Craft the World - Updates (Actualizable)

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Craft the World - Updates (Actualizable)

?Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress.
The game is still under development. This means the game will be improved on a regular basis, through updates that add new features, content and bug fixes.

We invite you to give us your feedback and suggestions to help us create the best game possible. 

This Early Access build features the first world of the game, and in few weeks we are going to release the second (Snow) world.
The core gameplay mechanics are ready to be played but many things are still being worked on. 

During development, Craft The World is available for purchase at a discounted price, which will gradually increase up to its final retail price as the game nears completion. So by ordering now, you get the game in its current state, and you'll get all future updates for free.?


Para cambiar el idioma editar el archivo lang.txt Russian a English

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v0.9.015 31/01/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+ Added ability to set up signs and quickly jump between them 
+ It's unable now to disassemble spells, elixirs and food 
+ Added new dwarf animations (equilibrium loss, falling), fixed some yanking animations 
+ Now you can mark more types of blocks with the right mouse button 
+ AI fixes: prevented the fall during canceling the task, improved pathfinding including underwater, fixed behavior during attack of the unreachable monster 
+ When switching siege mode, dwarves without beds walk to the totem 
+ Improved direct control mode 
+ The fallen deeply water blocks now fill up the pond 
+ Added bush animation 
+ Increased activity of beholders appearing from red portals, decreased shock wave effect from fireball spell 
+ Limited the life duration of night monsters and monsters from red portals 
+ Limited respawn quantity of giant ants population 
+ Fixed behavior of frostlings under attack 
+ Increased doors durability 
+ Big yetis are given some probability to kill another creature during kick 
+ Added status string for dwarves working with workbenches and other tools 
+ Added siege mode button for German version 
+ Fixed bug - monsters couldn't jump on 1 block height 
+ Fixed item disassembling bug related to auto creation of other items 
+ Fixed quest dialog appearing in the start menu 
+ Fixed bug with dwarf sleep after bed removal 
+ Fixed bug with red marks on the walls after bush gathering 
+ Fixed bug with unlimited stone knives 
+ Fixed horn spell 
+ Memory leaks fixes 
+ Fixed bug with the unlimited water gathering 
+ Fixed bug with the hats quantity after restarting the game 
+ Deleted one of two elevator quests 
+ Several minor bug fixes

75.8 MB

v0.9.016 25/02/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+ Fixed a bug with the loss of previously saved games. 
+ Fixed a bug with the loss of one object parsing multiple items into components. 
+ When installing units gnomes being built at this place crawling snails. 
+ Fixed bug with using furnaces, workbenches and other devices when they are dismantling during use. 
+ Changed recipes Tesla towers, furnaces and mills. 
+ Fixed bug with overflowing water simultaneously from several blocks.

91.5 MB

v0.9.018 06/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión y de la anterior:

+ Added new skeleton : skeleton schitonosets ( gets 5 times less damage from towers Tesla , 3 times less - from the arrows and 2 times - from fireballs ) , skeleton construction ( building bridges across the great abyss ) .
+ Improved AI gnomes : the collection of resources they reserve several units that can carry, and other dwarves do not have to go after them in vain .
+ With the destruction of the gnomes goblin stairs tree falls , unlike the cases of self-destruction stairs .
+ Added a new more powerful magic staff .
+ Acceleration game no longer affects the interface (scrolling maps, etc. ) and precipitation .
+ Increased strength of the lower layers of the earth and blocks with minerals - build advanced tools for digging .
+ New icon alchemist .
+ Increased the amount produced at one time for the rail w / road , the increased speed of trolleys .
+ Fixed jam goblins in reservoirs .
+ Fixed bug with tornado blowing gnomes on the edge level . Reduced frequency of tornadoes.
+ Spell rain no longer causes a tornado on a desert planet .
+ Fixed view of safety goblin camp during the attack.
+ Fixed: the larvae can not attack gnomes diagonally across nevykopannye blocks.
+ Fixed jam fireballs in flight when you exit the game .
+ Fixed bug with wood technology in the transition to the next planet, do not add specific recipes for the next planet .
+ Disabled selection of old wood recipes in your game.
+ Fixed output weapons gnomes at its replacement and loss of animation during the battle .
+ Fixed a bug crawling on the side walls of the gnomes and jump to an empty block .
+ Fixed a bug in the calculation of progress for objects created on various devices .
+ Fixed a problem duplicating items in fast cells.
+ Minor fixes in lyrics dialogues and descriptions of objects .
+ Other minor fixes .
+ Fixed a bug with the loss of previously saved games.
+ Fixed a bug with the loss of one object parsing multiple items into components.
+ When installing units gnomes being built at this place crawling snails.
+ Fixed bug with using furnaces, workbenches and other devices when they are dismantling during use.
+ Changed recipes Tesla towers , furnaces and mills .
+ Fixed bug with overflowing water simultaneously from several blocks.

