Turbo Dismount - Updates 3DM (Actualizable)

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Turbo Dismount - Updates 3DM (Actualizable)

Turbo Dismount is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount. The highlights of this experience are multiple vehicles, an awesome replay system, (some) level editing features, high-speed physics 

Lo que dicen los desarrolladores:
?Hi everyone,

Turbo Dismount is already extremely playable with its different vehicles, obstacles and levels. All three will grow in number as we continue developing the game, but we welcome ideas from every one of you. Let us know what you'd like to see in the game by posting on the Turbo Dismount community forum!

To summarize:

* There will be more levels
* There will be more features
* There will be more vehicles

That's not the end of it, of course, as our work goes on, ideas will pop up from us, and hopefully from all of you. We're a small team, but we want to make Turbo Dismount the greatest Dismount game on Steam (or elsewhere, for that matter)!?

Requisitos mínimos:

OS: Windows XP 
Processor: Intel Core 2 or better 
Memory: 1 GB RAM 
Graphics: DirectX9 compatible graphics card 
DirectX: Version 9.0 
Hard Drive: 200 MB available space 
Sound Card: Any

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 2 crackeado por 3DM Acumulativo (Opcional)

Changelog de éstas versiones:
Turbo Dismount Update #2 (v0.5.2)

- High score cache system added: scores are no longer lost 
- New vehicle: Ranger, wheels fit for a general! 
- New obstacles: Lowblow and Roadblock 
- First Person Camera Mode! Our and your worst idea ever! Click-drag in first person mode to look around. 
- Camera position is stored between dismounts 
- Tweaked character poses on some vehicles 
- Space bar can be pressed to Dismount and Reset 
- Control key help added to Options-screen 
- Target-button renamed to Cameras 
- Superduper 16X slow-mo speed added 
- Version string in options

Turbo Dismount Update #1 (no version number)

- Scoring fix - the game now calculates impacts differently, reducing scores from glitches. Leaderboards will be reset to allow for new scores! 
- Camera distances tweaked, you can now pull back farther 
- Middle mouse button switches the view target 
- Switch between mph and km/h in the options 
- Help text in customize-menu 
- More smaller bricks in brick wall obstacle

 35.2 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 3 crackeado por 3DM Acumulativo (Opcional)

Changelog de éstas versiones:

Turbo Dismount Update #3 (v0.6.2)

- Roundabout obstacle placements fixed
- Animated ramps are animating again

Turbo Dismount Update #3 (v0.6.1)

- Mac support added! Please let us know on the forums if there are any issues. 
- Separate Friend Leaderboards 
- In support of gender equality, Ms. Dismount joins the fun! 
- New level: Roundabout 
- Invisible level border walls now have a lovely impact effect 
- Bug fixes (particularly for those of you with the game hanging at start)

 35.3 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 5 crackeado por 3DM Acumulativo (Opcional)

Changelog de ésta version y la anterior:

Turbo Dismount Update #5 (v0.7.0)

Today's update is an overload of silliness, take a look:

Update 5:
-New level: Like a Glove! Practice your parking skills!
-New vehicle: Street Slicer - a skateboard to rule the roads with!
-New vehicle: Token Bird - because all games that become mega-successful need a small round irate fowl that flaps a pair of minuscule wings! World domination guaranteed!
-Sasquatch tweaked, our monster van is now even more monstrous!
-Roadblock tweaked to be a fun hazard for skateboarders
-Some new ground tiles, black vignettes, other small improvements

Turbo Dismount Update #4 (v0.6.5)

- New level: Loop De Loop! 
- Palm trees! Run into your new springy friends! 
- Regular trees fall apart now 
- Improved lighting and colors in most levels 
- Storm Drain setup camera and colliders fixed 
- Corley durability fixed (now possible to drive in Storm Drain)

 36.5 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 5.1 crackeado por 3DM (NECESARIO UPDATE 5) (Opcional)

Changelog de ésta version:

Here are the quick fixes:
- The skateboard no longer trips at Loop de Loop
- The Wedge no longer flies over the level borders on Skid Marks
- Reset-button back-and-forth twitching fixed

4.7 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 6 crackeado por 3DM (Opcional)

Changelog de ésta version:

Turbo Dismount Update #6 (v0.9.1)

You can now create new levels and share them over Steam Workshop! Read the Level Editing Guide and make metal moan!


