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Terraria - Updates (Actualizable)

Terraria es un juego de plataformas que puedes jugar como tú quieras. Puedes cavar un complejo sistema de túneles o construir una fortaleza inexpugnable suspendida en el aire, y allí cultivar plantas mágicas. Incluso puedes jugar sin tener un refugio, pero es mucho más difícil.

Mientras el de Minecraft es un mundo desolado, en los infinitos mundos de Terraria puedes contar con aliados, que aparecerán conforme incrementes el tamaño de tu casa. Los aliados pueden venderte armas, explosivos y pociones, además de darte consejos y curarte por un módico precio.

El mundo de Terraria rebosa de vida y eventos interesantes. Cuando sale la luna roja, por ejemplo, más vale que te refugies en tu castillo, pues los zombis saldrán en masa a buscarte. Y si te internas en las profundidades de la tierra, puede que encuentres a uno de los jefes finales.

A diferencia de lo que pasa en Minecraft, tus personajes de Terraria no están ligados a un mundo concreto, con lo que agotado uno pueden pasar a otro distinto o visitar al de un amigo gracias al modo multijugador. Además, al morir un personaje, los ítems no se pierden.

Si algo se le puede reprochar a Terraria es la escasa variedad de su música, que acaba por volverse repetitiva. Los gráficos, por otro lado, son deliciosos, y parecen guiñarle el ojo a los grandes éxitos de Amiga o de Nintendo. Incluso en PC modestos, como los Netbooks, el juego fluye.

Si estás cansado de la falta de retos de Minecraft y de su opacidad, te recomendamos fuertemente que pruebes Terraria y nos digas qué te ha parecido.

Plataformas a lo Minecraft
Total libertad de juego
Personajes reutilizables
Modo multijugador
Mundos llenos de vida

Terraria v1.2.2

Changelog de ésta versión

Mechanics and Gameplay:

The content of presents have been altered and now contain more goodies. They are also now placeable and stack in your inventory.
Santa Claus now has a larger variety of Holiday related items that he will sell to you.
Frostmoon is a new event that can be triggered in hardmode. It has 15 standard waves as well as 5 extra bonus waves.
There are several new pets as well as 1 new mount that will drop off one of the Frostmoon bosses.
Holiday themed wallpaper can now be purchased from the Painter. 
Maximum player buff slots has been increased to 22.

New Music:

There is now an alternate to the underground theme.
There is a new track that will play during the Frostmoon.

Bug fixes:

Recording Pumpkin song no longer creates an Ankh.
NPCs now go to shelter during eclipses.
World gen no longer saves broken chest slots.
Increased the damage bonus of stealthing in Shroomite armor.
Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
Flame traps will no longer trigger healing from Spectre Armor.

44.1 MB

Terraria v1.2.3

Changelog de ésta versión

Features and Mechanics:
You can now name chests.
Added ingame settings menu.
There's now options for the ambient sound.
Save and Exit is now in the settings menu.
Added sliders for parallax & volume settings.
Game now loads at saved resolution and even remembers if you use maximized window.
Reforging cost is now 1/3 the value of an item, instead of 1/2 the value.
You can now turn platforms into stairs using the hammer.
Added infinite wiring support across the map.
Updated Robe graphics.
Updated Music Box graphics. Each music box now has a unique design.
Music notes now come from music boxes.
Update the graphics for Cobalt Shield, Obsidian Shield, and Paladin Shield.
You can now place switches and levers on walls.
Accessories now have an option to be visible and show on your character. This can be toggled off and on.
You can now wear vanity wings.
Wings can now be dyed. 
Dyes are now stackable.
Buckets are now stackable. 
Ore now stacks to 999.
You can now change cloths colors at a dresser.
Added Ctrl + Z, X, C, and V (clear line, cut line, copy line, and paste into line respectively).
Added Shift+Insert, Shift+Delete, Ctrl+Insert (paste, cut, and copy respectively).
Added the ability to mine multiple tiles without resetting the hit count on every tile.
Increased tile limit to 65536.
Added cactus variations.
Added biome specific stalactite variations.
You can now place saplings on all grass types.
Reduced the effect of campfire and heart lantern regeneration.
Ancient Shadow armor drop rate was reduced slightly.
Multicore Lighting added to options menu.
There are now critter sounds.
Added sounds for Waterfalls and Lavafalls.
Birds are now more likely to spawn in mornings. Each type has several songs to sing.
When you hover over text in the interface menu the text now turns yellow.
Replaced Tree 9's graphic.
Players have a longer respawn delay after a non pvp death with a boss alive in multiplayer.
Dark tiles on the map no longer tell you what they are when moused over.
Added upside down slopes.
Upside down slopes spawn in new worlds.
Using Mana Potions now puts a debuff on the player that lowers magic damage based on the amount of time left.
Mana potions all have higher stacks.
Spelunker no longer gives off light. This prevents ore from showing up on the map
Spelunker now causes ore to be gold colored on the screen
Hunter potion no longer gives off light. enemies will appear in red, friendly creatures appear in green.
Slightly reduced the chance for rain.
Pyramids are slightly more common.
Waterleaf now only blooms in the rain.
Life crystals no longer spawn in the dungeon.

