[Video2Brain] Adding Dynamic Functionality Joomla!

[Video2Brain] Adding Dynamic Functionality to Your Joomla! Site

Video2Brain: Adding Dynamic Functionality to Your Joomla! Site (2012)
DVD | ISO | 693 MB | English | VIDEO2BRAIN | Incl. Database files | VĂ­deo Training
Trainer: Laura Gordon | Duration: 3 hrs 35 min

Take Your Joomla! Site to the Next Level

If you already have a Joomla! site and want to take it to the next level, this workshop from trainer and consultant Laura Gordon is for you. In this course you?ll learn how to take a basic ?informational? site and make it more dynamic by applying Joomla! core functionality and enhancing it with feature-rich components such as event managers and document managers. You will also be introduced to Access Control Lists, which limit who can edit and view different areas of your website, and see how to modify templates, link your site to social networks, display automatic updates from within the site, and much more.


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