Metallica Megapost (75cds) Discografia 320k

Este post lo dejo para que puedan ver las tapas del nuevo.

No estan los links de descarga aca, solo los playlist y tapas.

Kill em all

01. Hit The Lights

 02. The Four Horsemen

 03. Motorbreath

 04. Jump In The Fire

 05. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

 06. Whiplash

 07. Phantom Lord

 08. No Remorse

 09. Seek & Destroy

 10. Metal Militia


Ride The Lightning (1984)


01. Fight Fire With Fire

 02. Ride The Lightning

 03. For Whom The Bell Tolls

 04. Fade To Black

 05. Trapped Under Ice

 06. Escape

 07. Creeping Death

 08. The Call Of Ktulu


Master Of Puppets (1986)


01. Battery

 02. Master Of Puppets

 03. The Thing That Should Not Be

 04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

 05. Disposable Heroes

 06. Leper Messiah

 07. Orion

 08. Damage, Inc

...And Justice For All (1988)


01. Blackened

 02. ?And Justice For All

 03. Eye Of The Beholder

 04. One

 05. The Shortest Straw

 06. Harvester Of Sorrow

 07. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity

 08. To Live Is To Die

 09. Dyers Eve


Metallica (The Black Album) (1991)


01. Enter Sandman

 02. Sad But True

 03. Holier Than Thou

 04. The Unforgiven

 05. Wherever I May Roam

 06. Don?t Tread On Me

 07. Through The Never

 08. Nothing Else Matters

 09. Of Wolf And Man

 10. The God That Failed

 11. My Friend Of Misery

 12. The Struggle Within


Load (1996)


01. Ain?t My Bitch

 02. 2 x 4

 03. The House Jack Built

 04. Until It Sleeps

 05. King Nothing

 06. Hero Of The Day

 07. Bleeding Me

 08. Cure

 09. Poor Twisted Me

 10. Wasting My Hate

 11. Mama Said

 12. Thorn Withing

 13. Ronnie

 14. The Outlaw Torn


Reload (1997)


01. Fuel

 02. The Memory Remains

 03. Devil?s Dance

 04. The Unforgiven II

 05. Better Than You

 06. Slither

 07. Carpe Diem Baby

 08. Bad Seed

 09. Where The Wild Things Are

 10. Prince Charming

 11. Low Man?s Lyric

 12. Attitude

 13. Fixxer

St. Anger (2003)



 02.St. Anger

 03.Some Kind Of Monster

 04.Dirty Window

 05.Invisible Kid

 06.My World

 07.Shoot Me Again

 08.Sweet Amber

 09.The Unnamed Feeling


 11.All Within My Hands


Death Magnetic (2008)


01. That Was Just Your Life

 02. The End Of The Line

 03. Broken, Beat & Scarred

 04. The Day That Never Comes

 05. All Nightmare Long

 06. Cyanide

 07. The Unforgiven III

 08. The Judas Kiss

 09. Suicide & Redemption

 10. My Apocalypse


Live Shit: Binge & Purge(1993)



 01 Enter Sandman

 02 Creeping Death

 03 Harvester Of Sorrow

 04 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

 05 Sad But True

 06 Of Wolf And Man

 07 The Unforgiven

 08 Justice Medley

 09 Solos (Bass Guitar)



 01 Through The Never

 02 For Whom The Bell Tolls

 03 Fade To Black

 04 Master Of Puppets

 05 Seek & Destroy

 06 Whiplash



 01 Nothing Else Matters

 02 Wherever I May Roam

 03 Am I Evil

 04 Last Caress

 05 One

 06 Battery

 07 The Four Horsemen

 08 Motorbreath

 09 Stone Cold Crazy





 01 The Ecstasy of Gold

 02 The Call of Ktulu

 03 Master of Puppets

 04 Of Wolf and Man

 05 The Thing That Should Not Be

 06 Fuel

 07 The Memory Remains

 08 No Leaf Clover

 09 Hero of the Day

 10 Devil?s Dance

 11 Bleeding Me



 01 Nothing Else Matters

 02 Until It Sleeps

 03 For Whom the Bell Tolls

 04 Human

 05 Wherever I May Roam

 06 The Outlaw Torn

 07 Sad But True

 08 One

 09 Enter Sandman

 10 Battery


Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria(2009)



