Megapost PSP todo lo que necesitas aqui! III

Este es un MEGAPOST de PSP, el cual identi no me dejo postear en un solo volumen (ni en dos ni en tres ni en cuatro XD) debido a su extensión espero que sea de su agrado! si no has visto las partes anteriores que esperas!?

La contraseña para TODOS los archivos que descargues en este post esta al final del miso (osea en la parte 5 al final)

Set in the weeks after Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance: Retribution follows the story of former British Marine, James Grayson. After a personal tragedy, Grayson goes on a vendetta to destroy every conversion center he can find. Eventually, Grayson learns that his efforts have been futile... in Western Europe the Chimera have evolved a new method of converting humans. The European resistance - the Maquis - enlist Grayson's help, and he joins Cartwright and Parker in Operation Overstrike.

Welcome to the Corleone family. After a life of small-time jobs and petty thefts you've been accepted into America's most famous criminal organization. Now it's up to you to carry out orders, earn respect, rise through the ranks, and make New York City your own. Play your cards right and you could even be running everything as the next, and most powerful, Don. A story about family, respect and loyalty, The Godfather book by Mario Puzo and film by Paramount Pictures serve as inspiration for the game as you join the Corleone family and earn respect through loyalty and fear as you rise through the ranks to become Don in a living, 1945-1955 New York. The Godfather The Game will put you at the center of action in one of history's most revered cinematic masterpieces, allowing you to create yourself in the game, and then choose your path as you rise from lowly outsider to envied and feared Don.

This James Bond adventure needs a bit more shaking and stirring before it can be a standout among the current breed of console shooters. It's not that The World Is Not Enough is an awful game--it just seems that the world's favorite superspy, despite his many gadgets and guns, just doesn't compete with recent offerings like Medal of Honor Underground.007 isn't known largely for bursting into rooms with guns blazing, mowing down millions of baddies; so, many parts of TWINE require stealth and cunning, instead of an itchy trigger finger. Sadly, most enemies can't shoot straight, and, if you move quickly enough, they'll forget that they ever saw you trying to break into that high-security area.
TWINE features quite a few clips from the movie that keep the story moving along. However, the music features a repetitive, awful remix of the James Bond theme that quickly becomes grating. Fortunately, the highly detailed scenery breathes life into the locales that are featured in the 11 alarmingly short levels of the game.


In the midst of rising instability, insurgents have abducted the U.S. ambassador. Sanctioned by the Panamanian government, America's elite fighting force has been deployed to rescue and extract the ambassador. Take control of an entire SEAL team and engage in real-time tactical combat, where you evaluate each situation, determine a plan of action, and then execute on your command.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a complete re-imaging of the first chapter in the adventure game series.
Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl are heading to a small midwestern resort town. Suddenly, Harry sees a dark figure in the street and swerves to avoid it, causing a serious accident. After coming to, Harry realizes that he has smashed the car and Cheryl is missing. You must guide Harry through the strange town of Silent Hill town while he searches for his daughter Will Harry be able to save his daughter and escape the town in Silent Hill?
The PSP version of Shattered Memories features a more familiar control system and new additions, which are certain to entrance hardened fans of Silent Hill and newcomers alike.


The renowned Silent Hill survival horror series makes its handheld gaming debut with a brand new adventure that reveals many of the series' most hallowed secrets. Assuming the role of Travis Grady, a lone truck driver trapped in Silent Hill while making a routine delivery, players must escape the city's horrific inhabitants and confront the strange hallucinations that have haunted Travis since childhood.
New gameplay elements, such as a barricade system that lets players block off rooms from enemies, and an enhanced camera system deliver an added sense of isolation and anxiety. Taking full advantage of the PSP system's graphics, sound, and portability, Silent Hill Origins sets a new standard in handheld gaming terror.

Y con esto finalizamos los ISOS&CSO 


Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines on PSP is the first Assassin's Creed game on the PSP. It follows the story of Altair right after the events of Assassin's Creed as Altair tracks down the last Templars who fled the Holy Land and retreated to the Island of Cyprus.

Featuring all-new missions, never-before seen in a Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory thrusts players into the boots of an 82nd Airborne Division infantry soldier, a Canadian First Army rifleman (both new to the franchise) and an elite British Parachuting Regiment commando.
Featuring a completely unique set of challenges that include mounted machine gun battles, sniper encounters and aircraft attacks, as well as multiplayer warfare for up to six players (ad-hoc wireless), Call of Duty: Roads to Victory enlists handheld gamers into the fast-paced action and adrenaline-pumping intensity of Call of Duty.

Tag team battling is about to get energized, Dragon Ball style! For the first time in the Dragon Ball series, take part in high-impact 2 vs. 2 team battles in Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team. Experience fierce fighting like never before with 70 playable and customizable characters plus an intuitive control system that allows you to jump right into the white-knuckled action. Various single and multiplayer modes allow you to play through key missions from the original anime, test your skills against an onslaught of skilled fighters or even create your own match-ups never before seen in the anime. You'll need stamina, strategy and Super Saiyan skills to win this competition!

¿Qué mejor forma de descansar después de un buen día de trazo?
The whole ethos of Free Running (an urban environment sport also known as Parkour) is to be free, break boundaries, go where others dare not ... this philosophy mirrors what the PSP is all about -- gaming on the move, anywhere. In this game, the world around you becomes your playground -- where others walk, you jump; where others stop, you climb; where others stall, you leap to victory. Explore the rooftops of London and its environments: Inner City, Dockland and Council Estate. Multiple game modes include: Free Race, Race 'n Chase, Time Attack, Free Style, Target Hit. Master over 40 different moves/tricks, and customize your chaaracter with Adidas clothing, including the Hyperride trainer. Get loose on your own or play against your friends using WiFi technology.

Este es un juego muy especial para mí, ya que fue el primer titulo del que caí enamorado, después de tantos años recuerdo perfectamente las sensaciones que me causó la primera vez que lo jugué (este juego me hace sentir viejo ._.)

Personalmente lo convertí de PSX a PSP (hace ya un par de años) ya que en NINGÚN lugar lo encontré (aun conservo la ISO original por si alguien gusta  ) solo encontraba el Medal of Honor PSX (titulon!) por algún motivo este juego NO tiene sonido alguno, aun asi me pasé todo el juego y me dió una nostagia terrible (recordar los sonidos del juego ayuda entre el silencio del mismo)
Get ready to take on the Nazis in MEDAL OF HONOR: Underground, the sequel to the popular MEDAL OF HONOR. In this game you are Manon Batiste, a French rebel fighting against the Third Reich. Manon has a large assortment of WWII-era weaponry at her disposal, from side arms and rifles to Molotov cocktails and the Panzerfaust (an anti-tank rocket launcher). Enemies sport realistic damage, so remember to aim for the head for maximum effect. But the Nazis are smarter than they look, as the enemy AI is some of the best you're ever see in a game. The developers also put a great deal of effort into giving the game a period feel, including newsreel footage and era-specific music. The fate of the entire world is in your hands are you up to the challenge?

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