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Kill em all

01. Hit The Lights
02. The Four Horsemen
03. Motorbreath
04. Jump In The Fire
05. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
06. Whiplash
07. Phantom Lord
08. No Remorse
09. Seek & Destroy
10. Metal Militia



Ride the lightning

01. Fight fire with Fire
02. Ride the Lightning
03. For Whom the Bell Tolls
04. Fade to Black
05. Trapped Under Ice
06. Escape
07. Creeping Death
08. The Call of Ktulu



Master of puppets

01. Battery
02. Master Of Puppets
03. The Thing That Should Not Be
04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
05. Disposable Heroes
06. Leper Messiah
07. Orion
08. Damage, Inc



...And justice for all

01. Blackened
02. And Justice For All
03. Eye Of The Beholder
04. One
05. The Shortest Straw
06. Harvester Of Sorrow
07. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
08. To Live Is To Die
09. Dyers Eve
10. The prince



MetallicA (Black album)

01. Enter sandman
02. Sad but true
03. Holier than thou
04. The unforgiven
05. Wherever I am roam
06. Don´t tread on me
07. Through the never
08. Nothing else matters
09. Of wold and man
10. The god that failed
11. My friend of misery
12. The struggle within




01. Ain't My Bitch
02. 2 X 4
03. The House Jack Built
04. Until It Sleeps
05. King Nothing
06. Hero of the Day
07. Bleeding Me
08. Cure
09. Poor Twisted Me
10. Wasting My Hate
11. Mama Said
12. Thorn Within
13. Ronnie
14. The Outlaw Torn




01. Fuel
02. The Memory Remains
03. Devil's Dance
04. The Unforgiven II
05. Better than You
06. Slither
07. Carpe Diem Baby
08. Bad Seed
09. Where the Wild Things Are
10. Prince Charming
11. Low Man´s Lyric
12. Attitude
13. Fixxxer



Garage Inc

CD 1

01. Free Speech for the Dumb
02. It's Electric
03. Sabbra Cadabra
04. Turn the Page
05. Die, Die My Darling
06. Lover Man
07. Mercyful Fate
08. Astronomy
09. Whiskey in the Jar
10. Tuesday's Gone
11. The More I See

CD 2

01. Helpless
02. The Small Hours
03. The Wait
04. Crash Course in Brain Surgery
05. Last Caress / Green Hell
06. Am I Evil
07. Blitzkrieg
08. Breadfan
09. The Prince
10. Stone Cold Crazy
11. So What
12. Killing Time
13. Overkill
14. Damage Case
15. Stone Dead Forever
16. Too Late, Too Late

CD 1

CD 2



01. Frantic
02. St. Anger
03. Some Kind of Monster
04. Dirty Window
05. Invisible Kid
06. My World
07. Shoot Me Again
08. Sweet Amber
09. The Unnamed Feeling
10. Purify
11. All Within My Hands



Death Magnetic

01. That Was Just Your Life
02. The End of the Line
03. Broken, Beat & Scarred
04. The Day That Never Comes
05. All Nightmare Long
06. Cyanide
07. The Unforgiven III
08. The Judas Kiss
09. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse


Burn my eyes  

A Thousand Lies
None But My Own
The Rage to Overcome
Death Church
A Nation on Fire
Blood for Blood
I'm Your God Now
Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies



The more things change

Ten Ton Hammer
Take My Scars
Struck a Nerve
Down to None
The Frontlines
Bay of Pigs
Blood of the Zodiac
The Possibility of Life's Destruction
My Misery



The burning red  

Enter the Phoenix
Desire to Fire
Nothing Left
The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
From This Day
Exhale the Vile
Message in a Bottle
Devil with the King's Card
House of Suffering
I Defy
The Burning Red




White-Knuckle Blackout!
Crashing Around You
Kick You When You're Down
Only the Names
All in Your Head
American High
Brown Acid
Blank Generation
Deafening Silence
Hole in the Sky
Ten Fold
The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears  (Live)
Desire to Fire  (Directo)



Through the ashes of empires

Bite the Bullet
Left Unfinished
In the Presence of My Enemies
Days Turn Blue to Gray
Seasons Wither
All Falls Down
Wipe the Tears
Descend the Shades of Night



The blackening

Clenching the Fists of Dissent
Beautiful Mourning
Aesthetics of Hate
Now I Lay Thee Down
A Farewell to Arms



Unto the locust  

I Am Hell
Be Still and Know
This Is the End
Darkness Within
Pearls Before the Swine
Who We Are
The Sentiel
Witch Hunt
Darkness Within (acoustic version)



1. Hellyeah
2. You Wouldn't Know
3. Matter Of Time
4. Waging War
5. Alcohaulin' Ass
6. Goddamn
7. In The Mood
8. Star
9. Rotten To The Core
10.Thank You
12.One Thing



1. Cowboy Way
2. Debt That All Men Pay
3. Hell Of A Time
4. Stampede
5. Better Man
6. It's On!
7. Pole Rider
8. Cold As A Stone
9. Stand Or Walk Away
10. Alive And Well
11. Order The Sun
12. Alcohaulin? Ass (live)


Band of Brothers

1 - War in Me
2 - Band of brothers
3 - Rage/Burn
4 - Drink Drank Drunk
5 - Bigger God
6 - Between You and Nowhere
7 - Call It
8 - Why Does It Always
9 - WM Free
10 - Dig Myself A Hole
11 - What It Takes to be Me


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Como estamossssss!!!! \m//
Muy buena compilacion...
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excelente post , muy buenos discos , ha y el ride lighting y el master of pupets es el mismo link , saludos  
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Wow!!!! oro puro mi buen muchas gracias y gracias por los de revocation!!  
Gracias men buen aporte
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uuhhh descargando hellyeah! gracias viejo!!
Me llevo el primero de Machine head y los de hellyeah, gracias por el aporte.  
amigo mellevo uno de machine head ya que solo uno me faltaba y por supuesto todos los de hellyeah que estan como Dios manda.....
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