Jump Start PHP

Jump Start PHP


PHP is a hugely popular language that powers the backend of 80% of websites, 
including Internet giants such as Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress. 
It?s an easy language to learn and great for beginners, so you can get up and 
running fast! 

In Jump Start PHP you?ll learn step-by-step how to build a 
complete blog application, understand how PHP works with data, and improve 
the security of your PHP apps. In just one weekend, you?ll have a solid base
 to start writing PHP on your own! 

Que se pretende enseñar

No Previous Knowledge Required: Start by installing PHP and the best free tools 
Nail the Basics: Learn syntax, operators, loops and functions 
Write Better Code: Understand Object Oriented Programming, and learn best practices used by the pros 
Build your Resume: PHP is a rock-solid language to add to your list of skills 

¿Para quien esta dirigido?

Developers seeking a rapid introduction to PHP. You?ll need to know HTML and CSS, and experience with other programming languages would be useful. 


Chapter 1. Server Kick-Start 
Chapter 2. PHP & Data 
Chapter 3. Objects and OOP 
Chapter 4. Forms 
Chapter 5. Sessions and Cookies 
Chapter 6. PHP and Security 


Paperback: 150 pages 
Publisher: SitePoint (October 2013) 
Language: English 

Excelente libro AL DÍA para recién iniciados en PHP o en la programación.


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@pablo1416 tu puedes hacer una web con Hangouts de Google  como esta de https://es.verbling.com/community  duda  require php creo ?
Cita LexotaniI: Mostrar

Ese tipo de paginas se llaman single web page y se hacen mediante el uso de frameworks javascript y alg?
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