Harvest Rain [Neofolk][Discograf?a][MF]

Harvest Rain es un proyecto musical originario de Carolina del Sur fundado por el músico Jason Thompkins. Nacido y criado en Carolina del Sur, Thompkins creó Harvest Rain para capturar el fenómeno Otoñal del Sur Estadounidense en la música de Harvest Rain, la cual ha sido etiquetada como Neofolk. Las colaboraciones del grupo incluyen a Axel Frank (Quien es el creativo del grupo de Neofolk Werkraum), también participa Thompkins Jamey, quien es el hermano menor de Jason. El Pintor y Músico Americano Tor Lundvall ha contribuido con su trabajo artístico en dos de los trabajos de Harvest Rain y también colaboró en la canción "Night Chorus' que se encuentra en el álbum del mismo nombre.

La música de Harvest Rain a menudo tiene una cualidad etérea mientras que la letra es alusiva a la naturaleza. Los temas de sus letras hablan principalmente sobre un fantasma (que a menudo es "Ella" aunque nunca nos enteramos de quién o qué es ella), la noche, el Sol Negro y la Leyenda Negra del Sur de Estados Unidos, los Hiperbóreos, Thule, el amanecer, los campos de maíz y varios otros temas del orden sobrenatural.


Night Chorus(2 versions) OPN (2005)     
Songs From Evening(CDr, Ltd, Album) War Office Propaganda (2005)     
Night's Glow(2 versions) War Office Propaganda (2006)    
Blood Hymns(CD, Album) OPN (2007)
The Land Of Tears Is So Mysterious(CD, Album) Collapsar Records (2010)

Night Chorus (2005)

Label: OPN
Catalog#: OPN CD04
Format: CD
Label Country: France
Released: 27 Apr 2005

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 117.24 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. An Upstairs Window (02:54)
02. Fountain Of Night (03:24)
03. Wafeln (03:16)
04. Night Chorus (04:55)
05. Green Flame (03:40)
06. Night Ride (03:46)
07. Strange Lights Appear (04:58)
08. Reaching [For The Saints-] (03:44)
09. A Winter Flower (02:20)
10. Lilac (02:36)
11. Our Dead (03:09)
12. A Cold Bed (05:15)
13. Glowing Across (03:17)
14. Frozen Light (03:51)
15. Listening (06:02)
16. Hidden Track (03:22)

Total Time: 1:00:21

Bass - Christopher Melh
Keyboards, Guitars - Jamey Thompkins
Vocals, Chantings, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Bells, Drums - Jason Thompkins
All music and words by Harvest Rain except "An Upstairs Window" and "Frozen Light" words by Axel Frank of Werkraum, "Night Chorus" music by Jason Thompkins and Tor Lundvall, "Green Flame" and "Listening" music by Jason Thompkins and Amanda Votta. Visual credits include front and back cover pictures by Peter Bengtsen, cd artwork by Tor Lundvall.

Songs From Evening (2005)

Label: War Office Propaganda
Catalog#: WOP 09
Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Album
Country: Poland
Released: 01 Feb 2005
Style: Folk Rock

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 117.23 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. Blessed Frost (04:09)
02. Soil (02:50)
03. The Sleepy Old Man (02:49)
04. Storm Watch (03:29)
05. Evening And Devotion (02:39)
06. Gown (07:27)
07. 1736 [Byrd-] (05:02)
08. Scattering (01:29)
09. Memory And Conflict (02:53)
10. Failure's Rose (02:03)
11. The Invisible (05:19)
12. Love In War (03:07)
13. Awake And Arise (02:24)
14. Hidden Track (01:07)

Totaltime: 00:46:56

Bass ? Christopher Melh
Bass, Percussion, Keyboards ? Jamey Thompkins
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano ? Jason Thompkins
Re-release of the 1997 tape and cd-r "Evening and devotion" in 2-panel cardboard sleeve.
Handnumbered to 200 copies.