New Items:
Added several new paint colors: Brown, Shadow, and Negative paint. 
Added Team Dye: Changes colors depending on team.
Added Beetle Armor. There are two difference chest pieces, one for melee offense another for melee defense. 
Added Beetle Husks to craft Beetle Armor - drops from Golem.
Added Beetle Wings.
Added Shroomite Digging Claw.
Added Gemspark Blocks.
Added Gemspark Block waterfalls.
Added Womannequin.
Added several new wallpapers to the Painter.
You can now craft an animated steampunk tileset out of Cogs.
Added several new weapons racks that can be made at a Sawmill. 
All bosses now have a chance to drop a Boss Mask.
Added Waterfall and Lavafall Walls. These are craftable by having a Crystal Ball and glass near a water or lava source. 
The Merchant now sells a Bug Net. 
You can now catch and release several critters using the Bug Net.
You can now place critters in cages.
Added Crimson seeds.
Added 8 new crafting stations.
Over 100 new furnitures were added to existing tilesets.
Added Heavy Workbench.
Added Copper Plating, Stone Slabs, and Sandstone Slabs. These are crafted at the Heavy Workbench.
Added Venom Staff.
Added Super Mana Potions.
New Npc:
Added Stylist NPC (Congratulations Ripsand!) - Sells rare hair dye, changes hair style and color. (spawns in spider caves). She will also sell new hair styles! (Thanks Omnir)
Added 20 new friendly critters.
Added Traveling Merchant. He will randomly show up once you have at least 2 NPCS and stay for one day. His inventory will always be random and present things he has found during his time spent traveling. He has over 30 different things he can sell.