92.2 MB

v0.9.020 20/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión y de la anterior:

+ Borders seekers (blocks, which runs asterisk) have high strength against the attacks of monsters , compared with conventional units.
+ Slingshots now not slow monsters ( like fences ) and hinder their advancement. Destroying their monsters receive additional damage.
+ Dwarves with staffs have unlimited use lightning spell in between the fireball spell .
+ For most skills ( skills ) added special items that enhance the effect of existing gnome skill. These objects should be placed in the appropriate slot equipment gnome.
+ Dwarves will improve their existing skills ( skills pumped ) when the relevant work .
+ Added 2 types of boxes ( backpacks ) , which increase the load on the 1 and 2 subjects .
+ Output portal spells always opens at the main warehouse.
+ When the complete destruction of all the monsters in the wave is given a considerable amount of experience points .
+ Number of experience points for destroying the monster now depends on the supply of health.
+ Improved algorithm for calculating the boundaries of asylum based on interior doors .
+ Increased the amount produced at a time of log bridges .
+ Fixed the possibility of vertical lift shafts overlap each other.
+ Fixed some errors in the attack frostlingov .
+ Improved AI archers, so they are not attacked by ghosts underground. If an archer misses the target a few times , then the problem of attack is canceled for him.
+ Fix: Do not get experience when replacing blocks backsheet .
+ Fixed: tornado destroyed a brick wall.
+ Fixed: crystals grown in the occupied buildings blocks.
+ Fixed: giant worm dug earth under additional warehouse and blocked it .
+ Fixed some causes crash the game.
+ Improved AI skeletons builders.
+ Improved replacement blocks dwarves, excluding failure Tesla towers and other structures by replacing blocks under them.
+ Added Mithril and gold shoes, added the initial clothing gnomes for desert planets.
+ Added new tools : steel pickaxe and an ax , a wooden staff , a heavy bow , enhanced pictures of silver instruments.
+ Added new sounds for the beasts and monsters.
+ Balanced strength of underground layers , depth of underground resources and features picks .
+ Warning that dwarf drowning is now displayed at least - with a small balance of health and stay longer in the water.
+ Changed recipes : silver pick, longbow , workshop, magic stick , Mithril pickaxe and an ax .
+ Changed the requirements for the presence of devices for making items : Mithril pickaxe , ax , staff, hammer , helmet, silver armor , steel and a pick ax , iron club , an ax and a pickaxe .
+ Fixed disappearance of the recipes in sandbox mode after restarting the game .
+ Fixed a mismatch count new recipes displayed on the call button and a dialogue workshop in the dialogue.
+ Fixed to a page in a dialogue workshop when you click on the resource (the cell with the question ) . still unexplored in the recipe.
+ Fixed display of objects located on the 2nd and 3rd pages of dialogue in equipment , while dragging.

100.5 MB

v0.9.021 21/03/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+ Fixed bug with broken elevators. 
+ Fixed bugs delineate home for some cases. 
+ Changed recipe Tesla tower for compatibility with old tree recipes. 
+ Fixed bugs in the German version of the text. 
+ Fixed bug: do not show number of points player experience in the German version.

