Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Update 1.01

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update 1.01 Changelog

- hit indicator is now disabled in True West difficulty mode

- new option to disable crosshair regardless of the difficulty mode
- new option to adjust mouse sensitivity on duels
- new settings available in video.scr file
- additional checks before posting scores to the leaderboards
- additional credits


- fixed problems with audio on 7.1 output configurations

- fixed crashes related to using 7.1 audio configurations
- fixed potential crash when using long Steam nicknames with non-latin characters
- leaderboards now correctly display nicks with non-latin characters
- patched up heavy stuttering when using certain keyboard and mouse models
- workaround for blocks when booting the game on systems that have problems with video playback
- tweaked enemy behavior on duels to avoid duels with no conclusion
- fixed HUD gadget in Arcade mode sometimes not displaying "versus" friend's name
- fixed navigation and centering in My Score and Friends leaderboards
- tweaks and fixes in the Japanese localization


1. Copiar y reemplazar todo este contenido de la carpeta en el directorio del juego
(C: Archivos de programa Call of Juarez Gunslinger - por defecto)

2. Ejecutar Update.v1.01.bat 

3. Cambiar el nombre de jugador y english x spanish en "3DMGame.ini"


Cómo seguir usando el viejo (RELOADED) Perfil / juegos guardados:

> Copie los archivos dentro de los C: Archivos de programa RELOADED NICKNAME 204450 storage out

a C: Users nombre de usuario AppData Local SKIDROW 204450 Storage out

> Para las opciones avanzadas del sistema vaya a C: Users nombre AppData Local Techland cojgunslinger out Configuración,

abrirlo con Wordpad y edición Audio.scr y Video.scr a su gusto
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