Starbound - Updates 3DM - FTS (Actualizable)

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Starbound - Updates (Actualizable)

In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who?s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you?ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe. 

You?ll encounter procedurally generated creatures and weapons, discover populated villages and abandoned temples. Explore planets dotted with dungeons, eyeball trees and treasure. Make use of over a hundred materials and over one thousand in-game objects to build a sprawling modern metropolis or a sleepy secluded cabin in the woods, and do all of it alone or with friends! 

Starbound lets you live out your own story of space exploration, discovery and adventure. Settle down and farm the land, hop from planet to planet claiming resources, or make regular visits to populated settlements, taking on jobs and earning a living. NPCs are scattered about the worlds, offering quests and challenges for those looking for a little extra excitement in their lives. 

Key Features: 
6 playable races 
A procedurally generated universe with unlimited procedurally generated planets 
All content available in online drop in/drop out co-op 
Generated dungeons full of unique enemies 
Randomly generated monsters 
Thousands of items 
A deep crafting system 
PVP gameplay 
Own and decorate your own Starship 
Develop your own home planet 
Menacing boss battles 
Procedurally generated guns and melee weapons 
Farming, hunting and survival mechanics 
Built from the ground up to support modding 
Ongoing free updates 
Multi-platform multiplayer


OS: Windows XP or later 
Processor: Core 2 Duo 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Network: Broadband Internet connection 
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space


OS: Windows XP or later 
Processor: Core i3 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: Discrete GPU capable of directx 9.0c 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Network: Broadband Internet connection 
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space


Les recomiendo esta versión para descargarStarbound Incl. Update 3 Annoyed Koala Descarga Opcional

879 MB

Update 4 - Windows - Frustrated Koala Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión

- Massively reducing the pixel cost (sometimes eliminating it entirely) on early weapons/armor. You can build a refinery in later tiers to turn ores of all kinds into pixels.   (done)
- Monsters now have a small chance to drop meat when killed with normal weapons. (done)
- You can no longer teleport to another players ship from underground (done)
- Bandages are now craftable with 4 plant fibres, no longer require fabric (done)
- Fix human starter chest showing apex starter items (done)
- Monsters now have a 70% chance to drop meat when killed with a hunting weapon, up from 50% (done)
- Make guards you?ve summoned refer to you as their boss (done)
- Make the refinery appear earlier in the game  (done)
- Reduced fuel costs a bit to go to other planets (done)
- Tweaked wording of starter quests to encourage exploring of more planets.  (done)
- Added hunting knife weapon that also makes monsters drop meat (done)
- Added new legendary weapon (done)
- Pixel loss on death reduced to 20% for testing, might change further  (done)
- [16:27] <Mortvert> Tiy_, Also, could you make silver more visible, please?   (Done)
- Added new armor that provides a good amount of warmth early on in the game at the sacrifice of armor levels. (done)
- Tweaked the UFO boss to make him smash blocks. (done)
- Also make him a little bit easier by changing him to level 9 from level 10 (done)
- Revamping the warmth bar to make it more obvious (suggestion by thedbp on reddit)    (done)
- Increase mining speed a little (done)
-Add numbers above the hotbar slots (done)
- Craftable climbing ropes! (done)
- Make sure hunger bar is always shown when eating food (done)


- Make hunger bar display when the alt key is held down (done)

- Added a dumb, quick way to advance through some of the tier 4-10 content (armors, weapons), just for fun. Complete tiers of content are coming really soon. I?d like to get 1/2 tiers of content done per week. (done)
- Fixed a bug where minibosses over level 11 were not dropping the rare items they were supposed to be dropping. They now drop guns. (Thank you to <ippia> for finding this) (done)
- Ufos should hopefully not fly off anymore, they were actually flying off to attack birds! (done)
- Tons of bug fixes
- Bartwe is working on the windows XP issues, not sure yet if it?ll be done by tonight but fingers crossed. Might be tomorrow.
This is just what I?ve done so far this morning, I?ll add to this list as more is added for tonights update.

6.2 MB

Update 5 - Windows - Indignant Koala 12/12/2013 Descarga Opcional

6.1 MB

Update 6 - Windows - Offended Koala 15/12/2013 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión

++ Notice

-- This assumes you have already updated to Update #5 (Indignant Koala)
-- If you haven't, update to it, then apply this patch.