100.5 MB

v0.9.022 03/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+ Added boss monsters that inhabit the abandoned rooms and are the guardians of the portal scrolls . Now to rebuild the portal , you will need to find all the custodians and deprive them of the scrolls . Keepers are very dangerous (!) And apply various types of attacks . However, they are vulnerable to weapons of mithril .
+ Added a new tower defense rifle available at an early stage of technology development .
+ A new kind of Tesla towers using animation.
+ A new kind of animation using the forge .
+ Improved AI archers : now they do not run back when attacking harmless creatures : chickens , sheep , etc.
+ Implemented greater account of existing skills gnomes . Now, some work is expected gnome with relevant skills.
+ Gnomes can now use wizards cooked player elixir bottles to treat their comrades.
+ Completely replaced pictures and animation fish.
+ Prohibited disassemble totems in the campaign , as then again they can only produce at the end of the tech tree .
+ Tesla Tower no longer fails when changing the configuration of wall on which it stands.
+ Slingshots monsters destroyed without residue resources.
+ During the movement of the dwarves can overtake each other at a sufficiently large difference in speed.
+ Improved pathfinding gnomes through the portals opened spell.
+ Improved the behavior of the gnomes in the elevator if they start attacking enemies .
+ When direct control is now included in gnome portal automatically , and does it by pressing "up arrow" (or «W»).
+ If a player is selected object ( block) in rapid cell for installation on level , clicking on the scaffolding , they are not removed , and the subject is being installed .
+ Tornado rips not block ground ( sand) , if it stands on top of the design, which can not carry out a tornado ( an iron cage , a smithy , etc.).
+ When disassembling ext. warehouse, it falls to the resources with their partial loss .
+ When disassembling 2- type blocks walls, one behind the other , not to the menu selection. Instead, first removed the front wall unit , then - block rear .
+ Check inaccessible unit does not appear on the luminaires found in secret rooms to which the dwarves can not get to light .
+ Reduced price spells call imps .
+ Fixed bug with pumping ability cook , regardless of device , which worked dwarf.
+ Fixed bug : gnome gets off the elevator directly to the mine and falls (or jumps out of the truck ) , if you select it and click the button to go to sleep .
+ Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the object ( structure) from falling on top of him block sand.
+ Fixed a possible replacement of the bas-reliefs on the other blocks .
+ Improved the behavior of gnomes with simultaneous cross- installing multiple units .
+ Fixed bug with collecting impami resources away from the warehouse.
+ Fixed a bug with the advent of the water inside the solid blocks.
+ Fixed bug with jitter animation big creatures ( beholders ) in narrow tunnels.
+ Fixed shake screen when zooming in direct control mode gnome.
+ Fixed a bug with the advent of the beholders on the surface at the start of a new level .
+ Fixed a bug when you restart the level of his game mode associated with the message inappropriate boundaries seekers remaining from the previous game.
+ Fixed some cases crash the game.

101.5 MB

v0.9.023 11/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+Redrawn pictures and animation of main and additional stockpiles.
+Redrawn picture and animation of workbench.
+The type of ground blocks at secret rooms now depends on depth.
+Redrawn pics of back wall underground blocks.
+Improved dwarves pathfinding through the floating portals.
+Player doesn?t receive plain green shirts as a reward for quests.
+Decreased creature damage from magical explosion spell.
+Increased durability, distance and inflicted damage for archer towers.
+Increased damage from Tesla towers.
+Dwarves can collect items from shop immediately after buying.
+It?s unable now to kill keepers with sand blocks. They also drop valuable resources after death.
+Item names now shown for inactive technologies in the tech tree.
+Fixed bug with stocks quantity displaying.
+Fixed bug with dwarves self-dying with generating a lot of items.
+Fixed bug with frostlings climbing.
+Fixed bug with archers walking animation.
+Fixed bug with trees growing at the places of cut-down trees. Trees didn?t grow until game restart.
+Fixed crush while placing block in direct control mode.
+Fixed displaying of elevator platform for some cases.
+Fixed bug with tile roof transformation into ground block.
+Fixed bug with multiple placing of scaffold at the same place.