 01 The Ecstasy of Gold

 02 Creeping Death

 03 For Whom the Bell Tolls

 04 Ride the Lightning

 05 Disposable Heroes

 06 One

 07 Broken, Beat & Scarred

 08 The Memory Remains

 09 Sad But True

 10 The Unforgiven


 01 All Nightmare Long

 02 The Day that Never Comes

 03 Master of Puppets

 04 Fight Fire With Fire

 05 Nothing Else Matters

 06 Enter Sandman

 07 The Wait

 08 Hit the Lights

 09 Seek & Destroy



 01 That Was Just Your life

 02 The End Of the Line

 03 Holier Than Thou

 04 Cyanide

 05 Blackened

 06 Helpless

 07 Trapped Under Ice

 08 Turn the Page

 09 The Prince

 10 No Remorse

 11 Fuel

 12 Wherever I May Roam

 13 Harvester of Sorrow

 14 Fade to Black

 15 ...And Justice For All

 16 Dyers Eve




1994 Covering'EM (Live)

01. So What - Including Opening

02. Stone Cold Crazy

03. Last Caress

04. Little Wing

05. The Heavy Joke

06. Mistreated

07. Am I Evil (With Diamond Head) 

08. Helpless (With Diamond Head) 

09. So What (Extended Version With Animal of Anti-Nowhere League) 

10. Let It Loose

11. Killing Time

12. Hit The Lights (Demo)

13. The Mechanix (Demo)

14. Motorbreath (Demo)

15. Seek And Destroy (Demo)

16. Metal Militia (Demo)

17. Jump In The Fire (Demo)

18. Phantom Lord (Demo)

Garage Inc. (1998)


Disco 1:

 01. Free Speech For The Dumb

 02. It?s Electric

 03. Sabbra Cadabra

 04. Turn The Page

 05. Die, Die My Darling

 06. Loverman

 07. Mercyful Fate

 08. Astronomy

 09. Whiskey In The Jar

 10. Tuesday?s Gone

 11. The More I See


Disco 2:

 01. Helpless

 02. The Small Hours

 03. The Wait

 04. Crash Course In Brain Surgery

 05. Last Caress/Green Hell

 06. Am I Evil?

 07. Blitzkrieg

 08. Breadfan

 09. The Prince

 10. Stone Cold Crazy

 11. So What

 12. Killing Time

 13. Overkill

 14. Damage Case

 15. Stone Dead Forever

 16. Too Late Too Late


1982 The Real No Life 'til Leather (Demo & Archive)

01 Motorbreath.mp3 7.7 MB 

02 The Mechanix.mp3 10.4 MB 

03 Jump In The Fire.mp3 8.9 MB 

04 Seek And Destroy.mp3 11.3 MB 

05 Phantom Lord.mp3 8.3 MB 

06 Metal Militia.mp3 12.2 MB 

07 Hit The Lights.mp3 9.9 MB 

08 Hit The Lights (Archive).mp3 9.9 MB 

09 The Mechanix (Archive).mp3 11.1 MB 

10 Motorbreath (Archive).mp3 7.8 MB 

11 Jump In The Fire (Archive).mp3 9.1 MB 

12 Whiplash (Archive).mp3 9.8 MB 

13 No Remorse (Archive).mp3 12.9 MB 

14 Hit The Lights (Archive).mp3 

1990 One Last Visit (Garage '82 Demo & Archive)

01 Hit The Lights

02 The Mechanix

03 Motorbreath

04 Jump In The Fire

05 Seek And Destroy

06 Metal Militia

07 Phantom Lord

08 Killing Time

09 Let It Lose

2008 Demo Magnetic

01 Hi Guy [That Was The End Of Your Life]

02 Neinteen [The End Of The Line]

03 Black Squirrel [Broken, Beat & Scarred]

04 Casper [The Day That Never Comes]

05 Flamingo [All Nightmare Long]

06 German Soup [Cyanide]

07 UN3 [The Unforgiven III]

08 Gymbag [The Judas Kiss]

09 K2LU [Suicide & Redemption]

10 Ten [My Apocalypse]

2008 Demo Pack (2 CD )


01 Aint my bitch

02 Better than you

03 Bleeding me

04 Carpe diem baby [skimpy]

05 Devil's dance

06 fixxxer

07 Fuel

08 Fuel II

09 Hero of the day

10 King nothing

11 Low man's lyric

12 Metal militia

13 Motorbreath

14 Nothing else matters II


15 Outlaw [outlaw torn]

16 Phantom lord

17 Seek and destroy

18 Skimpy

19 The memory remain

20 The story so far

21 The unforgiven II

22 Until it sleeps

23 Wasting my hate

1996-2005 Metallica Fan Can 1-5 (5 CD)

1998 Best Ballads

1998 The Golden Unplugged

2000 Until the Studioshit Load

2003 Best Of The Best (3 CD)

2003 Frantic (Elektra Studio Live, 2 CD

2005 The Best Ballads (2 CD)

2008 Greatest Hits (4 CD)

2009 Remixes

1983 Dave 'em all!

1987 The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited

1988 One

2004 Some Kind Of Monster

Live Before Death Part One (Old Waldorf 82)

Live in Battle Creek 1989

Enter Mainhattan - Frankfurt 1992

Candy For The Kids Miami 1994

No Life Til Leather 1982

 Cliffs Last Show Stockholm 1986

Recuerden que todas las tapas estan dentro de los rar en el otro post, salvo la gira World Magnetic que no tiene ninguna...
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rayos! acaso es mi cumplea?
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1998 The Golden Unplugged

Este es, fijate de ponerlo solo en el explrador por las dudas, a mi lo toma perfecto, y mi pony tambien.

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