++ Update #6 (Offended Koala) Release Notes:

-- Experimental gun rebalance
-- Experimental biome settings
-- Streamlined mod support, more details here
-- Unique monster changes
-- Enable plasma guns
-- Fix naked NPC merchants
-- New portable pixel printer item (you must unlock tier 2 for it to show up
   in crafting).
-- Tons of new blocks and items to craft
-- New random encounters with unique items to find
-- Lots of work in progress server changes
-- Pets only attack npcs that are attacking the owner
-- New songs to play on instruments including christmas carols
-- New novelty hats
-- Pets now level up
-- You can no longer warp to gas giants
-- Lots more fixes and small additions
-- This update includes fixes to balance; characters and worlds are NOT being
   deleted, but if you want to experience the balance update, you'll need to
   delete your characters, or worlds.

6.7 MB

NUEVO! Update 7 - Windows - Angry Koala 23/12/2013 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión

A ton of new content in this update. We've added a bunch of new features to world generation,
which might require you to start on a new universe. To make sure you get access to all the new
crafting items you either need to unlock sectors again or create a new character.


- Added skyrails based on Apjjms mod!
- Added a brand new weather system, moddable weather/new environment effects
- Hydrophobic objects are destroyed by all liquids
- Trees can now be planted
- Critical items stay on the ground longer
- Some new monster behaviours
- You must now be orbiting a planet to set it as your home
- Free teleportation to home planet from ships teleporter
- add acid rain, meteor showers, water collecting during storms and more
- made species mods easier to combine with one another
- add support for keysignature and keysignature changes for the abc system
- Disable speedlimit for default projectiles to fix inaccurate bullets
- New craftable turrets based on healthire's mod
- You can now land on asteroid fields, based on hints mod
- Tech now has descriptive instructions
- Tons of Christmas stuff!!
- Pos no longer 1 hit kill you
- You can no longer breath on moons or asteroid fields without the proper equipment
- Better fix fall damage
- New barren planets perfect for building
- Gravity now varies from planet to planet
- Some planet backgrounds improved
- Existing biomes can appear with different liquid types
- You can now craft racial flags, to show you've been to a planet
- NPCs will now switch to melee weapons up close
- More random encounters
- Pos can now be captured
- Wiring station can now be built to access to a ton of different wiring tools
- fixed mech legs
- tons of server improvements

Requerido Update 6

19 MB

Update 7.1 - Windows - Angry Koala 23/12/2013 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión

"An update has been pushed live, fixes duplicating chests and crashing instruments among other issues."

Requerido Update 7

6.1 MB

Update 9  Enraged Koala 18/02/2014 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:

February 18, 2014 in Featured, News, Patch Notes

Roses are red
The dirt on Alpha Tau Aur 5472 IV is blue
This update is a bit late for Valentine?s Day

This update will allow us to add new biomes and make changes to worlds without the possibility of the player losing their world. There will likely be one more world wipe sometime in the future when we finalize the universe layout. This won?t include a character/ship wipe, though, and you can still back up your worlds.

A ton of work has gone into our patching system. After this update, we?ll be able to push content updates as and when they?re completed, rather than waiting for big engine updates to be completed. Updates after this patch will come at a near daily rate.
Additional goodies:

Valentine?s Day items including swords, costumes, decorations, bow, etc
Engine feature, tech can now be granted by armors
Keybinding reconfiguration, minus the UI (you can reconfigure keys through a config file- check here for a tutorial)
Server stability fixes for servers with many players
New death animations
Engine feature, all objects are now scriptable and interactive
More Avian weaponry
Projectile changes
Dogs can now be captured (lots more pets coming soon)
A bunch of new items and smaller pieces of content
New (actually sounds good!) microphone instrument with sounds provided by Smooth McGroove!
Bug where warping to magma/volcano biomes caused crashing was fixed.

852.3 MB

Update 9.1 Hotfix 1 Enraged Koala 19/02/2014  Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:


854.9 MB

Update 9.2  Enraged Koala 19/02/2014 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:

Issues surrounding hotfix 2 for Enraged Koala

WARNING: If you have not yet started playing, please make a backup of your ship file, which is located in your steam folder/player/*.shipworld and backups of your world files located in your steam folder/universe/*.world

CLARIFICATION: We?ve already pushed a partial fix for this issue that ought to prevent more containers from being erased. Please let us know if this is not the case.

A few hours ago, we pushed a second hotfix to Enraged Koala to fix an issue with seats and beds not being interactive. It worked fine in our limited test cases, but we quickly discovered after pushing from community feedback that it was deleting containers from some preexisting worlds. Some of these were things like the shiplocker and fuelhatch which cannot be legitimately obtained in the game, rendering that ship unplayable.

The only fix for this issue right now is to remove your shipworld and allow the game to regenerate them, or restore from backup if you have one. You will lose the contents of your ship if you do not have a backup.

