Memes vs Zombies apk android

Memes vs Zombies is a game about jumping around and smashing through hordes of zombies! Much like Super Mario Bros., you'll traverse through different settings in this shooter/platformer mash-up. Gun & blood your way in this free game, while still trying to escape devilish zombies who're trying to whack you. This is what some would call "Survival Comedy" instead of Resident Evil's classic "Survival Horror".

Some of the Memes featured in this game are:
·        Derp
·        Rageguy
·        Me Gusta
·        Trollface
·        Fapfapfap guy
·        I See What You Did There and many more!
If you like games like Zynga's ZombieSmash, Plants vs Zombies, Contract Killer: Zombies or Canabalt, Meganoid and Bit.trip Runner, this is for you! Or you know, if you just like ragecomics where some troll and others go FUU, this is for you too!


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8 Comentarios Memes vs Zombies apk android
como lo descargo??
@david6666 @paolon2  perdon perdon, ya esta  
Jajajaja que divertido y simple. Buen aporte
instant copy y paste xD
Spaninglish (? JAJA entretenido el juego  
jaja la mayoria aca sabe ingles  
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