52.6 MB

Terraria v1.2.3.1 19/02/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Balance Changes:
Spectre Hood doesn't increase mana usage anymore.
Made it slightly easier to advance in frostmoon waves.
Made several frostmoon monsters shoot slower and do less damage.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with a naked arm drawing over some vanity shirts.
Fixed bug where Autopause played bad with Chest renaming (and sign editing a bit).
Fixed bug where Brick Layer and Cement Mixer were not reducing stack quantities when placing items.
Fixed bug where prefixes were not getting set properly on a world load.
Fixed bug where coins would disappear during Quick Stack. 
Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate coins with Quick Stack.
Fixed crashes when starting the dedicated server in a language other than English.
Fixed an issue where Team Dyes were causing crashes when used with Capes.
Fixed a bug where the map was drawing Fireblossom wrong.
Fixed a bug where the map was showing Water Candle as Band of Regeneration.
Fixed bug that was causing maps from older versions to erase. 
Fixed a bug where Chests could not be placed on 2x1 tiles. There had to be a solid tile to the right of the chest to place it.
Fixed several typos.
Fixed bug where in-game options Map Control section wasn't blocking input like the regular controls.
Fixed bug where Hardcore characters couldn't open the menu after death.
Fixed bug where opening a chest with a sign open would lock the inventory.
Fixed bug where stylist had a hole in her selling list if you didn't meet a requirement.
Fixed bug where Magnet Sphere applied venom and Venom Staff did not.
Fixed the problem with the familiar wig and missing hair.
Added Butterfly Bottle recipes.
Fixed non-animating critter cages.
Due to layering issues, you can no longer show a shield and a cloak at the same time.
Gemspark blocks now properly glow when dropped as items in the world.
Fixed bug where hidden accessories still applied their dye color (wings still apply it if hidden but in the air).
You can only equip one pair of wings at a time.
Face accessories that shouldn't show hair no longer show hair.
Fixed the Cthulhu typos in game.
Hardmode bosses no longer spawn if another boss is alive.
Hardmode bosses will no longer spawn if no player is above ground.
Fixed an issue where placing a bucket on a mannequin would eat it whole
Fixed workaround delay for placing things on mannequin starts using your items.
The travelling merchant can no longer spawn in lava.
Fixed problems with rescued NPCs not having any names.
Fixed the recipe for Super Mana Potions. They now correctly create 15 Super Mana Potions.
Fixed the Stylist name "Esmeralda" to not have a space at the end.
Platinum coins now stack to 999.
Fixed an issue where tiles might not update properly in multiplayer.
Fixed torches being able to be placed on wrong sides of slopes (that leaves them in air).
Fixed the problem with altars/pots/chests spawning in bugged conditions.
Fixed a bug with ice bricks not blending with snow blocks.
Fixed the Fairy Bell buff from breaking quick buff.
Chests should no longer lose their names in multiplayer.
Fixed bug where players would fall into tiles when walking into a ceiling with a mount.
Fixed bug where Cogs could be overwritten by another item in the Steampunker's shop.
Fixed bug where prefixes would be lost when you buy an item from the shop with right click.
Fixed bug where long hairs would draw the front part in the player's feet when in reverse gravity.
Fixed bug where palladium pickaxe and drill would say they can mine adamantium and titanium when that's no longer the case.
Arcane Rune Walls now count for housing.
Fixed bug that allowed mana hair to go pink when you armor that gives max mana.
Fixed bug where capes did not show properly when mounted.
Fixed issue where maps were not saving on some worlds.
Fixed bug where Blue Moon and Harpoon had invisible hit boxes near the player.
Fixed bug where frostburn wasn't applied in pvp when using flower of frost.
Fixed bug that allowed levers to be placed and immediately broken.
Fixed bug where queen/king statues didn't teleport stylist and travelling merchant respectively.
Fixed bug where painted tiles did not draw on the map properly.
Fixed bug where steampunk workbench was not craftable.
Fixed bug where you could have Fairy Bell and other light pets up simultaneously.
Fixed a few language issues pointed out on the forums.
Fixed a bug where Extendo Grip let you open chests that would instantly close again.