We are all deeply sorry for the lost data, and will work hard in the future to prevent issues like this from occurring.

848.5 MB

Update 9.3  Enraged Koala 20/02/2014 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:


635.5 MB

Update 9.5  Enraged Koala 22/02/2014 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:

Another small update to Enraged Koala, fixes the alpha sector not being unlocked and some other small-ish bugfixes.

Adds a new Heck biome, which for technical reasons will change the universe generation process, so if you have a world and you want to keep your world accessible, make sure to go visit it before grabbing the latest patch so it¡¯s stored in the new celestial database.  Similarly, to find the new heck biome you may have to travel to a world on the map you haven¡¯t seen before.

Some other items and things were added, but not sure if they¡¯re accessible yet.

635.4 MB

Update 9.6.1  Enraged Koala 18/03/2014 Descarga Opcional

Changelog de esta versión:

Hey guys! We?ve been working a lot on progression this week, but that stuff?s not quite ready to be pushed yet. We have pushed a small update to unstable, though! No updates to the stable branch, as we?ve still got a bug or two to fix first. We?ll be making one more upload tonight, and then hopefully pushing an update to stable on Monday.
Remember to report any new bugs (relevant to this update) in the comments below!
More edge case lua <-> C++ work
Made songbook UI more compact
2 new weathers! (ground mist and wind storm)
Several more Agaran encounters and objects

662.8 MB

NUEVO! Update 9.8  Enraged Koala 26/04/2014

Changelog de esta versión:

Update 4/26/14: The unstable branch has been pushed to stable!

Here?s what?s new:

Updated OSX build scripts to allow it to work with OSX 10.7+ ? Please let us know if this is working for you!
Fixed issue where Grappling hook sometimes causes a crash
Added new function to lua API to get item descriptor (not just name) from an entity?s hand ?entityHandItemDescriptor?
Fix visual smelting bug
Made preview images flippable for asymmetric tiered doors
Fixed issue with build tests

668.0 MB

Para jugar Online y Multiplayer

Van a la carpeta del juego, abren la carpeta win32 y hacen doble click en el archivo SmartSteamLoader, se les abre el juego automáticamente, van a la opción Multiplayer y agregan el server que deseen, sus propios dedicados o eligen alguno de ésta página:
Muchísimas gracias @Rapth0r

Crear un Server Dedicado

Lo primero que van a hacer es abrir el puerto 21025 TCP

 1. Van a Panel de control, Firewall de Windows, Configuración Avanzada, van a la opción Reglas de entrada de su lado izquierdo y a Nueva regla de su lado derecho y ahi mismo configuran el Puerto.

2. Abren la carpeta de Starbound,  win32 y hacen doble click en el archivo starbound_server con eso solo se les abre una ventana donde se empiezan a crear sus dedicados

Una vez creado tenemos que conectarnos a nuestro server.. asi que tenémos que saber nuestra verdadera IP, para saber cual es vamos a tener que abrir Simbolo de sistema y poner el comando IPconfig, nuestra IP verdadera va a ser la de la imagen

Abrimos el archivo SmartSteamLoader, vamos a Multiplayer y agregamos nuestra IP, con esto ya estamos conectados a nuestro propio Servidar Dedicado

Nuestros amigos de confianza se tienen que conectar a la misma IP porsupuesto, esto seria todo, asi de facil.


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Agregado Update 5 - Windows 12/12/2013  
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Agregado Update 6 - Windows - Offended Koala 15/12/2013 !!  
man, esto se puede jugar con amigos? como se haria? disculpa mi ignorancia...
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Gracias Men  
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Como estas @  , yo creo que todavia no, si encontras el steamwork fix avisame, todavia no lo encontr?
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Si, ser?
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Cita Rapth0r: Mostrar
Afirmo y comfirmo que funciona perfecto 100% desde el SmartSteamLoader , poniendo cualquier server de la p?
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
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Supuestamente creando un host, un dedicado @SATCHNICO , estoy viendo eso, cualquier novedad aviso  
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geniaaaal! estoy al tanto! te sigo
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Ya est?
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De nada @yosep110 gracias a vos por entrar y comentar  
@Quehacesti man, disculpa, tengo una ultima duda, ya descargue todo, pero solo descomprimi el rar mas pesado, y con ese ya puedo jugar o.O los otros patches que pesan menos, los ejecuto? o tengos q descomprimirlos en la misma carpeta del juego? me perdi, porq dnd no se instala ni nada... jajaj gracias!
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Si @SATCHNICO , ten?
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
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No, ten?
WOW gracias por compartirlo,espero que esta vez si me funcione . Ya he descargado otras versiones pero ninguna funciono   .espero que esta version me pueda funcionar ya que desde que he visto el juego   quede impactado.
Cita Reyghel: Mostrar

