Discografias: Down y Rage against the Machine +DVD

5ta entrega mis amigos del Metal
Hoy tenemos  Down y Rage against the Machine por mediafire y en excelente calidad, 320kbps la mayoria.

y como ando de festejo porque subí de rango les dejo en DVD y MP3 el Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium de Rage against the Machine



1. Temptation's Wings 
2. Lifer 
3. Pillars of Eternity 
4. Rehab 
5. Hail the Leaf 
6. Underneath Everything 
7. Eyes of the South 
8. Jail 
9. Losing All 
10. Stone the Crow 
11. Pray for the Locust 
12. Swan Song 
13. Bury Me in Smoke 

II A Bustle in Your Hedgerow

1. Lysergik Funeral Procession 
2. There's Something on My Side 
3. The Man that Follows Hell 
4. Stained Glass Cross 
5. Ghosts Along the Mississippi 
6. Learn From This Mistake 
7. Beautifully Depressed 
8. Where I'm Going 
9. Doob Interlude 
10. New Orleans is a Dying Whore 
11. The Seed 
12. Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But... 
13. Flambeaux's Jamming with St. Aug 
14. Dog Tired 
15. Landing on the Mountains of Meggido 


III Over the Under

1. 3 Suns and 1 Star 
2. The Path 
3. N.O.D. 
4. I Scream 
5. On March the Saints 
6. Never Try 
7. Mourn 
8. Beneath the Tides 
9. His Majesty the Desert 
10. Pillamyd 05:18 
11. In the Thrall of It All 
12. Nothing in Return (Walk Away) 
13. Invest In Fear (Bonus Track)


Diary Of A Mad Band

1. Losing All
2. Lifer
3. Lysergic Funeral Procession
4. Rehab
5. Temptations Wings
6. Ghosts Along The Mississippi
7. Learn From This Mistake
8. Hail The Leaf
9. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
10. Lies, I Don?t Know What They Say But?
11. Underneath Everything
12. The Seed
13. Eyes Of The South
14. Jail
15. Stone The Crows
16. Bury Me In Smoke



Rage against the machine (1992) 

1. Bombtrack 
2. Killing in the Name 
3. Take the power Back 
4. Settle for Nothing 
5. Bullet in the Head 
6. Know your Enemy 
7. Wake up 
8. Fistful of Steel 
9. Township Rebellion 
10. Freedom 



Evil Empire (1996)  

1. People of the Sun 
2. Bulls on Parade 
3. Vietnow 
4. Revolver 
5. Snakecharmer 
6. Tire Me 
7. Down Rodeo 
8. Whitout a face 
9. Wind Below 
10. Roll Right 
11. Year of the Boomerang 

El 20 de Enero de 1997 se juntan Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello (ambos RATM), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) y Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros) y tocan en Los Angeles unas versiones inéditas de temas contenidos en el Evil Empire, las canciones están cambiadas totalmente y a veces apenas se reconocen. Destacan "Down Rodeo", "Tire Me" o "Bulls On Parade".

Evil Empire (reinterpreations)

01.Down Rodeo 
03.Tire Me 
04.Without A Face 
05.People of the Sun 
06.Roll Right 
07.Bulls On Parade 
08.Wind Below 
09.Year of The Boomerang/Revolver



Live & Rare (1998)  

1. Ain't nothin da fuck wit 
2. Clear The Lane 
3. Mindsets a threat 
4. No Shelter 
5. Darkness 
6. Fuck Tha Police (Live) 
7. Zapata's Blood (Live) 
8. Hit the deck (unreleased) 
9. Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox (Live) 



The Battle of Los Angeles (1999) 

1. Testify 
2. Guerrilla Radio 
3. Calm like a Bomb 
4. Mic Check 
5. Sleep now in the Fire 
6. Born of a broken Man 
7. Born as ghosts 
8. Maria 
9. Voice of the Voiceless 
10. New Millenium homes 
11. Ashes in the Fall 
12. War within a Breath 



Renegades (2000)

1. Microphone fiend 
2. Pistol grip pump 
3. Kick out the jams 
4. Renegades of funk 
5. Beautiful World 
6. I´m housin´ 
7. In my eyes 
8. How I could just kill a man 
9. The ghosts of the tom joad 
10. Down on the street 
11. Street fighting man 
12. Maggie´s farm 


Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (2003)

1. Bulls on Parade
2. Bullet in the Head
3. Born of a Broken Man
4. Killing in the Name
5. Calm Like a Bomb
5. Testify
7. Bombtrack
8. War Within a Breath
9. I'm Housin
10. Sleep Now in the Fire
11. People of the Sun
12. Guerrilla Radio
13. Kick out the Jams
14. Know Your Enemy
15. No Shelter
16. Freedom




Espero que disfruten los Discos!!

Saludos Camaradas!

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te dejo los 5 que me quedan  
super post, muchas gracias y aguante el metal
Gracias Chewie   jajajajaja
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Gracias Muchachos, disfruten los disco!  
maestro, excelente... me llevo el Diary Of A Mad Band que me faltaba
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Gracias viejo! lleve nomas!  
Solo te puedo dar 5 puntos, as?
Baje el ultimo Live de RATM gracias viejo chubi saludos, sigue asi?
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Hola, bajo el tercero la batalla de los angeles de Ratm, y su album de covers; no hay puntos porque soy novato. Gracias por tus aportes chubi
Excelente Post  
Los links de DOWN estan rotos  
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