tengo la actualizacion a 5.01 rar pero me manda Failed to Compress si a alguien le ha pasado lo mismo y me puede ayudar se lo agradecere porque he descargado otras cosas y no tengo ningun problema o sea este es el unico comprimido que de plano no puedo abrir muchas gracias por tu aporte se ve muy bueno Quehacesti
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  gracias @psycko

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Como va @sureo777 , mir?
lo baje recien lo subiste y hace dos o tres dias lo  volvi a bajar pensando en que quiza ese dia lo habia bajado con error pero ahora que lo bajo nuevamente me da el mismo error de descompresion me lo bajare por tercera ocasion sino creo que desistire de cualquier forma muchas gracias por tu atencion
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mmm creo que no amigo jajaja te digo que ando en la pendeja pero deja la bajo y la instalo me instale otra de otro lao asi que ahora mismo instalo la tuya
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seguramente es por eso   avisame si pudiste
muchas gracias si ya pude era lo que tu comentabas yo tenia otra actualizacion que no se de donde carajos hice pero ya todo bien con la que tu dejaste
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A bueno @sureo777 , entonces me alegro que ya est?
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