Video2Brain: HTML5 for Beginners: Learn by Video

Video2Brain: HTML5 for Beginners: Learn by Video (2012)
DVD | ISO | 1.02 GB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Database files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: Sally Cox | ISBN Code: 0321815424 | Duration: 3 hrs
Publication date: Jan 5, 2012
HTML Basics for Non-Programmers
After getting an overview of HTML and CSS concepts, you?ll work along with author and trainer Sally Cox to create a blog site from scratch. Starting with the concept, you?ll proceed to build a wireframe and add text, images, a header, a nav bar, an interactive form, and even multimedia content. Along the way you?ll learn about HTML basics for the non-programmer, as well as new tags in HTML5. You'll also get lots of tips on web design, such as which graphic formats to use and the best way to save your graphics for the web. This Learn by Video title is published in partnership with Peachpit Press.

This Learn by Video workshop teaches you the fundamentals of web design with HTML5, from the basic concepts and terminology all the way to the finished site. The contents of this course include:

What Is HTML5?
In this chapter you?ll get acquainted with the terminology and basic concepts of web design as we begin to explore HTML5.

Understanding HTML5 Markup and CSS3
This chapter explores HTML5 tags and CSS3, and how they work together to give you greater control over how your web pages are displayed.

Beginning with Wireframing
A good design begins with a wireframe that defines its structure. This chapter discusses how wireframes can help you lay out your design and make things easier as you begin to build your pages.

Creating a Simple Blog Design with HTML5
In this video you?ll use the knowledge of HTML tags and basic web design that you have gained to begin creating a blog in an HTML editor. We?ll also work with a template to add new content and modify existing content.

Designing an HTML5 Form
An HTML form is an essential part of a website if you want to interact with your users or get information from them. This chapter will introduce you to forms in HTML5.

Incorporating Graphics
Graphics are a key component of a successful site. This chapter explores different graphic formats and offers tips on how to get the most vibrant and professional-looking graphics.

Importing Multimedia into Your Blog
Multimedia can really add visual appeal to your site. This chapter will show you why multimedia is so valued and how to get the most out of using it on your site.

In this chapter we'll review what we?ve covered in this course. You?ll also get a few final tips on putting it all together and learn how update a site by changing the CSS.

The lessons are wrapped in a feature-rich interface that lets you jump to any topic and bookmark individual sections for later review. Full-Screen mode provides a hi-def, immersive experience, and Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window so you can play the videos alongside your application. Also included are exercise files that give you an easy way to try out the techniques you learn and a 48-page guide containing supplemental material.
System Requirements

Broadband internet connection
Up-to-date browser with Flash plug-in
Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
Sound card with speakers or headphones attached
Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5
512 MB RAM



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