Acaro - The Disease Of Fear (2012) [Melodic Death/

Genre: Melodic Death/Metalcore
Origin: (USA)
Lyrics: N/A
Year Of Creation: N/A
Kevin Smith Bass
Jason Fitzgerald Drums See also: Overcast
Chris Robinson Guitars See also: Infinite Descent
Felipe Roa Guitars See also: Angor, ex-Target, ex-Untombed
Chris Harrell Vocals See also: ex-Burn in Silence, ex-Your Pain Is Endearing
01. The Disease of Fear 02:52
02. This Treachery 03:39
03. Salvations End 03:54
04. Throne of Blood 03:05
05. Becoming The Process 03:24
06.   R.O.J.   05:28
07. Morituri 02:30
08. Forever is Temporary 05:05
Total Time: 29:57
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