Other stuff:
-Subscribe to Workshop levels in the game! Click on the "Browse Workshop levels" button in the level selection screen!
-Scoring tweaked! We now have a damage multiplier for quick consecutive impacts!
-Free Cam added! See the crashes from any angle with WASD+LMB! (And Q, E, ctrl and shift)
-Hide the on-screen HUD with ctrl-h for perfect video captures!
-Hotspots and vehicle spots now have a direction indicator
-Physics have been tweaked for improved stability (particularly when you pile stuff in the editor...)
-Road cone obstacle placement fixed
-New objects to place in the editor: steel beam, bush
-Small collider tweaks in many levels
-Replay stutter fixed
-Icon drop shadow fixed
-New environment in the editor: hills

Whew! Now go conquer the Workshop and let us know your thoughts here!

38.2 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 7 crackeado por 3DM (Acumulativo) 14/03/2014

Changelog de ésta version:

Turbo Dismount Update #7 (v0.9.2)

You can now create traffic in your levels! 

- NPC Vehicles can be spawned! Create pile-ups of your dreams! 
- Performance improvements and fixes 
- Longer level timeouts for Workshop levels 
- Level Editing Guide updated 
- New example levels in the level editing tools package 

Check out the Workshop levels!

41.0 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 8 crackeado por 3DM (Acumulativo) 03/04/2014

Changelog de ésta version:

Turbo Dismount Update #8 (v0.9.3)


This time the theme is general improvements all over. Thanks to everyone in the community for your feedback, it's you guys who push the game forward!

Update #8:
- Mr. Dismount terminal velocity and rotation improved!
- NPC vehicle collisions improved (proper mass / velocity inheritance - you'll see!)
- Much improved Workshop level browsing and subscription experience!
- Quality selector! Hold down alt-key when starting the game to bring out the quality selection screen!
- Space Program now brings Glory to Arstotzka! - Huge congrats to Papers, Please for well-deserved IGF victories! We tip our hats!
- Nuts, bolts and springs now fly around in collisions
- Bobblehead photo now properly looks at the camera in replay mode
- OSX version now properly starts in the foreground
- Unvisited and unused levels and items now have an indicator icon
- How did we now have this before? SKID MARKS! Of course! (Not visible in replays yet.)
- Impact sounds improved with a little more punch
- Airtime noted with an icon and score bonuses
- Also plenty of under-the-hood improvements to performance and memory management

42.5 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access incl Update 8.1 crackeado por 3DM (Acumulativo) 04/04/2014

Changelog de ésta version:

Turbo Dismount Update #8.1 (v0.9.3.1)

Update #8.1:

- Skid marks now recorded properly into replays
- Achievement debug messages removed
- Airtime icon improved

42.5 MB

Turbo Dismount Early Access v1.1 crackeado por 3DM (Acumulativo) 18/06/2014

Changelog de ésta version:

Turbo Dismount v1.1 (18/06/14)

New vehicles, optimizations and fixes - here we go! 

- New vehicle: Boss Throne - because office chairs are just the thing! 
- New vehicle: Boogie Bus - shake your hips to this groove! 

- Level Editor Asset Package updated 
- New NPC Vehicle: Hippie Van, in Level Editor Asset Package 

- Fixed custom photo placement on Cool Streak 
- Improved throttle response for "engineless" vehicles 
- Optimized texture and audio memory usage 
- Fixed detached vehicle parts sometimes floating in the air 
- Improved character dismemberment and impact response 
- Fixed airtime starting to run when character is at rest 
- Improved Komrade engine sound 
- Other minor fixes and optimizations

43.7 MB

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