Video2Brain: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Learn by Vide

Video2Brain: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Learn by Video (2012)
DVD | ISO | 3.58 GB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Project Files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: Maxim Jago | ISBN Code: 0321840720 | Duration: 14 hrs 55 min
Publication date: Jun 5, 2012
Master the Fundamentals
Adobe Premiere Pro has fast become the number-one editing system for many editors around the world, and in the CS6 version, Adobe has added some new features that challenge expectations. These include a new special effects paradigm, advanced features previously seen only in Adobe After Effects, and a newly enhanced user interface. In this Learn by Video course (produced in partnership with our friends at Peachpit Press), expert editor and trainer Maxim Jago covers everything from the fundamentals of nonlinear editing all the way up to the most advanced new features. You?ll learn how to bring multiple media types into Premiere Pro, combine them to produce professional edits, apply effects, add titles, work with audio, and output to multiple formats, including DVD, Blu-ray and files.

This course provides in-depth coverage of the many powerful features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The contents of this course include:

Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
In this chapter you?ll be introduced to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, a powerful but user-friendly nonlinear editing system. It provides a comprehensive toolset of fast cutting shortcuts, advanced finishing effects, and audio mixing controls.

Premiere Pro Projects
All of your creative choices are stored in a Premiere Pro project file, which makes it a pretty important file! This chapter walks you through the process of creating a new project and describes the important settings you'll encounter.

Importing Media
Whatever kind of project you?re working on, you?ll be importing media from a variety of sources. This chapter introduces the different ways to bring your media into your edit in Premiere Pro.

Organizing Media
Once you have all of your media files imported into a Premiere Pro project, it?s important to get organized. This chapter gives you some tips.

Editing Essentials
The major part of any edit is selecting clips, choosing the parts you want, and adding them to a sequence with other clips. This chapter gives you the core skills you need to get cutting!

Taking Control of the Timeline
Once you understand the basics, you?ll want to move on to more advanced use of the Timeline panel. This chapter will show you some of the more complex ? and efficient ? ways you can work with your sequences on the Timeline.

Adding Transitions
Technically, a transition is any change from one clip to another clip, even just a straight cut. But there are many special effect transitions available in Premiere Pro CS6, and this chapter shows you how to work with them and introduces some of the core concepts relating to special effects work.

Advanced Editing Controls
Once you understand the basics, it?s time to start learning some of the more powerful editing features in Premiere Pro CS6. This chapter will take you to the next level of editing skills.

Putting Clips into Motion
In addition to playing back and combining clips to produce a sequence, you might also want to animate their location onscreen over time, or scale or rotate them. This chapter introduces the fixed effects and shows you the core special effects controls in Premiere Pro CS6.

Multicamera Editing
While it?s common to perform a live video mix on location or in a studio, you can also use Premiere Pro CS6 to perform a similar live edit using media files on your hard drive. This feature has been enhanced in CS6, offering better performance and more flexibility.

Editing and Mixing Audio
Audio is extremely important to the final result of almost any production. This chapter introduces some core concepts for working with audio and gives an overview of the excellent tools available in Premiere Pro CS6 to sweeten the sound of your project.

Adding Video Special Effects
Premiere Pro has a powerful special effects system that can show you many effects right away, without waiting for your computer to calculate how they?ll look. This chapter introduces you to some of the core techniques you?ll use again and again to add a professional finish to your projects.

Color Correction
One of the most common special effects editors use all the time is color correction. This chapter introduces some industry-standard terms and techniques you?ll be able to use in multiple systems.

Working with Multiple Layers
In addition to combining clips in time, you?ll often want to layer them, creating composite special effects from multiple parts of your clips. This chapter will introduce you to tools that make blending, layering, and partially hiding your video clips quick and easy.

Creating Titles
Titles are a staple addition to video and film media. They can add both functional information and aesthetic finish to your media. This chapter introduces the Premiere Pro Title tool and walks you through creating text, graphic, and template titles.

Managing Your Projects
It?s easy to lose track of your media assets while working on an edit, and before you know it, you?ve forgotten where you put that one clip you need.... This chapter will give you some practical advice on staying in control.

Outputting to Images, Media Files, and Blu-ray
Once your project is complete, it?s time to share it. You might output to a master tape, files for distribution, a DVD, a Blu-ray disc, or the Internet. This chapter describes the many ways you can show your work.

Project Exploration
Now that you have a complete set of skills for working with Adobe Premiere Pro, in this chapter we?ll walk through a complete project from beginning to end.

The lessons are wrapped in a feature-rich interface that lets you jump to any topic and bookmark individual sections for later review. Full-Screen mode provides a hi-def, immersive experience, and Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window so you can play the videos alongside your application. Also included are exercise files that give you an easy way to try out the techniques you learn and a 48-page guide containing supplemental material.
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Sound card with speakers or headphones attached
Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5
512 MB RAM

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Video2Brain: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Learn by Vide

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