The punisher Game Soundtrack

Llevaba bastante tiempo buscando este game ost y al fin lo encontre y ahora  se los traigo espero que les guste este aporte

Género: Puntuación
Fecha: 2005
País: EE.UU.
Codec de audio: MP3
Calidad: 192 kbps
Duración: 1:56:11

01. The Punisher
02. Some Target Practice
03. The Chop Shop
04. A Wiseguy Bar
05. It's Bobby's Funeral Today
06. Central Zoo
07. I Can't Let Them Kill Joan
08. This Was No Boating Accident
09. Pier 74
10. The Igor Baltivsky
11. Flesh Trade
12. That's Gotta Hurt
13. Castle's Apartment
14. The Russian
15. I'm Gonna Hit Them Both
16. I'll Find a Way
17. Grand Nixon Island
18. Be all you Can Be
19. Stark Towers
20. Fewer Wasted Bullets
21. Run and Gun
22. Last Call
23. Flashbacks
24. Credits

The punisher Game Soundtrack
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