[Video2Brain] Dynamic HTML5 Programming Workshop

[Video2Brain] Dynamic HTML5 Programming Workshop

Video2Brain: Dynamic HTML5 Programming Workshop (2012)
DVD | ISO | 525 MB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Database files | Vídeo Training
Trainer: Andy Olsen | Duration: 3 hrs

Develop Compelling Web Applications and Games

In this part of his series on HTML5 and CSS3, author and expert Andy Olsen looks at creating compelling web applications using the latest features in HTML5. You?ll learn how to play and script both audio and video and draw graphics using Canvas and SVG. You?ll also see how to store data client-side by using the web storage API and how to work with the two types of web storage: local storage and session storage. This course also explores HTML5 techniques and features for creating games in a browser.


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[Video2Brain] Dynamic HTML5 Programming Workshop
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