Soundtracks Deluxe Vol. 8

The X-Files Soundtrack (Volume One) (Mark Snow)

Título Original: The X-Files
Título Español: Expediente X
Compositor: Mark Snow
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2011 (1993)
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 311 min
Tamaño: 657 MB


01. The X-Files Main Title
02. Scully to DC - Scully Meets Mulder (Pilot)
03. The Close Encounter (Pilot)
04. Scully & FBI Goon (Pilot)
05. FBI Secret Vaults (Pilot)
06. Hidden Away (Squeeze)
07. Slimed (Squeeze)
08. Cuffed and Tubbed (Squeeze)
09. On the Waterfront - Suspended Max (Fallen Angel)
10. Sweeper (Roland)
11. Out the Window (Roland)
12. Ramblin' Roland (Roland)
13. Green Goo Chase (The Erlenmeyer Flask)
14. The Wells Brain (The Erlenmeyer Flask)
15. Dead Man's Thoughts (Little Green Men)
16. Fish Food (Little Green Men)
17. Two Miles Off Jersey (The Host)
18. Honey Wagon (The Host)
19. Guillotined (The Host)
20. The Return (One Breath)
21. Uniforms (One Breath)
22. Players (One Breath)
23. Trust Your Pistol (One Breath)
24. Reanimation (One Breath)
25. Guardian Angel (One Breath)
26. The Mourn (Anasazi)
27. Mercy Wound (Anasazi)
28. Anasazi (Anasazi)
29. The X-Files End Credit (Extended #1)

01. The X-Files Main Title (Short)
02. Choo Choo Sushi (Nisei)
03. Rail Song (Nisei)
04. Graves (731)
05. Derailed (731)
06. Back in the Hood (Piper Maru)
07. Harold & Chrissy (Jose Chung's From Outer Space)
08. Closure (Jose Chung's From Outer Space)
09. Dim Memories (The Field Where I Died)
10. Jonestown Cocktail (The Field Where I Died)
11. Extra-Ordinary Men (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)
12. A Place in History (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)
13. Respect (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)
14. El Camino (Paper Hearts)
15. Watergate Heart (Paper Hearts)
16. Hanging Boy (Kaddish)
17. Spirit Wedding (Kaddish)
18. The X-Files End Credit (Extended Remix)

01. The X-Files Main Title (Remix - Short)
02. JJ's Diner (The Post-Modern Prometheus)
03. Post-Modern Posse (The Post-Modern Prometheus)
04. Mother Genes (Christmas Carol)
05. Little Box of Sand (Emily)
06. Closure (The End)
07. Quest For Swath (Triangle)
08. Roadblock (Dreamland)
09. Home Sweet Home (Dreamland)
10. The Imposter (Dreamland)
11. A Brief History of Fox (Dreamland II)
12. Number 42 (Dreamland II)
13. House Organ - Irrational Fear (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
14. Bricks (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
15. Piano on the Tack (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
16. Fair Warning (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
17. Star Crossed Bullets (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
18. A Gift (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
19. The Patriarch (Two Fathers)
20. A Mother's Abduction (Two Fathers)
21. Train Tune (One Son)
22. The X-Files End Credit (Extended #2)

01. The X-Files Main Title (7th Season)
02. Five Cards (The Goldberg Variation)
03. Sea of Blood (The Sixth Extinction)
04. The Martyr (The Sixth Extinction II Amor Fati)
05. The Smell of Zombies (Millennium)
06. The End of the Crusade (Millennium)
07. Waterson (All Things)
08. Sniper Zombies (Hollywood A.D.)
09. Dancing Bones (Hollywood A.D.)
10. Hollywood (Hollywood A.D.)
11. The Kiss (Hollywood A.D.)
12. Scully's Serenade (Within)
13. Hide & Seek (Without)
14. Starspeak (This Is Not Happening)
15. Hidden Truths - Big Happening (This Is Not Happening)
16. Triangle (Jump the Shark)
17. Weird Organs (Jump the Shark)
18. Lone Gunmen Requiem (Jump the Shark)
19. The Tip (Release)
20. A Synopsis & Release (Release)
21. Mount Weather (The Truth I)
22. Scary Story - For Whom the Smoke Blows (The Truth II)
23. The Truth is Inside (The Truth II)
24. The X-Files Main Title (Remix)
25. I Made This - 20th Century Fox Fanfare


Da Vinci´s Demons Soundtrack (Bear McCreary)

Título Original: Da Vinci´s Demons
Título Español: Da Vinci´s Demons
Compositor: Bear McCreary
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2013
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 90 min
Tamaño: 209 MB


01. Da Vinci's Demons (Main Title Theme)
02. Assassination in Milan
03. The Glider
04. Starlings
05. The Sons of Mithras
06. Flight of the Columbina
07. Lucrezia Donati
08. The Secret Archives
09. Ben Venga Maggio
10. The Hidden Map
11. Prayer to Saint Michael (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
12. The Story of the Shield
13. A Cheval Toutes Homes a Cheval
14. Jacopo
15. Vlad the Third
16. Miserius Omnium
17. Visions of Lucrezia (feat. Laura Haddock)
18. Treasures of the Vatican
19. The Lullaby
20. Red in the River
21. The Future of the Sons of Mithras
22. Visions and Demons
23. The Astrolabe
24. The Lovers
25. Easter Mass
26. Da Vinci's Demons End Credits


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Soundtrack (Bear McCreary)

Título Original: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Título Español: Terminator: Las Crónicas De Sarah Connor
Compositor: Bear McCreary
Tipo De Banda Sonora: Score
Año: 2008
Formato: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Duración: 64 min
Tamaño: 139 MB


01. Samson And Delilah
02. Opening Title
03. Sarah Connor's Theme
04. Cromartie In The Hospital
05. Andy Goode's Turk
06. Central America
07. John And Riley
08. Derek Reese
09. Ain't We Famous
10. Motorcycle Robot Chase
11. The Hand Of God
12. Prisoners Of War
13. Mike Dyson's Grave
14. Atomic Al's Merry Melody
15. The Reese Boys
16. Removing Cameron's Chip
17. Ellison Spared
18. I Love You
19. Catherine Weaver
20. Derek's Mission
21. There's A Storm Coming
22. Highway Battle
23. Perfect Creatures
24. End Credits


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