Anthrax -compilado B-sides y E.P. s


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                                 Armed and Dangerous 1985

 1. "Armed and Dangerous" 
2. "Raise Hell"  
3. "God Save the Queen"
4. "Metal Thrashing Mad" 
5. "Panic" (Live)
6. "Soldiers of Metal" 
7. "Howling Furies"

                                       mp3   128 kbps


                                           Iam the Man        1987 

1. "I'm the Man" (Censored Radio version)
2. "I'm the Man" (Def Uncensored version)
3. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"     cover Black Sabbath
4. "I'm the Man" (Live)
5. "Caught in a Mosh" (Live)
6. "I Am the Law" (Live)

                            mp3   128 kbps            27 mb



                                        Penikufesin 1988
1. "Now It's Dark"  
2. "Antisocial"      cover de Trust en frances
3. "Friggin' in the Riggin'"   Sex Pistols cover
4. "Parasite"   cover de kiss
5. "Sects"        cover de Trust
6. "Pipeline"  cover de The Chantays

                                               mp3 192 kbps


                                  Attack of the Killer B's        1991

1."Milk (Ode to Billy)"  cover S.O.D.
2."Bring the Noise"   con Public Enemy
3."Keep It in the Family"  live
4."Startin' Up a Posse"  
5."Protest and Survive"   cover Discharge
6."Chromatic Death"    cover S.O.D
7."I'm the Man '91"  
8."Parasite"       cover Kiss
9."Pipeline"  cover de The Chantays
10."Sects"   cover de Trust
11."Belly of the Beast"  live
12."N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)" 

                                  mp3 128 kbps              35 mb


                                                 Inside Out     1999

1 "Inside Out"        Dimebag Darrel guitarra lider
2 "Snap / I'd Rather Be Sleeping          cover D.R.I
3 "Phantom Lord           cover Metallica
4 "The Bends"          cover Radiohead

                    mp3     320 kbps                 37 mb

                                        Rare traxx  compilado de B-sides

1-Auf Wiedersehen   Cheap Trick cover
2-Cowboy Song          Thin Lizzy cover
3-Looking down the barrel of a gun     Beastie Boys cover
4-Love Her all I Can       Kiss cover
5-Poison my eyes
6-Destroyer    Twisted Siter cover
7-London         The Smiths cover
8-She     Kiss cover
9-Dethtoned Emperor       Celtic Frost cover
10- Grunt and Click
11-Celebrated Summer  Husker Du  cover
12-No time this time    The Police  cover
13-Remember Tomorrow   Iron Maiden cover
14-Watchin you     Kiss cover
15-Bordello of Blood       
16-Burnin up    Judas Priest cover
17-Rip it out    Ace Frehley cover

                              mp3 192 kbps                       97 mb


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