Megapost PSP todo lo que necesitas aqui! IV

Este es un MEGAPOST de PSP, el cual identi no me dejo postear en un solo volumen (ni en dos ni en tres ni en cuatro XD) debido a su extensión espero que sea de su agrado! si no has visto las partes anteriores que esperas!?

La contraseña para TODOS los archivos que descargues en este post esta al final del miso (osea en la parte 5 al final)

This new take on the blockbuster Metal Gear franchise gives players a new approach to their espionage. Metal Gear Acid(also lovingly known as Acid Metal by its creators for the trippy take on the series) is a card-based simulation that progresses as a series of missions. Gameplay is somewhat like a 3D board game or RTS, in that players have a set number of moves and actions to take in a given turn sequence -- play out your Weapon card to take down an enemy, play the box Item card to duck into hiding when foes are on patrol, and play the Ninja or Roy Campbell Character card to call in some heavy-duty support from your allies in the field.
The English-language edition of the game introduces wireless multiplayer in the VR realm for two-player battles, a feature not found in the original Japanese game.

Otro juegazo del PSX para el PSP.
Si te gustan las peleas es tu juego!

The sequel to the PSP's first entry in Namco's phenomenal racing series, Ridge Racers 2 adds a number of new modes to the original. In addition to the World Tours, Time Attack and Wireless Battle (still with 8 player ad-hoc support) from the original, you can now take part in Arcade, Duel and Survival modes. The sequel is also packed with cars and tracks, including the highest number of courses yet seen in a Ridge Racer game -- 18 courses from previous games spanning from Ridge Racer to R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. The game promises six machine classes, each with three cars to begin with, as well as a number of secret cars and special classes.

Former heavyweight champ Rocky Balboa steps out of retirement and back into the ring, pitting himself against a new rival. While his passion and spirit are reignited, an older Balboa must consider the mental and physical risks of facing off against a younger, faster opponent. Does Rocky have enough fight left in him to go the distance?

Gabe Logan returns in this exclusive PlayStation Portable mission. Gamers assume the identity of Gabe Logan, a highly-trained Precision Strike Operative, commanding a black box United States Agency that legally doesn't exist. As Gabe, players will have to strategize quickly, as he is responsible to infiltrate, recon and execute decisively. Once inserted, Logan is his own authority -- making life and death decisions, quickly choosing his course of action. An immersive single-player experience also delivering an evolving online multiplayer experience, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror features melee attacks, target lock, precision aiming, target and vision enhancements, enhanced artificial intelligence (AI), and high-tech weaponry. Gamers can choose between difficulty modes that monitor and adjust skill level, multiple unique online maps using both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure connectivity, and four types of gameplay modes in multiplayer.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix takes players on an all new skating blitzkrieg where they embark on the ultimate road trip from Tony Hawk's Underground 2 in addition to wreaking havoc in four never-before-seen city-levels - Las Vegas, Atlanta, Kyoto and Santa Cruz -- that feature original goals, level changing events and unlockable characters. For the first time, players can live the Tony Hawk console gaming experience on a handheld device as they join either Tony Hawk or Bam Margera on a World Destruction Tour where they nail insane tricks with lightning speed or slow motion focus control, pull off mischievous pranks, and conquer sick terrain through 13 single-player levels, or face off against up to three friends in 10 wireless multiplayer games.

Por ultimo este juegazo!

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18 Comentarios Megapost PSP todo lo que necesitas aqui! IV
disculpa socio................. un tremendamente gran aporte?
@skar9999 muchisimas gracias por el apoyo se agradece! e igualmente gracias por mostrarme el error dame un minuto y veo que fall?
@skar9999 para ser que se me pas?
muchas gracias por la rapidisima respuesta?
@skar9999 de nada es ley: si estoy en identi respondo en menos de 1 minuto, si ves que no te respondi es porque no estoy activo   muchisimas gracias me siento contento que te haya servido mas de un aporte ! sobre los puntos ni te preocupes que valoro mucho mas un comentario, saludos y lindo domingo!
@skar9999 de nada para aqui para servirte !
@skar9999 por cierto...tu avatar....R O L F ! tiene un video?  
joajoaoajoajaoa naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh es solo un gif......  
@skar9999 esta buenisimo  
Brutalizando mi PSP por cuarta vez +10
@javiersss va a estallar tu consolaaaa!!! :everybodiespanic: LOL, gracias!
@F051 Bro no me funciona la clave en el silent hill Shattered Memories, podrias revisarlo, y quiza mandarme algun mensaje con el pass? gracias
@Phyr0 claro mira ahorita estoy en camino al trabajo, dame el dia de hoy para indentificar el error, para ma?
@F051 Muchas gracias bro por la respuesta, es raro que no me la acepte por que los demas no dieron problemas, que tengas buen dia tambien bro!!
Muchas gracias amigo por ?
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