102.6 MB

v0.9.024 24/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+Added giant pyramids above ground at desert levels. They consist of extremely hard blocks and have tunnels with many traps. They have many valuable items and coins inside guarded by monsters horde. Don?t try to rob them until you get strong team. You should remember that pyramids block your magic force. You need to restart desert level to generate pyramids.
+Balanced the frequency of trees appearing. Now new trees may grow even there is a block above. Trees appearing are blocked on bones bridges and behind the constructions.
+Improved monsters AI so they can destroy blocks of roof to penetrate into the shelter.
+While making items at workbenches the items sequence is mixes up to make different items. For example if you gave tasks to make arrows and planks, dwarves make them mixed up with each other.
By pressing the Ctrl key you can call additional panel with fast slots.
+Redrawn blocks of ocean coasts.
+Now you don?t find coins, books and recipes while destroying your own placed blocks.
+Limited distance of lightnings from magic staff. Blocked arrows type selection for mages.
+Dwarves won?t sleep at the flooded beds now. Increased influence of the bed?s type on health recovering rate.
+Item names are displaying now for slots at the equipment dialog.
+Increased effect of several monsters attacking the same door.
+Blocks under stone portal were made indestructible.
+Decreased frequency of grabbing blocks by tornado by 5 times.
+Increased mana recovering rate to one per 3 minutes.
+Fixed interface elements disappearing.
+Fixed jamming of elevators cabins.
+Fixed bug with trolleys jumping between lines after breaking the railroad.
+Fixed bones bridges displaying. Now skeletons can?t replace other block by their bridges.
+Fixed jamming of larvas at the blocks edges.
+Fixed bug with different water levels inside the pool with thin walls.
+Fixed bug with big mummy cutting bushes.
+Fixed bug with construction placing blocked by portal spell.
+Fixed bug with invisible dwarves helmets.
+Fixed bug with placing ladder on top of the trees and columns.
+Fixed some crush cases.
+Fixed several minor bugs.

102.6 MB

 v0.9.025 25/04/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

Hot Fix

+Fixed bug with game working under OSX 10.6
+Fixed bug with trees disappearing at the snow world.
+Fixed bug with luxury beds where dwarves won?t recover their health.
+Improved pathfinding for monsters to the dwarves shelter bypassing the doors.
+Fixed automatic ladders demolition after removing the upper section.
+Fixed bug with jumping up items lying at the ground.
+Fixed items dragging between main and additional slots panel.

90.2 MB

v0.9.026 06/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+Increased monsters waves strength. If monsters haven?t enough night time to exit from single portal then the additional portals will be opened.
+Improved dwarves pathfinding. Attack tasks are automatically canceled for unreachable creatures.
+Improved imps pathfinding.
+Player can change beds orientation like doors.
+Player can dynamically switch the view for paintings, pennants and gargoyles.
+Changed size of several items for placing them near beds. Totem occupies 2 vertical blocks now.
+Scroll keepers now won?t use ranged attack for running away dwarves.
+Scaffolding can prevent falling of a sand block now.
+Changed recipes: bread, wine barrel. Now you have to use workbenches to craft simple bow, glass and scaffolding.
+Fixed bug with simultaneously using several workbenches of the same type.
+Fixed trolleys stacking.
+Fixed generating of stone mountains.
+Fixed completion of ?cut a tree? quest.
+Fixed completion of ?build the portal? quest.
+Fixed bug with dwarves arrival when it happens simultaneously with gaining new player?s level.
+Fixed invisible trees arriving when using growing spell.
+Bushes won?t grow now over portal and inside natural caves.
+Fixed entering the portals in direct control mode.
+Fixed dwarves behavior when destroying a block under a bed a dwarf is sleeping on.
+Fixed illuminating of several constructions.
+Fixed view of melting ice and snow blocks.
+Removed stone knife from shop.
+Fixed work of the parameter ? limit of gathering resources.

102.6 MB

v0.9.027 08/05/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+Configured the max number of monsters in waves depending on difficulty level.
+Monsters waves now consist of undead only (without yetis and mummies) but they have a maximum variety of creatures at the same wave.
+Slightly strengthened yetis and mummies because they don?t belong to the waves now and can be met rarer.
+Increased influence of the difficulty settings on the monsters health and strength.
+Steam cloud is supported now.
+Improved dwarves AI. Now all dwarves take part in a battle if player selected target.
+Fixed ? dwarves didn?t attack enemies outside the shelter when siege mode was turned on.
+Fixed bug with the same resource displayed on the two slots panels.