63.6 MB

NUEVO! Terraria v1.2.4.1 06/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:
Pumpkin Dressers now properly take Pumpkins to craft.
Spooky Wood Dresser is now obtainable.
Fixed a bug where Ebonwood Clock would require wood rather than Ebonwood.
Fixed a bug where the Sapphire Staff would require Silver Ore instead of Silver Bars.
All summoning weapons now cost 10 Mana to use. This will allow them to get the Mythical prefix.
All of Fishron?s weaponry now sells for 5 gold coins. This will fix the low prefix costs.
Fixed an issue with Flipper Potions grammar.
Angler?s quests now show when using other languages. The text is still in English...translations should be happening soon.
Topaz Gemspark Blocks now emit yellow light rather than purple.
Fixed a bug where Duke Fishron did not drop Greater Healing Potions when dying.
Fixed the bug where the wiring system was not activating Doors, Music Boxes and Fountains properly.
Added Cactus Platforms and Tables.
Fixed a crash when using Team Dye with a Flying Carpet.
Made Smart Cursor smarter when placing Minecart Tracks.
Fixed a bug where trying to use multiple Truffle Worms while line is pulled would make numerous Fishrons appear.
Fixed a bug where trying to use a fishing pole while pulling a snapped line would make the bobber appear again.
Flailron?s chain will now go back faster if it is too far and disappear if it still cannot catch up.
Fixed a bug where Smart Cursor wall would not ignore doors pillar when open.
Fixed bug where Sleeping Angler Kid would move slowly on tiles if attacked by monsters.
Fixed bug where wing time would go into infinity if you held the jump button while standing and having Rocket Boots equipped.
Fixed bug where Palm Wood and Boreal Wood wouldn?t merge with other wood types.
Fixed bug where Palm Wood and Boreal Wood were not blocking light.
Fixed a bug where Lamp Posts would emit blue light when they are off.
Fixed a leak in the net code.
Fixed bug where the Minecarts could go ultra-speed using boosters. (sorry guys :p )
Fixed bug where the player would stay rotated when leaving a Minecart.
Elf Vanity now drops from Zombie Elves during a Frost Moon.
Sails now cost 50 copper a piece.
The proper items will now drop on Mediumcore/Hardcore deaths.
You can now place Fishing Rods, Rod of Discord, and the Coin Gun in the Weapon Rack.
The Traveling Merchant now sells animal skins at random.
Cooked Fish and Cooked Shrimp are now crafted at a Cooking Pot rather than a Furnace.
Pressure Plate Tracks will no longer change to regular tracks in certain setups.
You can now craft Steampunk Candles.
Fixed bug where High Test Fishing Line accessory did nothing. It now makes sure the line won?t snap.
Fixed bug where pressing ?Reset to default? in controls would reset the quick mana key to M rather than J.
Booster Tracks and Minecart Track intersections can no longer be triggered as rapidly.
Fixed bug where the players hand would draw behind the head when wearing Bee Armor.
Fixed a typo in one of the Merchant?s first names.
Living Fire Blocks no longer die if they are dropped in lava.
The Anchor weapon now comes back to the player if it gets too far away.
Fixed bug where fishing bobbers would not disappear when you die.
Fixed bug where Palm Wood weapons could not get prefixes.
Fixed bug where hardmode dungeon casters would shoot more than 1 projectile in multiplayer.
Fixed a bug where the Hornet, Imp, and Slime minion buffs did not disappear upon leaving a world.
Added the missing Boreal Wood weaponry.
Fixed issues where the Truffle Worm would be consumed without summoning Duke Fishron.
Only one Duke Fishron can be summoned at a time. The bobber will not bob if one is already alive.
Reverted a floating character fix. Platform elevators will work again.
Ocean mobs can now spawn on biome oceans, this applies to the Sleeping Angler Kid as well.
Turtle and Spider armors now dye properly.
Fixed bug where glowsticks will not be selected when the mouse is near the player in a dry area.
Zephyr Fish now has a proper tooltip.
Crimson Axe Banner has a new (fixed) look.
Mannequin and Womannequin have a new item icon.
Fixed the Ebonwood/Shadewood clock mixup.
Using Paint Sprayer with Brick Layer or Cement Mixer now places at the proper speed.
You can now turn when placing Minecart tracks.
Obsidian Chest recipe actually works now and Dungeon chests have recipes.
Fixed a bug that would make recently summoned minions vanish in some circumstances.
Fixed bug that made the game crash when using the anchor under certain circumstances.
Fixed bug where Frost Moon waves 14 to 19 had "Santank" instead of "Santa-NK1" for the name.
Fixed bug where upon loading the player might sometimes have empty spaces between their buffs.
Frost Armor now correctly plays a special sound when hit.
Coralstone Blocks now show up on the map.
Fixed bug where Twin Minion pairs could go uneven / re-summoning would fail.
Fixed bug where trees won't grow behind biome wooden fences.
Right-clicking to open a chest, Piggy Bank or Safe will no longer pick up an item from the stack where the cursor is.
Fixed bug where ?Wyverntail? was named ?Whyverntail.?
Fixed crafting exploit when you right click items in the inventory.
Golden Clock now correctly drops from pirate invasions.
Flesh Blocks now have a squish sound when hit.
Added Glass Chest.
Fixed bugs where swinging coins could do damage.
Fixed an issue where some cloaks were drawing over the Minecart.

55.6 MB

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De nada @yoelcat gracias a vos
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gracias por la nueva versi?
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Me lo descargo para darle una nueva oportunidad al tan famoso Terraria a ver si es tan bueno como lo pintan xD gracias.
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