Night's Glow (2006)

Label: War Office Propaganda
Catalog#: WOP 21
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Poland
Released: 22 Jan 2006
Style: Folk Rock, Ethereal

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 91.42 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. I Call Her Cloudgirl (05:12)
02. Before Evening (03:18)
03. Strange Evening Glow (04:10)
04. 13 Year Memory (03:44)
05. Night's Gown (02:26)
06. Corpse Candle (04:16)
07. Flight (02:46)
08. Shadow March (02:32)
09. White Clouds (05:13)
10. Drowsy Stare (04:29)
11. Lantern (04:02)

Totaltime: 00:42:13

Performer ? Jamey Thompkins, Jason Thompkins

Blood Hymns (2007)

Label: OPN
Catalog#: OPN CD06
Format: CD, Album
Label Country: France
Style: Dark Folk

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 143.85 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. Pillars Of Ice (01:56)
02. Most Northerly Midnight (04:19)
03. The Glowing Child (04:14)
04. Helm Of Awe (04:46)
05. My Butterfly (04:01)
06. Thuletide (02:43)
07. A Gift Of Blood (05:02)
08. Will-O-The-Wisp (04:55)
09. Frozen Light (03:44)
10. The Pulling Lights (05:25)
11. Walker Of Dawn (03:52)
12. Thule's Pale Bloom (05:56)
13. Venusian Eyes (05:32)
14. Most Northerly Midnight II (04:11)
Total Time: 1:06:03

"These Midnight Sessions began within the Winter Solstice and the recordings continued during the 12 Nights of Yule in 2002".

The Land Of Tears Is So Mysterious (2010)

Label: Collapsar Records
Catalog#: CRD-003
Format: CD, Album
Country: China
Released: Oct 2010
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style: Darkwave, Goth Rock, Neofolk

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 96.55 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. Black Sunlight (04:22)
02. A Candle Of Ice (For The Altar) (03:23)
03. Apples From The Graveyard (04:59)
04. Mannus (02:51)
05. The Top Of The Stairs (04:13)
06. Silver Numbnes (04:04)
07. Skin Of Winter (02:38)
08. Eyes (03:43)
09. Let The Horses Ride (03:13)
10. Wayfaring Stranger (05:16)
11. The Butterfly And The Morningstar (04:00)
(Read by Miguel Serrano)

CD in jewel-case with 16-page booklet.
Booklet info: "For the recording of The Land of Tears Is So Mysterious" HARVEST RAIN were:
Jason Alfred III Thompkins
Joseph Pyne

Singles & EP's

A Frost Comes With The Wind (CD, EP, Ltd) OPN (2002)     
Evening And Devotion (7", EP, Ltd) OPN (2004)*
Evening And Devotion (7" + CDr, Mini + Box, Ltd) OPN (2005)*

A Frost Comes With The Wind (2002)

Label: OPN
Catalog#: OPN CD03
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Country: France
Released: 2002
Style: Folk Rock

Bitrate: 320 Kb/s.
Size: 37.74 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. Southern Cross (04:03)
02. Wotan Wears This Winter (02:33)
03. Here (By The Riverside) (04:16)
04. The Sleepy Old Man (02:47)
05. Light And Ice (03:21)

Totaltime: 00:17:02

Ep-cd in cardboard sleeve+A5 booklet with lyrics and pictures


The Evening And Devotion EP (CDr, Comp, Ltd) Not On Label (2008)

The Evening And Devotion EP (2008)

Label: Not On Label ? none
Format: CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Darkwave, Goth Rock, Neofolk

Bitrate: 192 Kb/s.
Size: 66.81 MB.
Server: Mediafire


01. Preservation By Ice (02:58)
02. A Song For Morning (03:27)
03. Raincloud With A Name (04:12)
04. Evening And Devotion (02:31)
05. The Roam Of Night (04:33)
06. The Night Rained Narcissus (04:32)
07. The Midnight Field (02:20)
08. Conversations In A Dead Language (04:17)
09. Coat Of Arms (04:22)
10. Beneath The Pines (02:38)
11. Cain´s Baptismal Riverside (03:08)
12. Dead Horse (06:59)
13. The Golden Hands Of Morning

Percussion, Keyboards ? Jamey Thompkins (tracks: 02, 12)

Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Pro-printed CDr in jewelcase.
Contains the tracks from the "Evening And Devotion"-7" + CDr-Boxset and the tracks contributed to the "Security Of Ignorance"-10x-LP-Sampler.

Linernotes: harvest rain is: jason thompkins, christopher leather and his muse and HER (m), black flowers, the orange dawn of autumn, the glowing frost of winter, ghosts, dreams, graveyards, magick and poetry.
All songs written, recorded and performed by jason thompkins. ghostly photo: jason thompkins. album design and art: christopher leather. harvest rain logo: christopher leather.

"staring up from the other side of the rain-puddle and ice skating through my ears, this album is for hazel."

All songs property of jason thompkins and haunted showers music.

Harvest Rain [Neofolk][Discograf?a][MF]

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