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Los Bee Gees fue un grupo musical de Pop, música disco y balada. Uno de sus álbumes más exitosos fue Saturday Night Fever, banda sonora del film del mismo título.
Algunas de sus canciones mas populares son Stayin' Alive (Disco), Night Fever (Disco), Tragedy (rock), More than a woman, How deep is your love, The Woman in you, entre otras.
Formado por el trío de hermanos Barry, Robin y Maurice Gibb en los años 1960, se encuentra entre los más importantes del género, con más de 40 años de actividad musical ininterrumpida. Supieron lograr sus primeros éxitos en Australia, y en Inglaterra ?su país de origen? lanzaron su primer álbum oficial de forma internacional.
En las décadas de los 60' y 70' fueron parte inseparable de la escena musical mundial, en especial con la fiebre disco, de la mano del productor Robert S

First (1967)

1. Turn of the Century
2. Holyday
3. Red Chair, Fade Away
4. One Minute Woman
5. In My Own Time
6. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
7. Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts
8. New York Mining Disaster 1941
9. Cucumber Castle
10.To Love Somebody
11.I Close My Eyes
12.I Can't See Nobody
13.Please Read Me
14.Close Another Door

Cucumber Castle (1970)

1. If Only Had My Mind on Something Else
2. I.O.I.O.
3. Then You Left Me
4. The Lord
5. I Was the Child
6. I Lay Down and Die
7. Sweetheart
8. Bury Me Down by the River
9. My Thing
10.The Chance of Love
11.Turning Tide
12.Don't Forget to Remember

Trafalgar (1971)

1. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
2. Israel
3. The Greatest Man in the World
4. It's Just the Way
5. Remembering
6. Somebody Stop the Music
7. Trafalgar
8. Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself
9. When Do I
11.Lion in Winter
12.Walking Back to Waterloo

Odessa (1969)

1. Odessa (City on the Black Sea)
2. You'll Never See My Face Again
3. Black Diamond
4. Marley Purt Drive
5. Edison
6. Melody Fair
7. Suddenly
8. Whisper Whisper
9. Lamplight
10.Sound of Love
11.Give Your Best
12.Seven Seas Symphony
13.With All Nations (International Anthem)
14.I Laugh in Your Face
15.Never Say Never Again
16.First of May
17.The British Opera

Mr. Natural (1974)

1. Charade
2. Throw a Penny
3. Down the Road
4. Voices
5. Give a Hand Take a Hand
6. Dogs
7. Mr. Natural
8. Lost in Your Love
9. I Can't Let You Go
10.Heavy Breathing
11.Had a Lot of Love Last Night

Children of the World (1976)

1. You Stepped into My Life
2. Love so Right
3. Lovers
4. Can't Keep a Good Man Down
5. Boogie Child
6. Love Me
7. Subway
8. The Way it Was
9. Children of the World

Spirits Having Flown (1979)

1. Tragedy
2. Too Much Heaven
3. Love You Inside Out
4. Reaching Out
5. Spirits (Having Flown)
6. Search, Find
7. Stop (Think Again)
8. Living Together
9. I'm Satisfied

Living Eyes (1981)

1. Living Eyes
2. He's a Liar
3. Paradise
4. Don't Fall in Love with Me
5. Soldiers
6. I Still Love You
7. Wildflower
8. Nothing Could Be Good
9. Cryin' Every Day
10.Be Who You Are

One Night Only (1977)

1. Intro: You Should Be Dancing/Alone - 5:47
2. Massachusetts - 2:32
3.To Love Somebody (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb) - 3:10
4.Words - 3:27
5.Closer Than Close - 3:30
6.Islands in the Stream - 3:47
7.(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away (featuring Andy Gibb) (Barry Gibb, Blue Weaver) - 3:52
8.Night Fever/More Than a Woman - 3:26
9.Lonely Days - 3:44
10.New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb) - 2:15
11.I Can't See Nobody - 1:30
12.And the Sun Will Shine - 1:54
13.Nights on Broadway - 1:05
14.How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb) - 3:27
15.Heartbreaker - 1:05
16.Guilty - 2:21
17.Immortality (featuring Céline Dion) - 4:46
18.Tragedy - 4:28
19.I Started a Joke - 2:48
20.Grease (featuring Frankie Valli) (Barry Gibb) - 2:43
21.Jive Talkin' - 4:19
22.How Deep Is Your Love - 3:54
23.Stayin' Alive - 3:59
24.You Should Be Dancing - 4:12

White collection (2008)

Disc 1/2

1. Spicks & Specks 2:49
2. Claustrophobia 2:13
3. Follow The Wind 2:11
4. I Am The World 2:35
5. Second Hand People 2:04
6. Theme From Jamie Mcpheeters 1:52
7. And The Children Laughing 3:22
8. Big Chance 1:42
9. How Many Birds 1:59
10.I Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself 2:43
11.Monday's Rain 2:55
12.Turn Around Look At Me 2:18
13.Glasshouse 1:55

Disc 2/2

1. Everyday I Have To Cry 2:06
2. Could It Be I'm In Love 2:04
3. I Dont Think It's Funny 2:55
4. Wine And Women 2:53
5. Three Kisses Of Love 1:48
6. Take Hold Of That Star 2:42
7. I Want Home 2:25
8. To Be Or Not To Be 2:14
9. You Wouldn't Know 2:05
10.How Long Was True 2:21
11.Playdown 2:51
12.The Battle Of The Blue And The Gray 2:05
13.I Was A Lover, Leader Of Men 3:32


1-.   Run To Me   
2-.   We Lost The Road   
3-.   Never Been Alone   
4-.   Paper Mache, Cabbages And Kings
5-.   I Can Bring Love   
6-.   I Held A Party
7-.   Please Don't Turn Out The Lights
8-.   Sea Of Smiling Faces   
9-.   Bad Bad Dreams   
10-.   You Know It's For You
11-.   Alive
12-.   Road To Alaska
13-.   Sweet Song Of Summer


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