102.6 MB

v0.9.029 05/06/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:

+ Improved dwarves AI: underwater digging, pathfinding, gaining skills.
+ New comfort formula includes perimeter walls, interior items, housing space for 1 dwarf, illumination, web and bushes inside the shelter.
+ New pics and animations of some plants, resources, constructions and workbenches.
+ New magical statues giving bonus to some skills.
+ Torches and other similar constructions can be placed on the 3rd back wall.
+ Hot keys CTRL+R(est) sends all dwarves with health under 70% to sleep, CTRL+E(at) sends all starving dwarves to eat.
+ When imps spell run out, imps carry last items to the stockpile and disappear only after that.
+ Reordered quests except the tech tree quests (required level restart).
+ Damage of dwarf reduced when he stays behind the loophole.
+ Fixed inflicted damage of 3rd level Tesla Tower.
+ Fixed attack mark disappearing when clicking on monsters.
+ Water blocks won?t disappear now deep under water.
+ Resources are not spent now In sandbox mode when crafting known spell.
+ Fixed calculation of shelter borders when removing totem.
+ Fixed empty dwarves names when switching languages.
+ Limited skill level up to 100% (without skill items).
+ Fixed torches burning under water.
+ Fixed displaying of animated items when scrolling and scaling.
+ Spikes can be placed only atop the level block.
+ Added archers animation (aiming up and down).
+ Fixed simultaneously using of the same bed by dwarves.
+ Blocked portal spell prolongation near main stockpile.
+ Changed recipe of portable miner?s lamp.
+ Performance optimization.
+ Minor bugs and interface fixes and changes.

108.6 MB

NUEVO! v0.9.033 01/08/2014

Changelog de ésta versión:


112.9 MB

Traducción al español

Gracias al amigo estreydha 


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44 Comentarios Craft the World - Updates (Actualizable)
Muchas gracias por todos los juegos que compartes. Feliz Navidad!!! Saludos.
gracias es el juego o solo el update?? si es el update puedes subir el juego porfavor gracias
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Es un gustazo @hazael_07 feliz navidad para vos y tu familia y de nada, gracias a vos por el comentario!  

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De nada @axn14 es el juego  
que divertido juego ya voy  lvl 10
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Si @XxoriolxX , la verdad que est?
Pongo english en el archivo lang pero igualmente no me cambia el idioma
Agregada v0.9.011
soy el unico que no lo puede poner en ingles? no entiendo nada en ruso....jajaja
@pigu6 Abre el juego, guiate en la imagen de ahi arriba (la del menu principal). en opciones la ultima opcion es la de cambiar el idioma, la que tiene el nombre largo, que empiesa como con "AHn", y tiene 2 "?
Agregado Update v0.9.012
hay alguna forma de jugar multiplayer?
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Todavia no hay ninguna @rolrobby, creo
Agregado Update v0.9.013  
Agregado Update v0.9.014 17/1/2014
Agregado Update v0.9.015 31/01/2014
Agregado Update v0.9.016 25/02/2014
Agregado Update v0.9.018 06/03/2014
Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.020 20/03/2014
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Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.023 11/04/2014
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Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.025 25/04/2014
Bajando... Se te agradece.
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De nada @estreydha a vos te agradezco por estar en el post.


Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.026 06/05/2014
Muchas gracias, ya baj?
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Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.027 08/05/2014
De nada, bro. Gracias a ti por las actualizaciones. Bajando la nueva.
Que tengas buen d?
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Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.029 05/06/2014
Hola tengo una duda lo que pasa que descarge el juego hasta ai todo bien y me lo puse jugar horas segidas me encanto pero tengo un error en la que cuando en la parte inferior donde tenes las casillas con los objetos por ejemplo que esta la puerta para poner las antorchas y etc lo que quiero yo es cambiar las cosas de las casillas por las que tengo el inventario
Tengo una duda la traducci?
Que buen trabajo con las actualizaciones. +10
Me bajo el juego que se lo vi a un youtuber jugandolo que suelo ver y me gusto quiz?
Robas los links de la pagina
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disculpame pero me hiciste reir.
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
y lo que pasa es que soy muy gracioso.
no hablando enserio haces manso laburo en tus post como este y te felicito pero en la pagina estan LOS MISMOS juegos que subis vos y en esa pagina los sube antes y vos al rato los subis.
Cita IvoD: Mostrar

Si, dijeronque creo que anan robando link desde ahi, no se bien por que no entr?
Hola amigo, muy buen trabajo. Si alguno pudiera abrir el main.pak de la traducci?
Problema resuelto gracias a @IvoD
Agregado NUEVO! v0.9.033 01/08/2014
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