Esas buenas bandas: MANNHAI (stoner metal)


SOBERBIA banda de stoner metal de finlandia. Una de mis bandas favoritas.
Tienen todo: riffs sabbatheros metaleros a puro culor y un primercantante en los tres primeros discos con un rango de voz de la conchadel mono con limes a lo Elvis. El resto de la banda sale como piñaigual.

No puedo dejar de recomendarle esta banda a todo el que le guste el stoner. Creo que es de lo mejor que existe en el planeta.

En el 4º disco el cantante original se fue y entró otro. Garpa también, pero es otro estilo.
Actualmente están parados y sin idea de cuando vuelven a retomar (ojalá que pronto).

Sitio web:

Only for The Sake of Losing
Laugh Like Insane
Rock to The Top
TNT Mountain

Wikipedia dijo:
Mannhaiis a Finnish stoner rock / stoner metal band from Helsinki. The bandwas formed in the end of 1999 by bass player Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laineand guitarist Ilkka "Ile" Laaksomaa. Soon they were accompanied by ayoung drummer Mikko "Junior" Pietinen and the following year by leadsinger Jani "Joãnitor" Muurinen.

In 2004 singer Jani Muurinen left the band after three albums. In2005 Mannhai got Pasi Koskinen persuated to replace Muurinen as avocalist. Koskinen is best known for being the lead singer of Amorphisduring the years 1996?2004.

Band's name Mannhai comes from an Indian belief. In the countrysiteof the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, people in villages thought anevil disguised spirit called "the Mannhai" snatched their kids whennight falls.


The Sons of Yesterday's Black Grouse

01. Gazers Of The Red-Hot Stones
02. She's One Of A Kind
03. No Need To Follow
04. Only For The Sake Of Losing
05. Cloudberry Jam
06. Spender
07. Lowbrow
08. Inhuman Woman
09. So I Said
10. 100, 000 Years

Evil Under The Sun

01. Laugh Like Insane
02. Sweat of Love
03. Between
04. Standing on this Cliff
05. More than Enough
06. Spiritraiser
07. Evil Under the Sun
08. Dead Statue
09. Colourful Dusk
10. Under Your Thumb

The Exploder

01. Mr. Out of Sight
02. Lonesome
03. Broken Chains
04. Rock to the Top
05. TNT Mountain
06. Two Roads
07. Behind The Trees
08. Error 67
09. Heads Against The Stones
10. Black Water Swan

Hellroad Caravan

01. Shellshock
02. Fuzzmaster
03. Spaceball
04. Dambuster
05. Better Hate Yesterday
06. Back in the Red
07. Mojo Runner
08. Overdaze
09. Rock in a Cradle
10. The Hall of the Dead

Esas buenas bandas: MANNHAI (stoner metal)

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