Enslaved - RIITIIR (2012) [Prog Black/Viking Metal

Genre: Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Origin: (Norway)
Lyrics: Occultism, Death, Satanism, Lovecraft (old)
Year Of Creation: 1988
· Herbrand Larsen Guitars, Keyboards, Mellotron, Vocals (2004-present) See also: ex-Audrey Horne
· Ivar Bjørnson Guitars, Keyboards (1991-present) See also: Trinacria, ex-Desekrator, ex-Inoculate Injure, ex-Phobia, ex-Borknagar, ex-Satyricon (live), ex-Taake (live)
· Grutle Kjellson Vocals, Bass (1991-present) See also: Trinacria, ex-Desekrator, ex-Phobia, ex-V:28, ex-Insanity, ex-Tangerine Funk
· Arve Isdal Guitars (2002-present) See also: Audrey Horne, Demonaz, I, Ov Hell, Trinacria, ex-Malignant Eternal, ex-Bourbon Flame, ex-God Seed (live)
· Cato Bekkevold Drums (2003-present) See also: ex-Demonic, ex-Sirius, ex-Reaktor, ex-Dunkel:heit, ex-Red Harvest, ex-Ashes to Ashes
01. Thoughts Like Hammers 09:30
02. Death in the Eyes of Dawn 08:17
03. Veilburner 06:46
04. Roots of the Mountain 09:17
05.   Riitiir   05:26
06. Materal 07:48
07. Storm of Memories 08:58
08. Forsaken 11:15
Total Time: 1:07:17
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