De nada @Reyghel, gracias a vos, no te preocupes qu funciona perfecto, saludos y gracias por comentar  
Lamentablemente . No me ha funcionado   . He descargado todo y he instalado los updates cada uno con sus cracks correspondiente,pero cuando ejecuto la aplicaci?
Cita Reyghel: Mostrar
Muchas gracias, completisimo el post.
Cita YiYo!: Mostrar

De nada @YiYo! gracias por comentar  
gente, alguien sabe si para que tu amigo se conecte a tu server, tiene que tener habilidato el puerto 21025 tambien? y si lo tiene que tener como regla de entrada o salida, porq logro crear el server, y puedo entrar, pero mi amigo no puede conectarse... agradezco si me dan la solucion :S
Cita SATCHNICO: Mostrar

Si @SATCHNICO tu amigo lo tiene que tener habilitado tambi?
Hola, me he descargado el Starbound con la ultima versi?
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Cita UlisesSk8: Mostrar
Cita SATCHNICO: Mostrar
rq yo encontre muchisimo de todos o.O en el planeta del pollo ademas... lo qeu si es medio escaso es el silver, pero lo demas, hay de todo[/quote]

Entonces es descartado un bug, no hay error..
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En realidad ten?
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Cita UlisesSk8: Mostrar
uso los mismos que estan aca, para jguar multiiplayer con un amigo, me parecio mas facil jugarlo con hamachi, que solo tenes q crear la red virtual, montar un server, y listo.
Agregado Update 7 - Windows - Angry Koala 23/12/2013 que lo disfruten!  
Wow pues muchas gracias por el nuevo Parche, acaba de salir hoy!!
A ver si ya se arreglan algunos errores del patch 6 con este.
Cita judacedi: Mostrar

De nada @judacedi , arregla algunos errores, de a poco se van arreglando los bugs, gracias por comentar  
Agregado NUEVO! Update 7.1 - Windows - Angry Koala 24/12/2013
Gracias Brother!!! Consigues los Updates Muy Rapido, Eres Un Master
Hola , el juego anda perfecto , pero en el multiplayer no me deja conectarme a los servidores porque dice que tienen una version distinta , salio alguna otra update o me faltara algo? , (baje todas las updates)
Cita Rapth0r: Mostrar

De nada @Rapth0r perdoname que te contest?
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eres un maestro socio, gracias por los updates, todos los dias reviso a ver si sale el 8  
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Muchas gracias a vos @froddy_11 por tu comentario, todavia no hay novedades del 8 pero en cualquier momento tiene que estar por salir, un abrazo
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9  Enraged Koala 18/02/2014
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar

Eres un crack! lo estaba buscando como loco justo ahora. Muchas gracias Gracias! Llevo tres dias con este juego y me encanta!  
Cita Threce: Mostrar

Jjajajaj muchas gracias @Threce  , oj?
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9.1 Hotfix 2 Enraged Koala 19/02/2014
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar

amigo, el link de la ultima actualizacion 9.2 da error, ayer mismo cuando lo subiste funcionaba. Pero ahora no :/
Cita Threce: Mostrar

Como est?
@Threce listo, ya funciona todo de nuevo  
Cita Quehacesti: Mostrar
gracias jefe!
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9.3  Enraged Koala 20/02/2014
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9.5  Enraged Koala 22/02/2014
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9.6.1 Enraged Koala 18/03/2014
amigo una duda para bajar el juego cual link me descargo el primero o el nuevo update q pesa 662mb
Cita mrt25: Mostrar

Como est?
@Quehacesti  gracias amigo por el juego y por la pronta respuesta se te agradece
Cita mrt25: Mostrar

A vos gracias @mrt25 por el comentario  
Agregado NUEVO! Update 9.8  Enraged Koala 26/04/2014
Gracias viejo   desde hace tiempo lo queria jugar  
Cita Jadensumer: Mostrar

De nada @Jadensumer ! un gusto y gracias por estar en el post  
ya descargue este una vez y todavia lo tengo funcinara con el save que yo tengo del anterior???
Cita St3alth: Mostrar

SI @St3alth , si seguis teniendo el save de 3DM no hay ningun problema
es independiente la 9.8 ?
Cita St3alth: Mostrar

Si @St3alth , es acumulativa
El ultimo link esta caido
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